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BCST -- Broadcast International Inc / CodecSysTM

For the three months ended
For the nine months ended
September 30,
September 30,
Net sales
  $ 2,045,278     $ 460,309     $ 5,790,363     $ 2,915,535  
Cost of sales
    1,266,224       97,550       3,857,682       1,671,452  
Gross profit
    779,054       362,759       1,932,681       1,244,083  

7050 Union Park Avenue
Suite 600
Salt Lake City, UT 84047

Contact our corporate offices by phone at:
Toll Free: (800) 722-0400
Phone: (801) 562-2252
Fax: (801) 562-1773

Production Facilities

6952 Hightech Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84047
> Map

Contact our production facilities by phone at:
Toll Free: (800) 369-8343
Phone (801) 567-3275
Fax: (801) 566-2208 or toll free (800) 369-8340

Website: http://www.brin.com
Video Codec site:
Phone: (801) 562-2252

International PATENTED

Press releases: http://www.brin.com/press.php

Primary State of Incorporation: Utah

Country of Incorporation: USA

Working-area: world wide


Management Team


Rod Tiede, President and CEO

As President and CEO of Broadcast International, Rod Tiede is responsible for fostering the vision, directing the overall management and providing progressive leadership for the company. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Washington, Rod gained invaluable retail technological experience with Safeway Corporate offices. While at Safeway he was responsible for launching the Safeway Satellite Network. Since 1988, Rod has been instrumental in directing the worldwide reach of Broadcast International during its early years. Through his innovation and tenacious management style, Rod has insured BI's growth as its Director of Sales, Vice President and General Manager, and now as President and CEO. Rod's continued forward-looking strategy has made BI a preferred international technology integrator.


James E. Solomon, CFO/Corporate Secretary

Jim Solomon, a Certified Public Accountant, is a successful businessman who has been involved in the development of several multi-million dollar operations. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of two privately-held and two publicly-held corporations. His expertise includes strategic development, international expansion, joint venture partnerships and mergers/acquisitions. Jim is an Adjunct Professor at the Graduate School of Business of the University of Utah where he also serves as a Director of the UCRA Investment Fund. Formerly, Jim held several management positions at Exxon Corporation (1972 to 1980) as well as Vice President - Finance and Administration at Farm Management Company (1980 to 1983), one of the world's largest agricultural companies. Jim graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Utah in 1972. He is a contributing author to a prominent accounting textbook.


Steve Jones, Senior VP/GM, CodecSys Division

Steve Jones is Senior Vice President and General Manager of the CodecSys Division. He has held numerous executive-level positions of several high tech companies where he led engineering and sales teams to successful product launches. Among those are Alianza, Auction Trust Network, Solera Networks, Vykor, Data Channel, Mosaix, Novell and Word Perfect. Mr. Jones has an MBA degreee from the University of Utah and BS degree from Brigham Young University.

Common stock, $.05 par value, 180,000,000 shares authorized;   
107,473,820 and 110,233,225 shares issued as of December 31,

Transfer Agent:
Interwest Transfer Co., Inc., Salt Lake City, UT 84117

CodecSys™ Technology

The CodecSys Software Platform-named for "a system of codecs," represents a new generation of video optimization technology. The patented multi-codec compression, open software framework, and robust set of APIs, makes for a seamless integration with core video management systems across the network. The combination of these revolutionary features results in a compression technology that cuts bandwidth needs by up to 50% compared to traditional MPEG2 encoding technologies and eliminates proprietary, hardware-based appliances from the video optimization landscape.

Multi-Codec Compression

Every other encoding solution on the market is limited in their effectiveness because of their reliance on a single codec. No matter the characteristics of a videos stream-they may only apply a single codec during the encoding process. This prevents true optimization because different video scenes require different codec treatments. In a universal encoder, the most difficult scenes are compromised at the expense of ensuring the main-stream content is processed. BI's patented multi-codec technology shatters that antiquated paradigm.

As a video stream-whether live or file-based-is ingested into the framework, an artificial intelligence engine determines which codec should be used to optimize the content of each specific scene. When a scene is complete, that particular codec is quickly torn down and another is launched in its place that is better suited for the next scene. By analyzing each video stream, reviewing the onboard codec library, the best suited codec instantiation is selected to encode a particular video frame or sequence. At the end of the sequence, CodecSys then re-mixes the output into a standards-based H.264 stream.

With this codec switching on the fly-CodecSys delivers better performance at the lowest possible bandwidth. Exploiting the best attributes of each codec enables up to fifty percent reduction in bandwidth compared to single-codec MPEG2 solutions.

Open Software Framework

CodecSys open software architecture is codec agnostic and can readily accommodate new standards and codecs as they become available, virtually eliminating the hassle and expense of replacing hardware each time a new or upgraded codec is needed. CodecSys currently supports the H.264 standard, MPEG2, and many other file formats. With its Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)-CodecSys is easily customizable and adaptable to your specific environment and can be integrated into any phase of a video asset's workflow.

Software Encoding Quality in Real Time-A New Economic Impact

In the past, high quality software encoding has been too CPU intensive and computationally expensive to be practical for use in real time encoding applications. Broadcasters have been forced to choose between the benefits offered by multi-pass software encoders (i.e., a higher quality image) and the benefits offered by hardware encoders (i.e., real-time performance). CodecSys represents the best of both worlds, with multiple software codecs running on a customized, open hardware platform. CodecSys is optimized to run on any open, standard server running Intel's® Xeon® processor. With this advancement, BI has introduced a whole new economic equation of encoding in the data center. The total cost of ownership becomes extremely competitive by leveraging an existing IT infrastructure.
  • Deploy multiple applications on the same server
  • Eliminate antiquated proprietary hardware appliances
  • Go Green-dramatically decrease power consumption and improve heat dissipation with streamlined server platforms
  • Easily upgrade on the fly-eliminating forklift swap-outs of appliance-based encoders

Robust APIs for Seamless Integration

CodecSys is a pure encoding and transcoding software framework. It is mission critical to the success of the other video processing components across the landscape. Without quality video streams-every other system is compromised. BI has created a robust architecture with an endless series of open APIs that make it easy to seamlessly integrate the power of CodecSys with every other element including:
  • Storage Systems
  • Network Management Consoles
  • Business Process & Workflow systems
  • Content and Asset management systems
  • Program Guides
  • Streaming servers
  • VoD servers
  • And a host of other video services across the video optimization ecosystem.

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television)

Icon As broadband connectivity spreads around the world, IPTV is beginning to reshape the industry. With the number of subscribers expected to grow to more than 80 million households by 2011, providers must develop a comprehensive strategy to deliver compelling IP based content, services, and high definition video.

The optimal video management strategy accounts for the entire ecosystem that impacts the workflow of a video asset from initial ingest to the end point of consumption.

Even with all of the other video systems-storage, management, workflow, streaming, and others-the encoding and transcoding functions of video flow define the overall quality and efficient of every video asset. It is the one unique component of the IPTV landscape that can influence more efficient performance of every other function across the landscape.

The convergence of the broadcast center with the data center demands cinema-quality performance with the openness and computing environment of traditional data-centric solutions.

That is why CodecSys™ is the encoding and transcoding solution for the ages. As a software platform it easily integrates with your data center systems-yet delivers the performance and quality you expect from broadcast quality solutions.

A typical provider can expect dramatic savings by expanding their bandwidth capacity by an additional 33% when implementing CodecSys at the heart of their IPTV video workflow.

Before CodecSys

100 channels of HD programming delivered over an average of
8 MBPS = 800 MBPS of allocated bandwidth

With CodecSys

Those same 100 Channels of HD content can now be delivered at
5 MBPS = 500 MBPS of allocated bandwidth


The additional 300MBS frees up capacity to deliver 60 more channels of HD programming over the same network. The math is simple and compelling: 60 more channels which generate more top line revenue or a 38% reduction in required bandwidth

Either way, a tremendous uplift to the bottom line and greatly enhanced efficiencies of network assets is experience.   (BCST) OTCBB

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