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Please list stocks that have Bottomed Out (Resistance holding price at the minimum of 2 weeks) Don't list stocks that have traded below .0002.


I'm searching for companies I ordinarily don't search for - bottomed out stocks that have recently hit, or are trading near, their 52-week lows.



If the broader markets indeed have hit bottom, then most solid companies should see their stock prices go higher.

But in this screen I'm particularly interested in those stocks that have recently hit a potential bottom. Not just any bottom, but a recent 52-week low.

I'm looking for these kinds of stocks because some spectacular stocks have completely bucked the falling market's downtrend. And while many of these stocks will continue to do so, some will now fall or become out of favor as new Sectors and Industries take on leadership roles.

But as the market recovers and these stocks begin to get noticed, they should have some excellent upside potential.


 Board Promoted to Private Angel Investors, looking for stable stocks with bottomed out share price

Of the US companies that received angel funding in 2007, the average capital raised was about US$450,000. However, there is no "set amount" for angel investors, and the range can go anywhere from a few thousand, to a few million dollars. Software accounted for the largest share of angel investments, with 27 percent of total angel investments in 2007, followed by healthcare services, and medical devices and equipment (19 percent) and biotech (12 percent). The remaining investments were approximately equally weighted across high-tech sectors.[5] Angel financing, while more readily available than venture financing,[6] is still extremely difficult to raise.[7] However some new models are developing that are trying to make this easier.[8] Many companies who receive angel funding are required to file a Form D with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
[edit] Investment profile

Angel investments bear extremely high risk and are usually subject to dilution from future investment rounds. As such, they require a very high return on investment.[9] Because a large percentage of angel investments are lost completely when early stage companies fail, professional angel investors seek investments that have the potential to return at least 10 or more times their original investment within 5 years, through a defined exit strategy, such as plans for an initial public offering or an acquisition. Current 'best practices' suggest that angels might do better setting their sights even higher, looking for companies that will have at least the potential to provide a 20x-30x return over a five- to seven-year holding period.[10] After taking into account the need to cover failed investments and the multi-year holding time for even the successful ones, however, the actual effective internal rate of return for a typical successful portfolio of angel investments is, in reality, typically as 'low' as 20-30%.[11] While the investor's need for high rates of return on any given investment can thus make angel financing an expensive source of funds, cheaper sources of capital, such as bank financing, are usually not available for most early-stage ventures, which may be too small or young to qualify for traditional loans.




Screened Companies (All information above must be checked and active to be on this list)

Symbol    Date Screened Outstanding Shares Float Authorized
PPS at The Time Comments (expected news, revenues, merger, shipment, contracts, etc)
XXXX 05/31/2011 594 Million 296 Million 1BILLION (111) 111-1111/(000) 000-000 YES .0002 Waiting on Merger (90day DD), company already reported $4.2 million last qtr, with a net income of $500K, if merger takes place, we should see a projected $7million per/year revenue...









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Under no circumstances will Bottomed Out Stocks be held liable for losses incurred due to information presented
anywhere on the site. Please do your own research before establishing an equity position in a company.
Not all stocks mentioned on this site are suitable for your investment needs. Carefully evaluate your own risk tolerances.

The articles on this site are not written by a registered investment advisor. The author may or may not be holding a position in
companies that are being analyzed. More likely than not, the author will have an interest in the stock mentioned. The reason
being why mention a stock as a good buy if you aren't holding it yourself.

We do not mention stocks trading on a gray bulletin board, due to their great risk and thin volume



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