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Brookmount Gold is a Gold Mining company, with 2 producing projects in Indonesia. Last Quarter they had Net Income of $2M.
They also have projects in Canada and Alaska.
From their financials, they have Assets of $26M and Liabilities of $2M, which gives them a Total Net Value of $24M.
Divide that by their 33M OS, and you get a Book Value of .73/Share!!

This makes $BXMI one of the most undervalued companies I've ever seen.


Book Value .73
EPS: .46/Share - Per Wall Street Journal
Profits last Q: $2M
Outstanding: 33M -- Float 13M
Authorized WILL be reduced to 100/200M....a priority per CEO talk yesterday.
Also a priority per CEO: Uplist to NYSE MKT exchange.....within 2 months.


BMXI for Dummies:

There are many reasons why $BMXI is trading WAY lower than she should be.

I think the main reason is she just fell through the cracks, and not enough people are aware of what's going on with her, and what her true value actually is.

First of all, $BMXI is a Gold Mining stock that had a net profit of $2M last quarter.
They only deal with Producing, or near Production projects. They are not into exploration like other junior mining companies.

1. Book Value.

Book Value is what a company is actually worth per share.
It's the assets (what she owns) minus the liabilities (what she owes) divided by the number of shares the company has.
$BMXI has a total worth of $24M. There's 33M shares outstanding. Divide $24M by 33M and you get .73/share Book Value.

But $BMXI is currently trading at .20, so she's trading at about 1/3 of her actual value! That just doesn't happen in stocks, that's WAY out of wack.

Amazon ( $AMZN ) has a Book Value of $13/share and is trading at $145/share or 11 times Book Value.
Tesla ( $TSLA ) has a Book Value of $36/share and is trading at $920/share, or 25 times Book Value.

There's many companies out there that actually have NO Book Value and are trading at pretty high prices.
$NWBO, a pretty popular stock has a Book Value of MINUS .09. Which basically makes the company worthless.
They owe more than the own. If she went tits up today, shareholders would get NOTHING.
Yet she's trading at .63 currently, and has been as high as $1.91 within the last 200 Days.

Stocks trade at some kind of multiple of Book Value. Amazon is 11 times, Tesla is 25 times.

If $BMXI were trading at say 10 times Book Value, she'd be at $7.30/share.

2. Earnings per share, or EPS.

Companies trade at some kind of multiple of EPS.

EPS is what a company is earning. $BMXI has an EPS of .46/share (From the Wall Street Journal - )

For a company to trade at roughly 1/2 of her EPS is truly insane and gives new meaning to the term Under

For comparison, Twitter ($TWTR ) has a Negative EPS (-.37 last quarter)... They are actually Losing money, yet they trade at $44/share.
Tesla had an EPS of 2.35 and is trading at $920, or 391 times the EPS!
Amazon had an EPS of Negative .20 and is trading at $145/share.
Microsoft ($MSFT ) has an EPS of 2.24 and is trading at $293/share or 130 times the EPS.

If you put a VERY conservative multiple on the EPS of $BMXI of say 100, share price would be $46/share!

3. Expansion/Growth.

$BMXI just got 2 new properties in Canada and Alaska.
Estimated revenues from those are $300-400 Million.
Production will start this year and go full speed in 2023.

4. Uplisting.

The company is working to uplist to the NYSE MKT exchange and has put a high priority on that goal.
Very few companies actually uplist to a Big Board exchange, but $BMXI has the financials to make that actually happen.

Bottom Line:

$BMXI is a very fast growing company, and will have a significantly higher value down the road.
All companies start small before they get big. Tesla, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, etc all started small.

Owning shares of $BMXI is like being at the beginning stages of a large company.

How many times have you heard 'If I had bought XXXX in XXXX, I'd be a millionaire now?'



The $BMXI Story:

Interview with the CEO and Errin Kimball the Executive Mining Director:

Shareholder Conference Call:

Latest Quarterly Report:

Latest News:

8-15-22: Brookmount Gold Corp. Finalises Acquisition of Alaska Project

Reno, August 15, 2022. Brookmount Gold Corp, a Nevada incorporated company (OTC
“BMXI”) is pleased to announce that it has finalised the acquisition of the McArthur Creek
property announced in July. The property, located on the Alaska USA side of the Tintina Gold
Belt, is contiguous with the Companys’ Moosehorn property in the Yukon (Canada) and
contains a 250 HA reserve of high quality ore, located in placer and hard rock deposits,
similar to Moosehorn. McArthur Creek, a significant gold bearing water course, is designated
as Kenyon Creek in the Yukon part of the Tintina Gold Belt. The newly acquired property
features direct access from Moosehorn to the Trans Alaska Highway, greatly improving
access for heavy equipment
, such as crushers and ball mills, inward to the site, and ore and
ore concentrate outward to refineries situated on the Yukon side of the border.

Further details of progress on both Moosehorn and McArthur Creek will be uploaded to the
company’s website and social media platforms regularly.

8-3-22: Brookmount Gold Corp. Announces Production Plan for Canadian Gold Project

The company is pleased to confirm that it has now approved a plan whereby site preparation for its Moosehorn property in Yukon, Canada will commence in August, with a view to completing an initial production (bulk sampling) run by the end of December.. Following processing and refining of the initial bulk samples, the Board confirmed that production will be ramped up in the first quarter of 2023 with a view to moving to full production during the year.

In announcing this new initiative in Canada, Nils Ollquist CEO commented: I am pleased to say that efforts, led by our North American Operations team, will see our initial bulk samples from Moosehorn by the end of this year, which is a key milestone for the Company as it will represent the first gold production from our North American platform. It is intended that gold produced from the platform will be refined to the highest level of purity (9999) and, as such, be suitable for use in investment grade items such as bullion and coins. Regular updates of the production progress and strategy will be provided to our shareholders as we move through this exciting phase.

7-20-22: Brookmount Gold Corp. Reports Financial Results

Key Points:

 46% Increase in Net Profit for the comparable period in the prior year

 43% Increase in Revenue for the comparable period in the prior year

 Net Profit of $1.9 million

 Revenue $4.6 million

 Total Assets increased to $26 million - 18% Increase

 Proceeding with the acquisition on the Alaska (US) side of the Tintina Gold Belt

Share Structure:

SS as of 8/12/2022                                                                                Current SS as of 9/20/2022
Market Cap Market Cap                                                                                         Market Cap 
3,482,762        = 08/12/2022 @ .1385 per share                                   2,580,159         = 09/20/2022 @ .0617 per share
Authorized Shares                                                                               Authorized Shares
2,000,000,000 = 08/12/2022                                                                  2,000,000,000  = 09/20/2022

Outstanding Shares                                                                            Outstanding Shares
32,533,976      = 08/12/2022                                                                 39,063,718       = 09/20/2022
Restricted                                                                                             Restricted
19,780,512      = 08/12/2022                                                                  19,510,512       = 09/20/2022
Unrestricted                                                                                          Unrestricted
12,753,464      = 08/12/2022                                                                  19,533,206        = 09/20/2022
Held at DTC                                                                                           Held at DTC
11,173,985      = 08/12/2022                                                                   17,859,474        = 09/20/2022

Past Share Structure Changes (will update EOD daily)
(Numbers in the 000,000's) (ex: 30 = 30,000,000)

(OS = Outstanding Shares) (FL= Float)

9-1-22 - FL Inc - New: 19, Old: 18, Chg: +1, +6% **
9-1-22 - OS Inc - New: 39, Old: 38, Chg: +1, +3% **
8-27-22 - FL Inc - New: 18, Old: 17, Chg: +1, +6% **
8-27-22 - OS Inc - New: 38, Old: 37, Chg: +1, +3% **
8-23-22 - FL Inc - New: 17, Old: 13, Chg: +4, +31% **
8-23-22 - OS Inc - New: 37, Old: 33, Chg: +4, +12% **
8-2-22 - OS Inc - New: 33, Old: 30, Chg: +3, +10% **
7-29-22 - OS Inc - New: 30, Old: 29, Chg: +1, +3%
7-28-22 - OS Inc - New: 29, Old: 27, Chg: +2, +7% **
7-26-22 - OS Inc - New: 27, Old: 26, Chg: +1, +4% **
6-17-22 - OS Inc - New: 26, Old: 25, Chg: +1, +4% **
4-6-22   - OS Inc - New: 25, Old: 24, Chg: +1, +4% **
3-22-22 - OS Inc - New: 24, Old: 22, Chg: +2, +9% **
3-11-22 - OS Inc - New: 22, Old: 21, Chg: +1, +5% **
1-26-22 - OS Inc - New: 21, Old: 19, Chg: +2, +11% **
1-4-22   - OS Inc - New: 19, Old: 18, Chg: +1, +6% **

8-2-22 - FL Inc - New: 13, Old: 10, Chg: +3, +30% **
7-28-22 - FL Inc - New: 10, Old: 8, Chg: +2, +25% **
7-26-22 - FL Inc - New: 8, Old: 7, Chg: +1, +14% **
4-6-22 -   FL Inc - New: 7, Old: 6, Chg: +1, +17% **
3-22-22 - FL Inc - New: 6, Old: 5, Chg: +1, +20% **
1-26-22 - FL Inc - New: 5, Old: 4, Chg: +1, +25% **
1-4-22 -   FL Inc - New: 4, Old: 3, Chg: +1, +33% *

From the 3-15-2022 /// 253G-1 Filing ------->

The QUALIF was granted on Jan 7 2022.......over 6 months ago. It's unknown how much of the offering has already been sold.

The sale of Shares will commence once the Offering Statement to which this Offering Circular relates is qualified by the Securities Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and continue for one year thereafter or until all shares have been sold, whichever occurs first. Notwithstanding, the Company may elect to extend this offering for an additional 90 days or cancel or terminate it at any time.

This offering is for up to 25,000,000 common shares (“Shares”) of Brookmount Explorations, Inc. (the “Company,” “Brookmount Explorations,” “BMXI,” “we,” “us,” and “our”) for a price per share of $0.12, resulting in gross proceeds of up to $3,000,000.00, before deduction of offering expenses, assuming all shares are sold. The Selling Security Holder (as such term is defined herein) is offering for sale a maximum of 3,333,333 shares of common stock at $0.12 per share, for gross proceeds of up to $400,000.00. The Selling Security Holder will be entitled to keep all proceeds from the sale of its shares. For more information regarding the securities being offered, see the section entitled “Securities Being Offered” on page 41. There is no minimum offering amount or escrow established and no minimum investment amount for investors. All subscription funds accepted by the Company will be immediately available for the Company’s use.

How are they going to use the proceeds from this offering?



The following table illustrates the amount of net proceeds to be received by the Company on the sale of shares by the Company and the intended uses of such proceeds over an approximate 12 month period. It is possible that the Company may not raise the entire $25,000,000 in shares being offered through this Offering Circular. In such case, it will reallocate its use of proceeds as the board of directors deems to be in the best interests of the Company in order to effectuate its business plan. The intended use of proceeds are as follows:


Capital Sources and Uses
    100%   75%   50%     25%
Gross Offering Proceeds   $ 3,000,000   $ 2,250,000   $ 1,500,000   $ 750,000
Offering Costs (1)   $ 50,000   $ 50,000   $ 50,000   $ 50,000
Use of Net Proceeds:                        
Acquisition of Gold Reserve Area   $ 900,000   $ 550,000   $ 400,000   $ 150,000
Acquisition of Production Area   $ 1,500,000   $ 1,200,000   $ 900,000   $ 500,000
Expansion of Business   $ 550,000   $ 450,000   $ 150,000   $ 50,000
Working Capitals   $ 0   $ 0   $ 0   $ 0

The allocation of the use of proceeds among the categories of anticipated expenditures represents management’s best estimates based on the current status of the Company’s proposed operations, plans, investment objectives, capital requirements, and financial conditions. Future events, including changes in economic or competitive conditions of our business plan or the completion of less than the total offering, may cause the Company to modify the above-described allocation of proceeds. The Company’s use of proceeds may vary significantly in the event any of the Company’s assumptions prove inaccurate. We reserve the right to change the allocation of net proceeds from the offering as unanticipated events or opportunities arise.

The offering of shares by the Selling Security Holder will result in no proceeds to the Company.  

What should their stock be valued at after they sell ALL 25,000,000 shares. See "Adjusted net tangible book value per share after offering" below


(1) The Company expects to spend approximately $50,000 in expenses relating to this offering, including legal, accounting, travel, printing and other misc.
Public offering price per share   $ 0.12  
Net tangible book value per share   $ 0.66  
Change in net tangible book value per share attributable to new investors   $ (0.32 )
Adjusted net tangible book value per share after offering   $ 0.34  
Increase per share to new investors in the offering   $ 0.22  


The above calculations are based on 17,795,181 common shares issued and outstanding as of December 16, 2021 before adjustments and 42,795,181 common shares to be outstanding after adjustment, assuming the offering complete without additional shares issued, assets acquired or liabilities incurred (but excluding the conversion price of $0.75 that the Selling Security Holder is converting pursuant to a convertible promissory note, in the outstanding principal amount of $420,374 and $48,198 accrued interest, for up to 3,333,333 common shares for sale hereunder).

Currently (8/5/2022) they only have 10,261,205 shares left that they can issue and after they reach the 25 million shares in this offering, their stock should be worth around 0.34 in my opinion ....  Seems undervalued at the current PPS which as of 7/29/2022 closed at .049

Confirm all of this by reviewing the 253G-1 and recent Q's. By all means, if you've also had or seen bad things come from the current CEO or how this company operated in the past, please share details with references. Let's make this stock fair on the retail side (positive or negative). Legitimate concerns or plusses are welcomed. 2,580,159
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