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BRK.A versus BRK.B? Watch Buffett discuss the creation bar1080 05/16/21 10:53 PM
Seems like an odd pick for Warren fung_derf 11/21/22 11:31 AM
"Berkshire boosts stakes in Japan's five biggest trading houses" bar1080 11/21/22 12:01 AM
"Berkshire Hathaway Is Now A Utility Company." bar1080 11/08/22 7:47 AM
Did you take that directly from Investor's Business fung_derf 11/02/22 4:45 PM
I'm going to debate a few of your points. fung_derf 11/02/22 4:43 PM
You'll learn technical analysis is rubbish. Since you bar1080 11/02/22 9:51 AM
"Just reclaimed its 50-day moving average, a bullish bar1080 10/29/22 11:46 AM
Berkshire Hathaway stock currently has no buy point Henry_Jones0789 10/29/22 5:00 AM
Berkshire Hathaway stock currently has no buy point Henry_Jones0789 10/29/22 5:00 AM
It's trading in a channel right now. Above fung_derf 10/24/22 12:19 PM
“Investing is art — not a science.” Nope. bar1080 10/24/22 10:31 AM
My one son has moved to highly taxed bar1080 10/21/22 3:17 PM
I think we both would agree that much fung_derf 10/04/22 8:52 AM
"Buffett’s Likely Successor Buys $68 Million of Berkshire Stock" bar1080 10/03/22 8:11 PM
I get that, but then again, companies like fung_derf 09/16/22 1:23 PM
That's one reason I own stock in many bar1080 09/15/22 4:07 PM
Again, I'm giving you answers directly from a fung_derf 09/15/22 3:56 PM
There is the rub, "legitimate" is a subjective fung_derf 09/15/22 3:54 PM
The fees charged have come way down, which fung_derf 09/15/22 3:48 PM
Actually very, very few term policies pay bar1080 09/15/22 1:52 PM
A wonderful, easy read. "A Brief History Of bar1080 09/15/22 1:37 PM
With legitimate insurance the use of the money bar1080 09/15/22 1:23 PM
My local newspaper had a very active "stock" bar1080 09/15/22 1:12 PM
HA! I've been told that around 40% of fung_derf 09/15/22 12:48 PM
The difference fung, as that with insurance it Prudent Capitalist 09/15/22 12:32 PM
One day perhaps someone can explain to me fung_derf 09/15/22 12:26 PM
You need to keep in mind that there fung_derf 09/15/22 12:09 PM
!925: The investing world discovers retained earnings. bar1080 09/14/22 7:19 PM
And this important WSJ piece bar1080 09/14/22 1:08 PM
I've posted this important research several times bar1080 09/14/22 1:04 PM
Well, I'd agree, but then with mutual funds, fung_derf 09/14/22 1:01 PM
Nope, BRK's success is mostly tied to the bar1080 09/14/22 12:56 PM
BTW, I do find it interesting that even fung_derf 09/14/22 12:49 PM
My problem with ETF's that don't exactly track fung_derf 09/14/22 12:47 PM
Maybe....I remember when Peter Lynch left Fidelity Magellan, fung_derf 09/14/22 12:44 PM
In Finviz, I closely track about 9 indexes bar1080 09/14/22 12:43 PM
Exactly! Can you say "HUGE BUYING OPPORTUNITY"? Prudent Capitalist 09/14/22 12:36 PM
My concern over Warren's passing, isn't what might fung_derf 09/14/22 12:30 PM
Yeah, I bought some NOBL back in July fung_derf 09/14/22 12:30 PM
Yes, my son owns NOBL, the S&P 500 bar1080 09/14/22 12:26 PM
If you were Buffett/Munger running one of the bar1080 09/14/22 12:17 PM
The 2nd share class was created years ago bar1080 09/14/22 12:06 PM
LOL, seriously?? fung_derf 09/14/22 11:30 AM
I don't think you are correct.... fung_derf 09/14/22 11:26 AM
I'm unusual among IHUBers in that I like bar1080 09/13/22 11:25 AM
There has never been any form of split Prudent Capitalist 09/13/22 11:13 AM
I owned 11 shares of the B shares fung_derf 09/13/22 9:46 AM
Are you in BRK? I keep thinking of bar1080 09/13/22 9:37 AM
Well.....SOMEONE'S gonna have to do it after Warren fung_derf 09/13/22 9:15 AM
One other thing. BRK-B has far less voting bar1080 09/12/22 5:17 PM
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Berkshire Hathaway Inc (BRK.A)

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 Charles Munger (Charlie),  BRK Vice Chairman        Warren Buffett,  BRK Chairman/CEO     Photo circa 1970

Berkshire Hathaway, Inc
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BRK-A Class A shares
BRK-B Class B shares

Berkshire Hathaway, which began in 1839 as a textile mill, neared collapse in 1962 when 32-year old Warren Buffett started buying control in the belief the company could be saved. Buffett initially maintained Berkshire’s textile business, but by 1967, he was expanding into other investments. Berkshire bought stock in the Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) that now forms the core of its colossal insurance operations. Other early acquisitions included See's Candies, Blue Chip Trading Stamps and Dairy Queen. BRK moved from the OTC to the NYSE in 1988.

Today Berkshire is a combination of 66 wholly owned subsidiaries such as the BNSF Railroad and 47 passive minority investments, notably its huge stake in Apple. As of 2021, BRK has a market cap of >$600 billion and 360,000 employees. Berkshire Hathaway is the nation's 7th largest business.  

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CNBC Buffett Archive  

Buffett's office in Omaha.
His desk has no computer

Headquarters Address
3555 Farnam Street
Omaha, NE 68131     a


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