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Basic Information:


Outstanding Shares:  22,223,000 Shares.

Authorized Shares: 100,000,000 Shares.


Note,  the company filed the bankruptcy in July 2009.





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Corporate Profile

Basin Water, Inc. designs, builds and implements systems for the treatment of contaminated groundwater, industrial process water and air streams from municipal and industrial sources. It provides reliable sources of drinking water for many communities, and the ability to comply with environmental standards and recover valuable resources from process and wastewater streams. Basin Water has developed proprietary, scalable ion-exchange, biological and other treatment systems that effectively process contaminated water and air in an efficient, flexible and cost effective manner.

Basin Water Has Proof

Basin Water Handles Everything. If you have a contaminated well, we are your single-point solution for obtaining clean, drinkable water that meets regulatory standards - from evaluating well sites, providing flexible financing, designing a system to meet your specific needs, installing and assuring satisfactory performance and assisting in obtaining permits and licenses. As part of our contracts, we arrange for the removal of all waste products by a licensed waste removal company.

24/7 Customer Service. Automated alarm systems notify you - and Basin Water technicians - of any problems. The Basin Water system incorporates networking and system monitoring tools to allow us to access, monitor, and evaluate the system remotely. Most issues can be resolved remotely via a computer connection.

A Proven Solution. The EPA has designated ion-exchange as a "Best Available Technology" for arsenic, nitrate, and perchlorate removal. Our system is the product of years of research and development efforts to design a process that significantly improves the economics of wellhead treatment. Basin Water systems are already in place delivering water to hundreds of thousands of people.

Guaranteed Cost & Compliance. No budgetary surprises, no drought-based shortages, no sudden problems due to new Federal and State regulations. We guarantee compliance with regulatory standards in our contracts.

Select Basin Water as your water treatment resource, and put all those benefits to work for you - and your customers.

Next-Generation and Proven.

Intellectual Property. Basin Water has a strong intellectual property position covering its ion exchange system. We have been issued three patents covering our system and process for both arsenic and nitrate removal. We have also received a notice for allowance with respect to a patent application for our process of perchlorate removal. In addition, Basin Water has a number of patent applications pending which cover chromium VI and uranium.

Accurate, Fast Analysis and Proposal. The Basin Water computer simulation software can predict with high accuracy effluent quality, waste volume, and contaminant breakthrough curves, all based on the specific water composition at the wellhead. This eliminates the need for external pilot testing, and enables a higher level of system refinement to meet your specific requirements. And, it dramatically accelerates the process: you'll receive a complete analysis and proposal - including cost and predicted performance - within days of receiving water composition data.

Consistent Water Quality. Our patented, multiple, fixed-bed design ensures consistent water quality, day after day, year after year.

Effective and Flexible Removal of Multiple contaminants with a Single System. We can adjust our system to treat contaminants to any level specified by water providers, including the ability to reduce a contaminant to a non-detect level. With minor adjustments, our system can be configured to remove one or multiple contaminants including arsenic, nitrate, perchlorate, chromium VI, uranium and other trace contaminants like vanadium, eliminating the need to deploy multiple technologies.

Reliable, Fully Automatic Operation. Our system is designed for unattended operation and can be configured for automatic data logging and residuals handling. You can monitor or adjust the system's operations from a remote location, reducing your workload and minimizing the need to spend time in the field.

Continuous Flow and No Interruption In Service. The Basin Water system does not have to be taken out of service during the regeneration process. Our control system approach selectively cycles beds through the regeneration and rinse cycles on an as-needed basis, which allows other beds to continue to absorb. From the user's perspective, untreated water flows into the treatment system and safe drinking water flows out, with no interruption in service.

Compatible With Your Control System. Basin Water's technology is an open-architecture system, so it will generally be compatible with your control system.

Reduced Costs.

Very Low Waste Production. Compared to other conventional technologies, the Basin Water system produces significantly less waste - typically ranging between 0.01% to 0.5% of the treated water flow rate depending on the influent water chemistry and the type of contaminant treated. This minimizes costs associated with waste disposal and results in an increased net amount of treated drinking water produced. As part of our contracts, we arrange for the removal of all waste products by a licensed waste removal company.

Lower Energy Requirement. That means lower operating cost using existing power services. The Basin Water system generally requires only a 40 amp service to power a 1,000 gpm system.

No pH Adjustment Needed. This eliminates the need for on-site storage of acids and bases and all the associated safety issues that entails. In addition, pH adjustment contributes to an increase in total dissolved solids (TDS) in the product water. The Basin Water system eliminates the costs and risks associated with pH adjustment.

Treat To Non-Detect Levels. Creates a cost-reduction opportunity through source blending to achieve effluent discharge goals.

Prolonged Media Life. The resins used in the Basin Water system have an estimated life of more than 20 years, so frequent replacement is not necessary. This keeps the material costs low while ensuring that our systems are always on-line and reliable.

No Additional Personnel. Our system operates unattended. No extensive training is required. There is no need to hire additional personnel.

Rapid Deployment. Compact. Scaleable.

Rapid Deployment. Our design process starts by completely defining your performance requirements. Using the proven Basin Water concept, we design optimized systems to meet your needs (our automatic control system can be configured for existing controls or SCADA systems). After extensive testing and meeting our rigorous standards, we transport, install, and test the treatment system at your site. We perform all site mechanical, electrical, and facilities work. Due to the modular nature of the Basin Water system, we can design, build, test and install the system within 4 to 6 weeks after receipt of order. You can be providing safe drinking water from a previously shut-in well in weeks instead of years.

Compact, Self-Contained, Modular Design. The self-contained Basin Water system measures just 10'W x 35'L x 9'H for a typical 1,000 GPM contaminant removal system. Our system's footprint is significantly smaller than other comparable systems, so it fits easily in any location, including residential areas, and can be moved to other well sites to accommodate future needs.

Scalable to Meet Your Needs. Expands quickly, easily, and economically to accommodate capacities from 50 gpm to 6,000 gpm or more.

Your community will benefit from services, technology and expertise that only Basin Water offers. Your agency will benefit from cost-effective, proven effective groundwater treatment. And, your customers will benefit from guaranteed safe drinking water. For further details about how Basin Water can help you assure your community's drinking water supply, call us today.

Treatment of contaminated groundwater for drinking water sources.

Groundwater contamination is a fact of life. With increasing contaminant levels and tightening Federal and State regulations, less and less water resources remain available to serve your customers.

In addition, surface water supplies are unpredictable and often unavailable, due to drought and over-allocation. And, the cost of treating surface water is rising.

Probably the only water supplies that you can control are your district's own groundwater resources. In the recent past, groundwater treatment meant large capital costs, long term build-outs, and significant infrastructure disruption.

Today, we believe water agencies throughout the United States have found a better way: Basin Water.

Basin Water provides a turnkey, cost-effective, rapidly deployable solution for treating contaminated groundwater wherever you need it.

Basin Water's next-generation ion exchange system can treat water at the wellhead or at a centralized facility. Each has its place in managing your water resources.

By treating water at a centralized facility, you can treat and blend water from multiple wellhead sources at a single location. This leverages proven Basin Water technology into facilities capable of treating 3,000 to 8,000 gpm.

Either way, Basin Water helps you make the most of your groundwater resources, with minimal disruption and maximum speed and cost-efficiency. The end result: a safe, reliable source of drinking water for the community you serve.

Now, more than ever, Basin Water is the right treatment solution.

Basin Water is proven effective.

Basin Water treatment systems are currently providing over 75 million gallons per day of installed capacity to water providers serving hundreds of thousands of residents in the United States. Basin Water's customers include two of the largest investor-owned water utilities in the United States based on population served: California Water Service Company and American States Water Company.

The treated water produced by Basin Water's patented, next generation ion exchange system removes arsenic, nitrate, perchlorate, uranium and chromium VI to non-detectable levels. All Basin Water systems currently in operation have permits issued from the appropriate health services authorities.

Basin Water is cost effective.

Basin Water can handle all the design, construction, installation, and ongoing maintenance, including waste disposal. And, we'll deliver water that meets or exceeds your specifications. Compared acre-foot to acre-foot, we believe the cost of treated water from Basin Water is less expensive than importing water or using other treatment alternatives. In fact, many agencies use the water treated by Basin Water as a convenient blending source, realizing further efficiencies.

Basin Water guarantees compliance, not just now but for the life of your contract.

Basin Water reduces risk and preserves capital.

Basin Water delivers the clean, safe drinking water you need on a turnkey basis, from your existing "contaminated" groundwater well. The technology behind that water is a proprietary ion-exchange system, backed by our own computer modeling system that simulates the entire treatment process and and enables you to have a complete analysis and proposal - including cost and predicted performance - within days of receiving water composition data. That means Basin Water can deploy within weeks - in time for your next peal season or even to help ease an immediate shortage.

Basin Water does more than produce safe drinking water from your shut-in wells. It also preserves your precious capital. With the Basin Water system, you have the flexibility to choose financing with low capital costs. That's important for cash-strapped, tightly budgeted agencies and districts. Typically, you'll contract to treat a minimum number of acre-feet per year, and you'll pay only as water is delivered that meets the agreed-upon specification. Alternatively, you can pay a monthly standby fee and a cost per acre-foot when the system is operated. Or, you can purchase the Basin Water system and pay a cost per acre foot for service and maintenance over an agreed upon number of years.

Your community becomes more water self-reliant, by maximizing local groundwater supplies. And, your agency increases productivity, decreases liabilities, and preserves its capital reserves. You can have a clear, consistent basis by which to adjust rates for your water.

Finally, Basin Water is a proven solution. Unlike many other technologies, ion-exchange is recognized and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a "Best Available Technology" for arsenic, nitrate, and perchlorate removal. The Basin Water system is the product of years of research and development efforts to design a process that drastically improves the economics of wellhead treatment. Basin Water systems are currently operating in the United States helping water agencies deliver safe drinking water to hundreds of thousands of people every day.

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Executive Management Team


SEC Filings

http://www.basinwater.com/aboutus.php4   Basin Water, Inc.    CIK # (0001352045)

About the Rohm and Haas Partnership



Total Insider Shares Held - 3.7M


In November 2007, we announced the formation of an exclusive, service-based alliance with Rohm and Haas. This alliance provides us with exclusive access in selected markets to the Rohm and Haas ion-exchange resin technology which we intend to deploy as part of our business model. Our alliance also provides us access to technology for the removal of organic contaminants from water, support for our business model through access to the Rohm and Haas scientific and laboratory resources and Rohm and Haas’ developed channels to the specified markets. In late 2007, we entered into an agreement with Purifics to provide us with unique engineered systems, solutions and products effective in removing organic contaminants from groundwater. Under this agreement, we can exclusively market the Purifics photocatalysis technology in certain areas of the United States, and we have access to the technology on a non-exclusive basis in a larger market area. We may enter into other such strategic relationships with other companies focused on the water, wastewater, waste reduction and resource recovery industries on a national basis. Our financial success and our anticipated growth will depend in part on the efforts of these strategic relationships as we market and sell our treatment systems and solutions.ohm and Haas water treatment solutions help customers to reliably, safely, and efficiently generate the best water for their applications. Our broad portfolio of products is used to purify water for industrial, municipal and domestic uses.


Our ion exchange resins, scale inhibitors, low-waste sub-systems and biocides remove contaminants from water in industrial applications, power plants, electronics manufacturing, municipal water supplies, and in your home.

Our technically-advanced AMBERJET™, AMBERLITE™ and AMBERSEP™ resins provide a full range of styrenic, acrylic and phenolic products. These product lines are setting the standard for ion exchange resins in industrial applications.

We provide highly effective scale inhibitors and dispersants through our ACUMER™ and TAMOL™ product lines. These technologies are unrivalled in their effectiveness within reverse osmosis for industrial water treatment.

We are proud of our product offering for residential water, since we understand that there are few things harder on your family than hard water; it is hard on your clothes, your dishes, your pipes, and your appliances. Fortunately, no one knows more about hard water and how to soften it than Morton® Salt. To learn more about hard water and how Morton can make your "hard" life a little easier, visit www.mortonsalt.com.

Properly treated water is crucial. There is no margin for error, regardless of whether it is used for drinking or manufacturing. Rely on Rohm and Haas's proven technologies to ensure that your water treatment is done right.

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