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FPVD - BIGtoken
As of September 29, 2021 Ticker and Name Change has been submitted to FINRA

Get Paid For Your Data

About BIGtoken

BIGtoken, built by SRAX (Nasdaq: SRAX), is the first consumer-managed data marketplace where people can own and earn from their data. Through a transparent platform and consumer reward system, BIG provides consumers choice, transparency and compensation for their data. The system also provides advertisers and media companies access to transparent, verified consumer data to better reach and serve audiences.

About BritePool (New Merger)

BritePool is an identity verification company for advertisers and publishers. The company provides advertisers with brand safety, privacy, and analytics for data connections when third-party cookies and MAIDs no longer can be used. BritePool’s exact, frequency-controlled identity verification services enable accurate targeting, advertising delivery and attribution. For more information, visit


September 29, 2021 - BIGtoken and BritePool to Merge:
September 29, 2021 - BIGtoken and BritePool Merge Resulting in Favorable Outcome for SRAX shareholders:
May 4, 2021 BIGtoken and 20+ Companies Announce the DPPA!:



With this merger, David J. Moore, BritePool’s CEO and co-founder will become CEO of the combined company. Before BritePool’s creation, Moore served as president of WPP Digital, the world’s largest advertising holding company and as chairman of Xaxis, WPP’s digital arm. Earlier, he co-founded 24/7 Real Media which he led, as chairman and CEO, until its sale to WPP, for $649 million.


"BIGtoken and BritePool are joining forces to provide marketers with privacy-focused identity solutions that benefit both consumers and advertisers. We believe the future belongs to companies that recognize that creating value for advertisers also means creating value for consumers," said Moore. "I am excited to build a company that is uniquely oriented towards the evolving marketing environment, and honored that the BIGtoken Board has placed such confidence in me," he added.

George Stella, BIGtoken’s co-founder and president, will continue to lead the company with Moore. "We have created a flywheel for zero-party data, where BIGtoken users connect accounts and regularly engage with brand-related actions and surveys for rewards," said Stella. "This merger will increase our reach for advertisers and accelerate our product roadmap, which includes exploring consumer interest in digital wallets with offers from advertisers and digital asset rewards," he added.

Bob Perkins, BritePool’s chief operating officer, will also serve as COO of the combined company. Perkins is the former senior vice president of marketing at Pizza Hut and president of Chiat/Day New York, widely acclaimed for its award-winning advertising for Apple and Nissan.

George Stella


George brings more than 20 years of experience driving digital shopper strategies and leveraging real-time consumer intent data. He has been key in crafting BIGtoken’s early commercial product strategy and initial go to market plan. Prior to joining SRAX and BIGtoken, his shopper marketing experience over the previous seven years includes senior sales positions at YieldBot, OwnerIQ, and HookLogic. Stella began his digital media career at 24/7 Real Media, where he spent more than 11 years as a sales director. Stella’s advertising and media career began at Comedy Central.

Vladi Delsoglio


Vladi follows an intrinsic desire to express himself through the manipulation of forms and thoughts, ideas and emotions. He studied media design and worked at several cool media companies before working at SRAX. Teaching Interactive Design at the Art Center of Pasadena allows him to enter one of the pinnacles of American design.

Moises Avitia

President, LATAM

With over 15 years of experience in software development and creating digital products, Moe has built a state of the art operation and production team. His ability to adapt to trends, anticipating operational opportunities and challenges, and effective leadership keeps this machine going.

Ivan Lozano

Head of Product

With over a decade of experience leading technology and product groups, Ivan is guiding our 40+ person tech and product team on the quest to create the best data platform for consumers. Ivan has previously worked in gaming, ecommerce, fintech, and big data, giving him a keen eye for detail and a bias for action.

How BIG Works

Complete Actions to Earn Points

  • Answer questions and surveys about yourself
    Check into your locations throughout the day
    Connect your social media accounts

Get Placed into Ad Groups

  • Based on the data you share, you will be placed into anonymized advertising groups
    Advertisers will buy access to these ad groups where you will earn a portion of the revenue from the data sale

Create and Engage With Your BIG Community

  • Invite friends and family with your personal referral code
    Join a team and complete daily actions together
    Build your network to earn a portion of the points your referrals receive

Redeem Your Points for Rewards

  • The more you engage in the app the more points you’ll earn
    You can redeem your points for cash, gift cards, charitable donations, and more

Own and Manage Your Digital Data

  • Full control over what data is shared and who can buy access to it
    Transparency into how your data is used in the digital ecosystem
Join BIGtoken to start claiming your data!

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