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Okay did not change the fact still losing packerfan9 03/22/23 1:38 PM
Wrong as usuall. packerfan9 03/22/23 1:12 PM
Looks like everyone now realizing Reverse Split is kbaz 03/21/23 7:15 AM
That could be true since down here after packerfan9 03/20/23 4:15 PM
Well, it would have to be approved by TRIPLE_ZERO_SEVEN 03/20/23 4:02 PM
Like before when they do next r/s will packerfan9 03/20/23 1:48 PM
Wrong. What you keep forgetting is revenues still packerfan9 03/20/23 1:47 PM
Yea, this needs about a 1 for 1 TRIPLE_ZERO_SEVEN 03/20/23 10:47 AM
WRONG! Big Feign Wall on the Ask.... kbaz 03/20/23 12:29 AM
Wrong. Easy to see. The big increase in packerfan9 03/19/23 5:32 PM
Massive? is an adjective used to describe kbaz 03/19/23 8:51 AM
At .0001 and massive dilution. This stock is packerfan9 03/18/23 5:52 PM
BOOM! Up 9,900% All Day Friday on kbaz 03/18/23 7:52 AM
LOL. Okay price still .0001 then. Dilution and packerfan9 03/17/23 1:59 PM
Wrong Narrative! Faux Trading... These Trades(below .0001) were kbaz 03/17/23 4:57 AM
Scam maybe. Seen worse not get shut down. packerfan9 03/16/23 7:41 PM
This scam needs to be shut down, ASAP. BeanbrainGetsGoing 03/16/23 7:20 PM
Price is under .0001 today. LOL. packerfan9 03/16/23 3:26 PM
With this company. Always look at their bad packerfan9 03/16/23 2:59 PM
Price below .0001. Company still losing millions. Still packerfan9 03/16/23 2:20 PM
Nothing good about what Bell has lead this packerfan9 03/16/23 2:19 PM
Ooorrrrr.... He needs to stop diluting this Beauneedsbiscuits 03/16/23 11:26 AM
What lol abazaba375 03/16/23 9:59 AM
The fact you post on this pathetic stocks abazaba375 03/16/23 7:57 AM
Good Chance with Upside to Multiples that no kbaz 03/16/23 6:02 AM
Baaahhhaaaaaa. Nobody went just can't Beauneedsbiscuits 03/16/23 3:17 AM
My bet is if no notification of rs ezscott 03/16/23 12:15 AM
So you think. The tiny revenues and huge packerfan9 03/15/23 8:27 PM
We will see. Based on the R/S history packerfan9 03/15/23 5:21 PM
LOL. packerfan9 03/15/23 5:17 PM
Wouldn't one Expect to see a Large Short kbaz 03/15/23 5:17 PM
Where's the Reverse Split? HMMMMM! Does kbaz 03/15/23 2:58 PM
Yet the facts are. Bell lead company for packerfan9 03/15/23 12:35 PM
The only one that loves this company is Beauneedsbiscuits 03/15/23 10:41 AM
Yet as head of this company. Has failed packerfan9 03/14/23 3:19 PM
Last we Checked Greg. P. Bell on the kbaz 03/14/23 11:17 AM
Exactly. Well said. packerfan9 03/13/23 8:24 PM
It's just a share selling scheme with the Beauneedsbiscuits 03/13/23 7:42 PM
Sure you ignore past record here as usual. packerfan9 03/13/23 1:51 PM
But we were told in this chatroom over ezscott 03/13/23 11:16 AM
Who are you quoting? Fake News.... kbaz 03/12/23 6:48 PM
Saying this is great lol ridiculous. When Bell packerfan9 03/12/23 5:34 PM
Only a True Follower of BTDG will Answer kbaz 03/12/23 5:30 PM
Yes Bell has Run to .0001, And kbaz 03/12/23 5:25 PM
What platforms are being used to trade BTDG ezscott 03/12/23 2:20 PM
Patient lol. Many years pf Bell failure to packerfan9 03/11/23 4:34 PM
Share Price in th OTC is not Support, kbaz 03/11/23 6:00 AM
So where do all the millions and millions ezscott 03/10/23 11:27 PM
Really. When when you post is not supported packerfan9 03/10/23 7:46 PM
None of this is backed up by any packerfan9 03/10/23 7:44 PM
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03/22/23 1:12 PM
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03/20/23 12:29 AM
03/19/23 5:32 PM
03/18/23 5:52 PM
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03/16/23 7:41 PM
03/16/23 7:20 PM
03/16/23 3:26 PM
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03/10/23 7:44 PM

B2Digital Inc. (BTDG)

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About B2 Digital:

See below for list of filings or visit:


B2Digital, Incorporated is a full service Live Event Sports Company. Since its restructuring in early 2017, the company has been led by a management team with over 30 years of global experience developing more than 20 companies in the Sports, Television, Entertainment, Digital Distribution and Banking Transaction industries. As part of its growth strategy, B2Digital intends to continue to develop and acquire assets meeting its business model with the goal of becoming a Premier Vertically Integrated LIVE Event Sports Company.

B2Digital is currently building an integrated LIVE Event Development League for the MMA Mixed Martial Arts marketplace, through the creation and development of B2 Fighting Series Development League and its B2FS champions are expected to graduate to the MMA Major Leagues. The company continues to sponsor and operate LIVE Events, and intends on acquiring existing MMA Promotions, and invite those regional and local champions to the B2 Fighting Series National Championship Series. Throughout this process, B2Digital expects to own all media and merchandising rights, as well as distribute its B2FS Events through its B2 Social Media digital distribution network. B2Digital also expects to develop and expand its B2 LIVE Event Systems and Technologies. These include Systems for Event Management, Digital Ticketing Sales, Digital Video Distribution, Digital Marketing, Fighter Management, Merchandise Sales, Brand Management and Financial Control Systems.



B2 Social Media Network, Provides the Connection Between the B2 Digital Live Events and the Consumer Audience. Over 1.1 Million Followers and Growing: 




$BTDG (photos) newly acquired gym in Kokomo, IN. for MMA training
#OneMoreGym #MMA #b2digital #ColosseumCombat

$BTDG Colosseum Combat 52 Streamed Live 2/22/2020 Kokomo, IN : via @YouTube 

$BTDG Be sure to Subscribe to the B2 Fighting Series YouTube channel
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B2Digital MEDIA: 

Greg P. Bell, Chairman and CEO of B2Digital (OTCMKTS:BTDG) is Featured in a New Interview at 
 >> Click here to listen:

B2Digital’s Greg Bell and Chris Lytle Discuss B2’s Rise as a Major Force in MMA on The Stock Day Podcast (BTDG) 
>> Click here to listen: August 14, 2020

$BTDG StrikeHard 55 Photos. Great night of fights August 29, 2020: 

"Strikehard's first PPV show was a huge success after a 7 month hiatus due to the Coronavirus. Endless respect for all the fighters. Thank you to all the people that came out and supported the fighters tonight. Congratulations to all the winners. Great efforts and sportsmanships by all the fighters. We can't wait to see you all back on our next card SHP56 November 7th!!"


Here it is! The B2 Digital $BTDG B2 Fighting Series Summer LIVE #MMA Line up! Don’t miss these exciting events beginning with this weekend in Nashville, Tennessee! For tickets go to #Entertainment #sports #fitness

ALL "NEW" B2Fighting Series WEBSITE:

Company News

As of January 13, 2022 • 8:01 AM ET

01/06/2022 08:00 AM EST GlobeNewswire B2Digital Reports Unaudited Financial Highlights for Nine Months Ended December 31, 2021
12/30/2021 08:00 AM EST GlobeNewswire B2Digital Expands Live MMA Event Licensing to 20 States and Prepares for a Record 24 Events in the First Half of 2022
12/16/2021 08:00 AM EST GlobeNewswire B2Digital's B2 Fighting Series Heads Back Down to Georgia to Close Out 2021 with Explosive Action at B2FS 143
12/08/2021 08:00 AM EST GlobeNewswire B2 Fighting Series Sets New Weekend Revenue Record in Lexington
11/30/2021 08:00 AM EST GlobeNewswire B2Digital's B2 Fighting Series Set for Two Major Events in One Weekend to Kick Off December
11/16/2021 08:00 AM EST GlobeNewswire B2 Digital Reports Financial and Operational Highlights for Three and Six Months Ended September 30, 2021
11/10/2021 08:00 AM EST GlobeNewswire B2Digital's B2FS 138 Thrills Packed House at Dayton Convention Center with Explosive Night of MMA Action
11/05/2021 08:00 AM EDT GlobeNewswire B2Digital's B2 Fighting Series Returns to Dayton for Explosive Action at B2FS 138 this Saturday, November 6
10/20/2021 08:00 AM EDT GlobeNewswire B2Digital Announces Grand Opening of Newest ONE MORE Gym Location in Tuscaloosa, Alabama
10/18/2021 02:30 PM EDT GlobeNewswire New to The Street TV Announces its Five Corporate Interviews Airing on Fox Business Network, Tonight, Monday, October 18, 2021, at 10:30 PM P.T. and Tomorrow Night, Tuesday, October 19, 2021, at 10:30 PM PT

Additional News

As of January 13, 2022 • 8:01 AM ET

12/02/2021 08:02 AM EST NewMediaWire B2Digital on Pace for 300% Annual Topline Growth as B2 Fighting Series Revenues Soar 460% Higher Year-Over-Year
11/18/2021 08:02 AM EST NewMediaWire B2Digital's B2 Fighting Series Heads to Elizabethtown for a Stacked Card at B2FS 140 After Massive Debut Success in Sioux City
10/19/2021 08:03 AM EDT NewMediaWire B2Digital CEO Greg Bell Joins Jane King on Fox Business Network Tonight, October 19 at 10:30 PM PST
10/15/2021 08:02 AM EDT NewMediaWire B2Digitals B2FS 136 Mississippi Debut Sets New Company Record, Next Up is B2FS 137 in Chattanooga on October 23
10/07/2021 07:42 AM EDT Wall Street PR News Investing in the World's Fastest Growing Sport (BTDG, EDR, DKNG, WWE, MSGS, CHDN, SGMS, DKMR)
10/06/2021 08:02 AM EDT NewMediaWire B2Digitals B2FS 135 Provides Fireworks in Successful WV Debut, Heads Next for Showdown in Mississippi Debut Saturday
09/29/2021 08:01 AM EDT NewMediaWire B2Digitals B2 Fighting Series 134 Rocks Another Sold-Out Crowd in Bowling Green
09/24/2021 07:34 AM EDT Wall Street PR News Which Sports Investment has the Best Growth Potential? (EDR, DKNG, VZ, NKE, BTDG, UAA, TTWO, DKMR, WWE)
09/14/2021 08:03 AM EDT NewMediaWire B2Digital Congratulates B2FS Champion Cameron VanCamp on Signing with the UFC
08/31/2021 08:04 AM EDT NewMediaWire B2Digital Sees Record Ticket Sales as B2FS 133 Thrills Sold-Out Birmingham Crowd



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