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Bio Lab Naturals, Inc. (BLAB)

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Bio Lab Naturals

Previously known as VytaCorp.

Current outstanding:  6.8 Million Shares
Float: Approx 140,000 shares

Website:  http://biolabnaturals.com/index.html

Bio Lab's Informational Disclosure Statement on or about March 18, 2011 (85 Pages):  https://www.otciq.com/otciq/ajax/showFinancialReportById.pdf?id=45831

Bio Lab's Divisions (Content Displayed Below):  http://biolabnaturals.com/divisions.html

Bio Lab Naturals Divisions

BioProtein Technology
BioProtein Technology is a all natural supplement manufacturer that is dedicated to producing therapeutic protein and growth factor formulas. These therapeutic protein and growth factor formulas are ideal for licensed practitioners who use alternative or preventative medicine. BioProtein Technology to ensure that we always manufacture the highest quality formulas for our customers. We focus on these constituents of the body because next to water they are the second most vital and abundant building blocks of the human body.

Ribbon Naturals Corporation
Ribbon Naturals is a natural supplement manufacturer specializing in a variety of high-quality specialty products...

Menopause Solutions
Menopause Solutions is a powerful all natural formula designed to totally restore balance to everyday life. This natural proprietary herbal extract formula combined with vitamin B-12 and elemental calcium citrate is delivered directly to your system with a unique specialty bound protein amino acid complex.

In developing Menopause Solutions, our research found that the true cause of menopause is an overall imbalance in the body's normal healthy functions. Because of this, the exasperating symptoms of menopause run rampant. Menopause Solutions delivers TOTAL SYSTEM BALANCE. Without total system balance, symptoms of menopause are disguised. Just two tablets daily of Menopause Solutions creates a foundation of health that makes our recommended nutrients for menopause absorbable and bio-available.

Pure Solutions
There has never before Pure Solutions™ been a supplement company that combines a full matrix of growth factors in a balanced matrix and highly concentrated doses of EFAs, all delivered in both all-natural oral or topical formulas. These oral and topical formulas halt the degradation and aging of living human cells by re-growing and rebuilding the cells of the human body. The cells in our body can be found in all of our bodies internal and external tissues and are used in almost all body functions. Growth factors, proteins and fatty acids are the basic structures needed for healthy development and the regeneration of human cells. Without these two structures cells in all of our living tissue would breakdown, which is why we age. Now you can retard aging of all tissue by supplementing the highly concentrated active proteins and EFAs in our topical and oral formulas.

Pure Solutions™ utilizes the purest forms of Deer Antler Velvet (DAV) extract in all of our sublingual (oral) and transdermal (topical) formulas. DAV extract is one of the worlds oldest nourishing raw super foods and has been used and documented in eastern medicine for over two thousand years. This raw super food is created by clipping the top tips of specific deer antlers which are then rigorously filtered and finely ground into our premium 43:1 extract. Growing at an average rate of one inch per day, deer antlers are the only regenerative mammalian organ on the planet. Pure Solutions uses only antler tips which contain the highest concentration of growth factors and other beneficial constituents.

Ribbon Nutrition
At Ribbon Nutrition, our concept is truly unique. From our Ribbon Nutrition upside-down supplements, to our partnerships with progressive non-profit organizations, we conduct business unlike any other company. Ribbon's mission is to eradicate breast cancer through education, awareness, nutrition, prevention, and charity. To that end, we donate up to 10% of the total company revenue to various non-profit organizations that share our mission and vision.

May 16, 2011 Press Release:  Acquisition of Ribbon Naturals


A recent report from a shareholder who spoke with Bio Labs:

- Bio Labs did $300,000 revenue in the last quarter (Jan - March).
- They did $50,000 revenue in the last month.  Slower sales last month but they are picking up again.
- The antler product sells for $200 per glass vile which contains HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and is absorbed naturally in people for an anti-aging benefit.
- Bio Labs just bought Ribbon Naturals Corp based in Tampa, Florida for 2.3 million shares. 
- Ribbon Naturals as of 2/2010 annual revenue was $1.2 Million
- Bio Labs employs 15 people.
- Working with SEC Counsel and Corporate Stock Transfer to complete audit and become reporting with the SEC.
- Projects a minimum share price of $3.50 to $5.00 this year or higher if they "hit their numbers".
- Projects $20.00 per share within three years.

- Pure Solutions who is a Ribbon Natural Corp brand.
http://epuresolutions.com/ cart.php
- On phoning Pure Solutions, the automated phone message answered "This is Bio Labs, Ribbon Naturals, and Pure Solutions.
- The person he talked to at Pure Solutions said that Pure Solutions, Ribbon Naturals, and Bio Labs are all one company.
- Pure Solutions makes the Deer Antler Velvet product (see Pure Solutions website) and sells it to brick stores and website distribution/sales sites.
- They started sales in November and are finding it hard to keep up production to fill incoming orders.


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