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"They must find it difficult - Those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority." -Gerald Massey

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The most important video you will ever see is here.

Both sides of any debate will be allowed, and political correctness is not necessary.
We try not to be emotional in trading or debates. No soap operas please.
No censorship will be enacted as long as this is a FREE SPEECH ZONE!

However, Personal Attacks and IHUB TOU Violations Will Be Shut Down.

 "It is always an impressive thing to observe when reality shifts. One moment, a certain idea is seen as preposterous, and the next moment it's being treated as conventional wisdom. There seems to be a psychological mechanism involved, where nobody wants to be seen as the last fool to finally get the picture. Everybody starts pretending that they've thought that way all along, or at least for a little while, for fear of appearing foolish. It is always awkward to ask people what caused them to suddenly change their minds, because with the fear of looking foolish comes a certain loss of dignity."



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