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Well Biib and Esaly look to be joined tredenwater2 01/09/23 6:15 PM
Who wants to be the lead Buffalo today? Can McMagyar 01/09/23 9:27 AM
Funds swapping spit again, nothing new. tredenwater2 01/06/23 3:54 PM
Imagine if fda had denied? Pyrrhic Victory defined McMagyar 01/06/23 3:51 PM
Amen MC. Im surprised at only a 3.5% tredenwater2 01/06/23 3:18 PM
Ps not short Biogen.. Just long dementia McMagyar 01/06/23 11:53 AM
Investors can make a difference as to what McMagyar 01/06/23 11:46 AM
If you will give a healthy 5 year McMagyar 01/06/23 11:42 AM
This will be the last chance to extricate McMagyar 01/06/23 9:15 AM
Will Biogen drop like a rock by or tredenwater2 01/02/23 11:25 AM
What a scam! Older article but will take tredenwater2 12/12/22 3:22 PM
Biogen Accused of Baiting Patients With Illegal Drug Co-Pays tradeherpete 12/11/22 9:13 AM
RGEN is on a run while Biogen is Dennisb68 12/01/22 4:58 PM jgrabar 12/01/22 7:38 AM
Unlike the patients heads, the share price “swelling” tredenwater2 11/30/22 1:20 PM
How does this dead dog bounce? On McMagyar 11/30/22 8:59 AM
One last dance? blackpilled 09/26/22 3:10 PM
Wouldnt touch bioscam But agree seller salmoat out McMagyar 04/18/22 12:30 PM
Biogen (NASDAQ:BIIB) was upgraded by analysts at Wells conix 04/18/22 12:25 PM
Phase 4. How many must suffer to McMagyar 04/04/22 4:36 PM
Can you imagine the poor bastards that listened McMagyar 12/30/21 8:33 AM
All the resources these pumpers stole from legitimate McMagyar 12/30/21 7:46 AM
Thought they were getting bought out today? What’s worse McMagyar 12/30/21 7:44 AM
Another pump and dump, this time on approval tredenwater2 10/19/21 11:01 AM
$BIIB NEWS!!!! Fasten your SEATBELTS!??????? AAAAMHIM 09/15/21 10:07 AM
Halberd Corp eradicates (for virtually 100%) the main EHRjunkie 09/13/21 9:03 AM
Laughable, the pps is one step away from tredenwater2 09/10/21 10:05 AM
Pps down $120+ after pumping their bad meds mrplmer 07/16/21 7:17 PM
STAT+: Expert panel votes unanimously that Biogen Alzheimer’s conix 07/16/21 6:22 PM
Biogen's Aduhelm stumbles at the starting blocks. Pioneer10257 07/15/21 9:14 AM
Hi Mrplmer This company's lack of evidence for it's Chilean spy 06/30/21 10:26 AM
It doesntcome close to Anavex results. mrplmer 06/29/21 6:17 AM
CLOSED EXTREMELY BULLISH INTO close and afterhours. I AAAAMHIM 06/28/21 9:59 PM
Down 100 pts since they released the dog. mrplmer 06/28/21 7:28 PM
The fallout has already been widespread. So far, tradeherpete 06/19/21 10:37 PM polarbear77 06/17/21 5:53 PM
This is a POS. Puts lipstick on pigs mrplmer 06/17/21 1:10 PM hebbeke47 06/16/21 8:15 AM Cbdpotential 06/15/21 5:47 PM Cbdpotential 06/15/21 5:46 PM Cbdpotential 06/15/21 5:44 PM
CBD... I am not a short seller and hold jessellivermore 06/15/21 8:29 AM
Cbd... Quote..." The causes are known...Check Anavex studies and jessellivermore 06/15/21 7:33 AM Cbdpotential 06/14/21 8:27 AM
The causes are known Check Anavex studies and chromatin structures Cbdpotential 06/11/21 2:54 PM
That was easy good return Thank you. ????? Chilean spy 06/11/21 12:34 PM
Thanks for posting... jessellivermore 06/11/21 11:19 AM
Third member of FDA expert committee resigns over conix 06/11/21 10:21 AM
Burn shorts BURN farml1234 06/09/21 11:22 AM
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Chilean spy
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Biogen (BIIB)

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Biogen Idec Inc., a biotechnology company, develops, manufactures, and commercializes novel therapeutics in the areas of neurology, oncology, immunology, cardiopulmonary, and hemophilia in the United States and internationally. The company?s marketed products include AVONEX for the treatment of relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS); RITUXAN for treating relapsed or refractory, low-grade or follicular, CD20-positive, and B-cell Non-Hodgkin?s Lymphoma (NHL); TYSABRI to treat relapsing MS; and FUMADERM for the treatment of severe psoriasis. Its products under development consist of BG-12, a Phase III clinical trial product for the treatment of MS; Humanized Anti-CD20 MAb, a Phase III clinical trial product for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and lupus nephritis; Lixivaptan, a Phase III clinical drug for the treatment of Hyponatremia; Daclizumab, a Phase II monoclonal antibody that is being tested in relapsing MS; and Fampridine, an oral compound as a treatment to improve walking ability in people with MS. The company?s products under preclinical stage comprise BIIB014, Ocrelizumab, Neublastin, LINGO, and BART for neurology; Hsp90 Inhibitor, GA101, Anti-IGF-1R, Volociximab, Anti-CRIPTO, RAF Inhibitor, and Anti-Fn14 for oncology; Anti-TWEAK, Anti-CD40L Fab, and Anti-FcRn for immunology; and Long-acting rFactor VIII for hemophilia. It has collaboration agreements with Neurimmune SubOne AG; Cardiokine Biopharma LLC; UCB, S.A.; Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB; Facet Biotech Corporation; Vernalis plc; and Schering AG. The company was founded in 1985 and is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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