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Human Resources



Investor Relations







BioShaft USA
222 West 6th Street #400
San Pedro, CA 90731
Phone: (310) 707-2553
Fax: (310) 872-5370

BioShaft Canada

3883 Nashua Dr, Units 6-8

Mississauga, ON  L4V 1R3

Office: (905) 867-1254

Fax: (905) 678-9440

BioShaft MENA

P.O. Box 17916 Jeddah 21494 

Saudi Arabia

Office: +966  12 6690169

Fax +966 12 6659786

BioShaft Must Read for Investors

BIOSHAFT - MAAD & T-MBBR Modular Wastewater Treatment Technology 



About Bioshaft Water Technology


BioShaft Water Technology Inc. designs and manufactures wastewater treatment systems that provide a host of solutions to pressing capacity, footprint and sludge management challenges at municipalities, private developments, resorts and camps alike.

The company’s patented and proprietary biological treatment technologies also address tough wastewater treatment applications at slaughterhouses and food & beverage processing plants.  

The compact nature of these systems and their utilization of efficient wastewater treatment mechanisms result in significant reductions in the capital and operating costs for both new wastewater treatment plants and upgrades to existing plants.  

BioShaft’s wastewater treatment technologies achieve high BOD, COD, TSS and nutrient reductions that meet local discharge regulations. The treated water can be safely used for irrigation, landscaping or as process water for certain industrial applications.

The company has been successfully providing innovative solutions to public and private clients in the United States and overseas since 2009.

 As of April 30, 2016, it has over 30 domestic waste water plants in use around the world that use the BioShaft technology, which is made using BioShaft unit.

BioShaft unit works by emulating and accelerating a natural process found in rivers. The waste water treatment plant system for which the Company uses its BioShaft unit is called the BioShaft System. Its BioShaft System consists of over four treatment phases with BioShaft unit used in the second treatment phase.

The four treatment phases are Mechanical/Primary Treatment Phases (Pretreatment phase), Biological/Secondary Treatment Phase, Tertiary Treatment Phase and Sludge Treatment. Its turbo moving bed bio reactor (T-MBBR) BioShaft Packaged system is mobile and delivered ready for immediate installation.





The patented Turbo Moving Bed Bio Reactor (T-MBBR) technology by BioShaft is a proven biological wastewater treatment technology that utilizes near 100% attached growth biofilm in a low attrition environment with no stagnant zones or any chance of biofilm sloughing.


The well-developed and constantly replenished biofilm rapidly breakdowns and consumes organics in the wastewater stream. The integrated T-MBBR System has a high tolerance to process upsets and high nutrient reduction capability.


Compared to conventional aeration-clarification systems, the T-MBBR technology cuts the wastewater retention time by more than half, therefore treating the same daily volume of wastewater in less than half the footprint required by a conventional wastewater treatment system.

Conventional systems also produce large amounts of watery sludge that contain slow settling suspended solids. The majority of the solids generated by the T-MBBR system are fast-settling biologically exhausted colonies of bacteria and microorganisms that are captured quickly by the downstream clarifiers. The volume of the sludge generated by the T-MBBR system is around 80% less than the sludge volume produced by conventional systems. The resulting savings in sludge dewatering, transportation and disposal costs lead to more than 30% reduction in ongoing operating costs compared to the operating costs of conventional treatment systems.

Compared to other advanced biological wastewater treatment technologies like RBC, MBR and traditional MBBR systems, the T-MBBR system has a lower initial capital cost, requires no coagulating chemicals, does not need any cleaning chemicals and associated downtime and does not require any major replacement costs every few years


The simple and elegant T-MBBR system is easy to operate and does not require any special operator training. It is by far the most superior yet easy to operate biological wastewater treatment system available for municipalities, industries and remote location today. 


The proprietary Modular Anoxic Aerobic Digester (MAAD) process by BioShaft integrates an anaerobic digestion tank with the T-MBBR System. The raw pre-screened wastewater undergoes partial treatment through the anaerobic tank before it’s treated through the T-MBBR System. Depending on the application, most or all of the sludge effluent from the system’s secondary clarifiers is sent to the anaerobic tank for complete digestion.   


The MAAD process is particularly suited for industrial wastewaters with moderate amounts of fat and proteins which increase the organic loading and cause scum formation in the aeration tanks and settling problems in the secondary clarifiers. The MAAD System is also particularly suited for wastewaters with variable composition and occasional spikes in the concentrations of certain compounds. Examples are wastewaters from food processing plants, dairies and slaughter houses.

When used in municipal wastewater treatment applications, the MAAD process reduces sludge generation by more than 95% compared to the conventional biological wastewater treatment systems. A municipal MAAD system does not produce daily volumes of sludge. Instead, all of the sludge from the secondary clarifiers in sent to the anaerobic tank to be digested. Only inert solids begin to accumulate inside the anaerobic tank. These solids are cleaned out once every few months.  The anaerobic digestion step reduces aeration therefore power consumption requirements.


Bioshaft Containerized Sewage Plants


Management Team


Bashar Amin- Chief Executive Officer


Mr. Amin has more than fifteen years of extensive experience providing local and international management consulting services.  These services include technical support, proposals, preparation, project management, construction, troubleshooting, operation and maintenance, sales and marketing and financial reporting. He has also completed more than 100 projects across several countries throughout his career. Mr. Amin holds a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering from California State University in Fresno, California. He received his Water Resources Control Board Engineer Classification for the State of California and satisfied the academic qualifications for the Professional Engineers of Ontario, Canada.

Imad Yassine- Chief Operating Officer


Mr. Yassine is a cofounder of BioShaft. He has been involved in the water and waste water treatment industry in the United States and the Middle East for over thirty five years, with extensive experience in waste water treatment, recycling and desalination technologies. He has extensive experience in management, finance, international trade and manufacturing in the wastewater treatment industry, in addition to extensive knowledge of the U.S. and the international markets. Mr. Yassine holds a B.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Alexandria University and is a member of the International Desalination Association.


Hisham Younis- Vice President of Business Development


Mr. Younis has over twenty years-experience in the design, business development, project management, installation, startup and troubleshooting of water and wastewater treatment systems in North America. Hisham has developed and implemented innovative solutions to complex water and wastewater challenges for municipalities, commercial and industrial clients alike. Mr. Younis holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Jordan and an EMBA from Lansbridge University. He’s a registered Professional Engineer in Canada and a registered Project Management Professional with the International Project Management Institute.


Nelson Galan- Engineering Manager 


Mr. Galan has over twenty five years of experience in the design, technical research, proposal preparation, permit application, project management, training, operation and maintenance of water and wastewater treatment systems for major corporations and municipalities in North America . His experience includes the design and implementation of physio-chemical and biological treatment systems at several dozens of water and wastewater projects from inception to completion. Mr. Galan holds professional license as Chemical Engineer in México. He graduated with honors from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and a holds a Master of Engineering Science in Process Engineering degree from the same University.


Zeid Amin- Project Manager 


Mr. Amin has over five years of project management experience with BioShaft Water Technology. Zeid was the onsite project manager for many of BioShaft’s projects in both of North America and the Middle East from the design and proposal stages through procurement, construction and startup. Mr. Amin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Dalhousie in Canada and has several important certifications such as LEED Accredited Professional and EMS.  Mr. Amin’s Environmental Engineering background provides valuable input for environmental compliance and corporate social Responsibility.


 Sonya Joyce- Project Administrator


Ms. Joyce has over 15 years of executive administrative experience and 10 years of accounting experience.  She has a strong background in customer service, sales and procurement.  Ms. Joyce has administered the procurement and billing for several BioShaft projects in the Middle East. Ms. Joyce has a B.S. in Computer Information Systems from Devry University.


BIOSHAFT - - - New Patent



Irvine, California (March 16, 2009) BioShaft Water Technology Inc. (the
"Company" or "BioShaft") (OTC BB: BSHF) is pleased to announce that
it has received its United States Patent from the United States Patent and Trademark

Office for the BioShaft Wastewater Treatment plant and process.

The patent number is 7,488,413. The Company currently holds a
patent in the United Kingdom and has filed a PCT application as well.

Dr. Hans Badreddine, president of BioShaft said: “We are extremely pleased to have the
patent application granted and the timing is excellent as we launch our pilot plant in

For further
information, please contact:
Catarina Flack at (888) 309-9488

About Bioshaft Water Technology Inc.

BioShaft is a green innovative wastewater treatment technology based on Bio-Filtration
biomass carriers. These plants are made using the BioShaft Turbo Reactor that
is at the heart of the wastewater technology. The plants have many benefits over
traditional wastewater treatment, including the virtual elimination of sludge and odors
and requires significantly less land. It is patented in the UK and the patent is pending
in the United States. To date there are more than 30 waste water treatment plants
throughout the world using this technology. www.bioshaft.com

This news release contains “forward-looking statements”, as that term is defined in
Section 27A of the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of
the United States Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. Statements in this news
release which are not purely historical are forward-looking statements and include any
statements regarding beliefs, plans, expectations or intentions regarding the future.



Bioshaft Water Technology Chart

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