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AtriCure, Inc., is a medical device company. The Company develops, manufactures and sells cardiac surgical ablation systems designed to create lesions, or scars, in cardiac, or heart, tissue and devices for the exclusion of the left atrial appendage. The Company has two primary product lines for the ablation of cardiac tissue. Its primary product line, which accounts for a majority of its revenues, is Isolator Synergy bipolar ablation clamp system (Isolator system) and related radiofrequency ablation devices. It also offers a cryoablation product line, which features reusable and disposable cryoablation devices. In addition, it offers the AtriClip Gillinov-Cosgrove Left Atrial Appendage System, or AtriClip system, which is designed to exclude the left atrial appendage.
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#1 AtriCure, Inc., is a medical device company. The Penny Roger$ 02/10/2012 02:18:51 AM
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