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Rubicon Minerals Corporation is a well-funded, leading gold exploration company deriving its strength from a hands-on management team with a track record of discovery. Rubicon's focus is in highly prospective gold producing areas of North America. It owns over 65,000 acres of prime exploration ground in the prolific Red Lake gold camp of Ontario, Canada, which hosts Goldcorp's high-grade, world class Red Lake Mine. At its flagship property, the 100%-controlled Phoenix Gold Project, located in the heart of this producing camp, Rubicon has made a significant high-grade discovery which is aggressively being advanced with an 240,000 meter drill program. Through a transaction completed in May, 2007 with former Goldcorp Inc. Chairman and CEO, Rob McEwen, Rubicon acquired 380,800 acres of prospective exploration ground in Alaska in the area of the 5.6 million ounce Pogo deposit, as well as a 225,000 acre land package in northeast Nevada .

With an exceptional technical team, outstanding assets, a focus on gold camps in politically safe environments and a high profile in the capital markets, Rubicon Minerals has gained the reputation as a leading junior exploration company. 

The Rubicon Advantage

  • Red Lake, Ontario - High-grade gold capital
  • Ontario - safe jurisdiction
  • Strong treasury
  • Owns 100% of Phoenix Gold Project - F2 Discovery
  • Controls 100% of additional 100 sq. miles in Red Lake
  • 130,000 metres drilled to date
  • 110,000 metres more drilling in 2010
  • Underground now - opportunity to fast track
Date of Issue:  May 2010

Phoenix Gold Project - Red Lake, Ontario

A significant high-grade gold discovery at the F2 Zone. The Phoenix Gold Project is 100% controlled by Rubicon in the heart of the Red Lake, Ontario gold district, home to Goldcorp’s Cambell Red Lake Mine. READ MORE...

Corporate Link to Investor Info

Management, Filings, Share Structure and Directory Including the Transfer Agent


Link to All the Projects

Red Lake, Alaska, Nevada and the English Royalty Division and its' History

Investors Link

Including Financial Statements


News Archive

Including Presentations

Click Here to Get Contact Info for Rubicon and Investor Relations

The Daily View


The Weekly View

After reviewing the above information, one will see quite clearly why the share price is tracking as it is...


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