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Company's Web Site -        http://www.biophan.com/

Products & Technologies Overview        

Biophan claims to be a technology development company with a strong market focus. It says its  mission is to develop innovative, patent-protected technologies which provide competitive advantages to companies
in the medical device industry. They claim to have several core areas of technology development and research.
Committed to growth through innovation and developmental leadership, Biophan currently owns or has exclusive license to over 40 US patents, with mwell ore than 60 patent applications pending
in the US or foreign countries. It should be noted that none of this technology, and none of these patents, have stopped the stock's pps from sinking to below one cent.

MYOVAD - Circylatory Support System

Myotech Circulatory Support System (CSS)  --  This is a novel, non blood-contacting heart pump. Although in development for many years now, it still hasn't been entered into any kind of controlled studies in humans. Which is odd, if you think this is a real company, but not if you think it was a vehicle for stealing shareholders' money, in which case it makes perfect sense.  


Must see videos 

Zillion Business Review, Twenty-Fifth Edition 2008

Selected PR Quotes For MYO-VAD dating back years now. None of them ever came to anything.

BIPH to Acquire Rights to Proprietary Cardiac Assist Device Tech. Developed by MYOTECH, LLC
This relationship will enable MYOTECH to accelerate the development of all of its proprietary cardiac assist technologies for introduction into the fast-growing $28 billion worldwide market opportunity for cardiac devices. "This new relationship with MYOTECH represents one of Biophan's most significant business achievements to date in terms of future revenue opportunity and prospective earnings,"

BIPH Acquires Equity Stake in MYOTECH to Accelerate Commercialization of Cardiac Assist Device
"The situations in which this device could have critical therapeutic impact are wide-ranging. Once the initial product is established in the acute heart failure markets, a follow-on version of the MYO-VAD™ will be introduced to provide long term support capability to provide novel ways to treat patients suffering from many forms of chronic heart failure such as congestive heart failure.

Biophan Announces Acceleration of Commercialization of MYO-VAD™ Cardiac Assist Device
MYOTECH will utilize these funds to step up the development of the first generation MYO-VAD, a device designed to quickly restore cardiac output in patients suffering from many forms of heart failure. Specific activities include preclinical testing, manufacturing scale-up, fabrication of production units, and training of physicians in the use of the product in preparation for human clinical studies.

Biophan Releases Positive Animal Study on MYO-VAD™
Biophan, in conjunction with MYOTECH, LLC, recently presented results of animal studies that indicate the potential of the MYO-VAD cardiac support system to significantly improve the treatment of heart failure.  This devastating disease currently has no cure and affects an estimated 5,000,000 Americans each year.
The animal study presented at the recent Cleveland Clinic symposium on heart failure suggests that the MYO-VAD can significantly improve the ability of failing hearts to pump blood, while simultaneously reducing the stress on the heart that accounts for the vicious, progressive cycle of heart failure.

Biophan Moves to Next Phase of Development with MYO-VAD™ Cardiac Support System 
MYOTECH has completed the tooling for the first production device.  The device will be used in first quarter 2007 animal tests to verify product performance and prepare for clinical studies in humans.  The animal trials will be conducted at four research sites, in cooperation with leaders in the field of cardiac support.

Biophan Approves Next Stage of Myotech Development 
"The board of directors of Biophan released $2 million in funds for the next phase of development, and the company will look to raise additional capital through distribution partnerships.  With our current strategy, the Myotech CSS could be on the market in the US in as little as 24 to 30 months.  In addition, we are pursuing opportunities outside of the US, where we plan to collaborate with partners for distribution in key overseas markets." 

Myotech CSS Data to be Presented at Annual Mtg of the American Society of Artificial Internal Organs 

"This study supports our expectations regarding the superior performance of the Myotech CSS in providing natural circulatory support under a variety of emergency situations," stated John Lanzafame, Biophan CEO.  "Our initial focus is on acute resuscitation, which will be the initial application of the technology.  This study demonstrates that the Myotech CSS augments diastolic function unlike other known devices, which is important in short-term support, but also may be very helpful in longer-term support situations.  We are very excited about the potential of this technology platform."

Biophan Announces Issuance of Key US Patent
"We are excited by the issuance of this patent, which greatly increases the value of our technology portfolio," stated John Lanzafame, Biophan's CEO.  "This patent is the first US patent to issue covering the Myotech CSS technology, and is an important milestone for us."

Other selected PR Quotes for MYO-VAD 

"The potential market for the Myotech CSS is very large. Approximately 263,000 patients per year in the United States experience in-hospital cardiac arrest. The current standard of care is CPR, defibrillation, and drug therapy, and is very limited in its effectiveness. The national survival rate for in-hospital CPR is a dismal 15 to 20 percent. The Myotech CSS has the potential to significantly improve the outcomes for these patients, providing full circulatory support to enable them to bridge to another form of therapy, or to enable full recovery."

"In terms of the Myotech CSS, it is important to fully understand the scope of this unmet medical need and the large market opportunity that is crying for a solution.Over 260,000 patients suffer in-hospital cardiac arrest every year, and about 80% of those patients do not survive. The Myotech CSS is capable of returning full cardiac output to an arrested heart in under three minutes, doing so without any contact with circulating blood. We believe this approach is superior and will dramatically improve outcomes for this patient population."

"The Company believes that the MYOVAD device has the potential to generate $100 million in annual revenue for Biophan."

"Biophan will undertake a number of important steps in moving toward our goal to initiate clinical trials in 2009."


MRI Safety - Compatibility  


MRI Compatibility -- Biophan's  technologies enhance the compatibility of MRI through improved visibility and artifact reduction in devices such as:

MRI Visible Stents:  Coronary stents incorporating Biophan's patented technologies enable non-invasive follow up using MRI to check for in-stent restenosis and blood clots

MRI Visible Vena Cava Filters:  Biophan's technologies allow non-invasive, MRI inspection of implanted vena cava filters to check for blood clots within the filter and determine when removal is appropriate.

MRI Visible Guidewires and Catheters:  Viewing interventional devices such as guidewires and catheters is made easier with Biophan's patented technologies.

MRI safety testing : Biophan is committed to developing guidelines for MRI safety testing. 

Selected PR's and quotes for MRI

Biophan Details Technology License and Investment Agreements with Boston Scientific
"Under the terms of the agreements, Boston Scientific will pay Biophan an upfront license fee of $750,000, plus annual license maintenance fees. Boston Scientific will also make milestone payments for the launch of commercial products based on the licensed technologies, and Biophan will receive royalties on the sale of products that employ the licensed technologies. Boston Scientific is also acquiring $5 million of Biophan common stock, priced at a 10% premium over the average of the closing price for the 30 calendar-day period preceding the closing."

Biophan and Siemens AG Announce a Declaration of Intent for Strategic Collaboration on Advanced Interventional MRI Technology
"Currently, many implantable and surgical devices comprised of metallic elements are contraindicated for use with MRI due to their potential undesirable interactions with the powerful electromagnetic fields generated by MRI systems. To extend MRI to patients with implantable devices, who currently are denied access to MRI visualization, Biophan has developed a variety of proprietary technologies to enable MR imaging to visualize the interiors of stents and other implants, and to enable the MRI-guided implantation of devices."

Research and Development Partnership with FDA to Study MRI Safety
"Biophan announced that it has entered into a research partnership with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to help improve patient safety in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) environments."

Medtronic to aquire Biophan MRI Safety Technology for $11 million
"Under the terms of the agreement, Biophan will transfer to Medtronic its MRI safety patent portfolio, which includes technologies that make medical devices, such as pacemakers, safe for use with MRI."

Company Receives Payment to Complete $11 Million Sale of MRI Safety Patents
"The proceeds from this transaction, combined with our recent deal with Myotech, put the Company in a strong position to address the multi-billion dollar market opportunity for acute circulatory support."

10Q -1-20-09
"We have continued to be funded by Medtronic under the assignment agreement between Biophan and that company to help them refine the patents they purchased to commercialize the technology"

Technologies in Development   

Biophan's  technologies in development include:

Biothermal power source, Collaboratively with the NASA Ames Research Center for Nanotechnology, Biophan is developing a power source for implantable devices capable of generating electricity from body heat.

Nanotechnology based drug delivery

Biophan currently holds intellectual property around two core areas of nanotechnology-based drug delivery.

Guided Drug Delivery  -- Nanomagnetic carriers offer the possibility of improved drug efficacy and reduced toxicity by delivering pharmaceuticals to the exact location of need and releasing them at the appropriate time.

Nanomagnetic Drug-Eluting Devices  -- Through the use of nanomagnetic particles and coatings, Biophan's technology offers the possibility of improved drug-elution for medical devices such as stents and orthopedic implants, with greater control over the release of drugs.


 Significant prior year Press Releases

01-14-2005              Biophan Recaps 2004 Achievements
06-30-2005               Biophan Executes Definitive Agreements with Boston Scientific
07-08-2005              BIPH Details Technology License & Investment Agreements with Boston Scientific in SEC Form 8-K/A
09-03-2005               Biophan Closes $5 Million Equity Investment from Boston Scientific
10-13-2005              BIPH to Acquire Rights to Proprietary Cardiac Assist Device Tech. Developed by MYOTECH, LLC
12-02-2005              BIPH Acquires Equity Stake in MYOTECH to Accelerate Commercialization of Cardiac Assist Device
12-08-2005              Biophan Announces Acceleration of Commercialization of MYO-VAD™ Cardiac Assist Device
03-30-2006              Biophan & Siemens AG Announce a Declaration of Intent for Strategic Collaboration
05-02-2006               Biophan Announces Research & Development Partnership with FDA to Study MRI Safety
06-29-2006              Biophan Announces $1 Million Allocation in New Government Grants in Support of MYOTECH's MYO-VAD
07-12-2006              Biophan Announces Key Senate Approval of $400,000 for the MYO-VAD Cardiac Assist Device
12-14-2006               Biophan Releases Positive Animal Study on MYO-VAD™ (12/14/06)          
Biophan Moves to Next Phase of Development with MYO-VAD™ Cardiac Support System (1/10/07)
08-09-2007              Medtronic To Acquire Biophan MRI Safety Technology For $11 Million (8/9/07)
10-08-2007               Biophan Announces Resignation of President Michael Weiner          
Biophan Completes Deal with Medtronic

2008 Press Releases 

1-16-2008                Letter to Shareholders from Biophan CEO                                  
Biophan Names Stan Yakatan as Chairman of the Board
2-05-2008                CEO John Lanzafame Named To Biophan Board of Directors 
Biophan Names Travis E. Baugh to Board of Directors 
Biophan Names Harold Gubnitsky to Board of Directors 
Biophan to Present at the Sachs Associates 7th Annual North America Forum for Investing & Partnering 
Biophan Appoints Jeanne Lesniak as Advisor for Regulatory and Clinical Affairs for Myotech 
Biophan Announces Appointment of John H. Bowers as Senior Technologist for Myotech
4-08-2008                Biophan Announces Memorandum of Understanding Between Myotech and PPA Technologies
4-16-2008                Biophan Expands Intellectual Property Portfolio with Two New Patents 
Biophan Approves Next Stage of Myotech Development 
Biophan Acquires Intellectual Property Portfolio of Nanoset, LLC 
Biophan Reports Fiscal Year 2008 Results 
Myotech CSS Data to be Presented at Annual Mtg of the American Society of Artificial Internal Organs
7-15-2008                BIOPHAN REPORTS FIRST QUARTER 2008 RESULTS 
Biophan Eliminates Dilutive Financing - Frees Company to Partner Technologies, Seek New Acquisitions

2009 Press Releases

3-05-2009               Biophan Announces Issuance of Key US Patent


Sec Filings

ALL FILINGS LINK              
01-20-09   10Q             For the quarterly period ended November 30, 2008
10-14-08   10Q             For the quarterly period ended August 31, 2008
07-15-08   10Q/A         For the quarterly period ended May 31, 2008
07-14-08   10Q             For the quarterly period ended May 31, 2008
06-13-08    10K             For the fiscal year ended February 29, 2008
Share Structure:

Authorized, 250,000,000   Common Stock, $.005 par value:

Class outstanding as of July 25, 2008         174,709,892
Class outstanding as of October 10,2008    243,285,264
Class outstanding as of January 16,2009     243,285,264

At the Company's annual shareholder meeting on September 12, 2008, shareholders were asked to approve a proposal to amend the
Company's Articles of Incorporation to increase the number of authorized shares of common stock to 800,000,000. The meeting was
adjourned with regard to this proposal until December 1, 2008, and further adjourned until February 4, 2009 (subject for further adjournment
by those attending the reconvened meeting) or such earlier date as the Company obtains sufficient votes to approve this proposal.
At the reconvened meeting on February 4, 2009, the meeting was further adjourned until February 26, 2009 (subject for further adjournment
by those attending the reconvened meeting) or such earlier date as the Company obtains sufficient votes to approve this proposal, and the
location of the reconvened meeting was agreed to be the offices of the Company at 15 Schoen Place, Pittsford, New York 14534.
At the reconvened meeting on February 26, 2009, the meeting was further adjourned until April 30, 2009 (subject for further adjournment
by those attending the reconvened meeting) or such earlier date as the Company obtains sufficient votes to approve this proposal.
The location of the reconvened meeting will be the offices of the Company at 15 Schoen Place, Pittsford, NY

Technical Opinion -          http://quote.barchart.com/texpert.asp?sym=BIPH

Insider transactions-        http://www.secform4.com/insider-trading/1084000.htm


Biophan Technologies (BIPH.OB - OTCBB)    
15 Schoen Place
Pittsford, NY 14534
Telephone: (585) 267-4800
Facsimile: (585) 267-4819




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