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Koda''s Lair (WWWD)

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I lack control of things in my life so I will push ridiculous

rules on this board that will make people spend time

formatting messages to my pleasure.  Please do not post

anything besides what I say you can post on this board,

so I can feel self important!  If you do post text that goes

against my formatting rules, I will remove it and send you

a private message telling u why.  Or I could just not give

a flying fuck how people format a text, and not spend

time reading it just to complain!!  Thanks!


Never put me on ignore on twitter or ihub.  If you do so, there is nothing I can do to stop you.  So have some common decency you meat popsicle.


No bringing outside food or drink into this board.  Please purchase from vending machines, thanks and fuck off.


No posting letters or numbers on this board.  No posting pictures or videos on this board.  No posting stock information on this board.  No posting non-stock information on this board.  No posting in bold font on this board.  No posting in italics on this board.  No posting any words using the combination of vowels and consonants.  All math usage will be kept to a minimum while browsing/using this board.  Please fill out CAPTCHA before each message submission.  Please wash hands before and after entering this board.  Thanks and have good evening.


Anyone posting here must send Money Order 2 my P O BOX for $578,541.  

If you keep receipt for postage and mail that afterwards, seperately, to my PO box I will refund postage. 

Ditto for postage paid on postage for refund on original postage. 

Any postage I will refund, but must follow the steps of returning said postage receipt to my PO box for review.


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#283   Bruce Jenner roar? SunshineSmiles 11/10/18 01:15:33 AM
#282   By who!! Let me at em, rooooaaarrrrrrr Werbe 11/09/18 11:46:11 PM
#281   I have been called worse. LOL SunshineSmiles 11/09/18 10:59:36 PM
#280   Well some people are just born 2 lead jackass Werbe 11/09/18 10:51:59 PM
#279   Leading is not a goal of mine. SunshineSmiles 11/09/18 10:46:40 PM
#278   Like I said uve been a great leader Werbe 11/09/18 10:43:42 PM
#277   Thanks for the compliments. SunshineSmiles 11/09/18 10:40:35 PM
#276   NICE POST ON BIO BOARD FATSO Werbe 11/09/18 10:36:34 PM
#275   T2 & Trump are posted on Twitter Beano1969 11/08/18 04:36:51 PM
#274   Twitter Werbe 11/08/18 02:13:08 AM
#273   Koda is 11.3 lbs, she has gained 3.3 Werbe 11/08/18 02:05:57 AM
#272   xxx SunshineSmiles 11/07/18 10:51:30 PM
#271   Ha!! Didn't get home Beano1969 11/07/18 06:02:55 PM
#270   :-D Werbe 11/07/18 05:37:38 PM
#269   He is to the 3 babies. The others Beano1969 11/07/18 05:49:21 AM
#268   Is papa Trump father to them all or Werbe 11/06/18 08:16:31 PM
#267   Trump 2. I'll post recent pix of the Beano1969 11/06/18 06:50:34 PM
#266   Lol hes majestic! Good name Trump, unique Werbe 11/06/18 06:20:09 PM
#265   Ha! They are all pretty tame other than Beano1969 11/06/18 06:15:59 PM
#264   Quit twittering me fagboy Werbe 11/06/18 06:14:36 PM
#263   Holy crap, I couldnt deal with chickens... Werbe 11/06/18 06:04:59 PM
#262   Liar liar pants on fire. Werbe 11/06/18 06:02:38 PM
#261   My German Shepherd, Maggie, loved cats! When Beano1969 11/05/18 06:09:35 PM
#260   You can do a free two week promo SunshineSmiles 11/05/18 04:33:27 PM
#259   When I click on private message reply, it Werbe 11/05/18 04:30:34 PM
#258   Koda has a boyfriend lol.. My girlfriends Werbe 11/05/18 04:27:59 PM
#257   OK YES, WERBE IS SHITTY TRADER. WERBE Werbe 11/02/18 01:19:27 PM
#256   Breaking News!...some days your posts aren't worth littlejohn 11/02/18 02:20:55 AM
#255   BLAH BLAH BLAH, worst rating on ihub. Werbe 10/31/18 03:51:51 PM
#254   When/if I get a buck during hunting season Beano1969 10/30/18 03:57:19 AM
#253   Work at home...medical device testing... littlejohn 10/30/18 01:10:09 AM
#252   I have 2 remaining posts, so I need Werbe 10/29/18 08:17:39 PM
#251   :-D Werbe 10/29/18 08:14:17 PM
#250   wheww, they ain't picky... littlejohn 10/29/18 08:06:33 PM
#249   uhhh, I am gonna do it. Werbe 10/29/18 07:48:37 PM
#248   Holy Crap! lol yes! We picked Werbe 10/29/18 07:47:01 PM
#247   Cute pup! Is she chewin on an deer antler? Beano1969 10/29/18 07:07:39 PM