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This board is set up to find out information about different kinds of online brokerage firms different people are using and their experience with them.. i currently use the Mytrack platform for trading with level 2 and most of the time i really like it,it is easy to use and the ability to route your orders to several other market makers via on a java screen with level 2 is perfect.. the one problem i have and the reason to search out for anyone else who might have a system similiar is because of the market makers attitude who let mytrack route to them ..Unlike a ameritrade or etrade who might even get kickbacks for their orders,nite makes mytrack lucky to have them and makes unrealistic expectations with a 5 minute no cancel rule where you are basically at their mercy. plus the one minute rule of them holding your order even though the stock has now gone past either you bid or sell limits depending on the buy or sell order.. the bottomline is when you spend 6000 dollars a month in commissions you dont want a broker who does not have any clout or pull with their order flow and would not be too far out of the question to think that even your routed orders get pushed behind the other big brokerage houses that you use the same routing.. so let's see what you got and how you like them...
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#67 Is anyone using Noble Trade ?? Any advantages Code31 06/12/2007 09:05:28 AM
#66 anybody use IB? swenglish 05/26/2007 08:51:34 AM
#65 lol. No problem! Glad I could amank7 02/26/2007 10:58:52 PM
#64 Wow..even a Cajun can be taught new tricks! Cajunrich 02/26/2007 10:42:05 PM
#63 Sure, not a problem at all. It's like amank7 02/26/2007 10:09:52 PM
#62 Explain filtering the Marker Movers please...TIA Cajunrich 02/26/2007 09:34:27 PM
#61 Agree! The alerts/data feeds/etc are like a amank7 02/26/2007 08:13:15 PM
#60 Lance....I have been using Prodigy(penson)....haven't traded in my Cajunrich 02/25/2007 10:33:36 PM
#59 jdmlhht21 02/21/2007 07:33:25 PM
#58 check out lowtrade ihub. he has their account jdmlhht21 02/21/2007 07:30:01 PM
#57 Sorry, posted this to the wrong board. Fishing at Surfside 01/05/2007 10:37:12 PM
#56 How does one estimate an approximate PPS on Fishing at Surfside 01/05/2007 10:12:24 PM
#55 How is lowtrades, anyone have experience with them. Ace of Spades 07/16/2006 05:06:34 PM
#54 I heard CHOICETRADE is awesome for trading penny Ace of Spades 07/16/2006 04:55:49 PM
#53 What does anyone think about Fidelity. Seems there eye_ater 04/20/2006 09:48:07 AM
#52 Does,or has anyone used this service?- am just Mr. Ed 06/07/2004 06:04:06 PM
#51 Broker to DD: DCschmoeka 03/29/2004 01:12:03 PM
#50 Thx, Susie for the info. cats 03/28/2004 11:04:53 PM
#49 This is from the website Susie924 03/28/2004 10:49:40 PM
#48 I do also, they will not take a cats 03/28/2004 10:46:12 PM
#47 I always do limit orders on the pennies. Susie924 03/28/2004 10:25:18 PM
#46 Susie, on LowTrades is your $5 commission for cats 03/28/2004 10:21:48 PM
#45 Presently there is no minimum to open a wishfultdr 03/28/2004 07:24:07 PM
#44 The commissions did add up mucho $$ npoz 03/28/2004 06:19:03 PM
#43 the reason why i said that because #1 Omnitrader 03/28/2004 06:07:59 PM
#42 Yes, both these stocks were OTC BB stocks fusionz 03/28/2004 06:03:44 PM
#41 just for the record,i basically am very happy Sportsjunkie 03/28/2004 05:13:31 PM
#40 Fuzionz. I agree. Fills sometimes can be very excel 03/28/2004 05:07:29 PM
#39 Fusionz: I went direct access for a npoz 03/28/2004 04:39:49 PM
#38 just remember to go direct acess you must Omnitrader 03/28/2004 02:58:59 PM
#37 I have had Freetrade for about 3 months fusionz 03/28/2004 01:43:44 PM
#36 Interesting board, Lance. I am still with etrade DCschmoeka 03/27/2004 05:13:46 PM
#35 I didn't know about Free Trade when I Susie924 03/26/2004 09:40:55 PM
#34 Susie. That commission cost is an issue thats excel 03/26/2004 09:38:51 PM
#33 I have used them for about 4 months Susie924 03/26/2004 09:33:54 PM
#32 Susie. How do you rate your fills there? excel 03/26/2004 09:26:04 PM
#31 I opened an account with Susie924 03/26/2004 08:54:18 PM
#30 cybertrader apparently not very penny-friendly - check out purlieu 03/26/2004 06:09:06 PM
#29 some dirt on cybertraders... follow link below... purlieu 03/26/2004 06:01:09 PM
#28 Thank you, Lance - that was very helpgul. purlieu 03/26/2004 04:42:03 PM
#27 in simple terms,quotetracker has several alliances Sportsjunkie 03/26/2004 04:29:40 PM
#26 Thanks - I will purlieu 03/26/2004 01:18:33 PM
#25 check it out Omnitrader 03/26/2004 01:17:53 PM
#24 Omni - could you please explain "run it purlieu 03/26/2004 01:17:06 PM
#23 thank you,will look into it... Sportsjunkie 03/26/2004 06:54:58 AM
#22 awesome point...very interesting observation.... Sportsjunkie 03/26/2004 06:51:28 AM
#21 Although I do not trade the number of ahumblefool 03/26/2004 01:27:19 AM
#20 I have one better than that, I've been billy_at_the_beach 03/25/2004 11:42:59 PM
#19 Also has anyone experienced this. You put in LexTrader 03/25/2004 10:58:25 PM
#18 FWIW (Ameritrade/ broker) I have experienced problems with LexTrader 03/25/2004 10:45:26 PM
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