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Are they looking for financing? Laster 06/02/23 12:01 PM
Next leg back to $1.50 should start soon. Laster 05/31/23 2:22 PM
More filings posted on OTC website. Laster 05/31/23 2:14 PM
Waiting on some more filings and updates. Laster 05/30/23 7:55 AM
Have a great Holiday weekend. Laster 05/28/23 10:29 AM
Ouch. Low float. Hard to buy. Hard to sell. Laster 05/25/23 6:08 PM
New filings on OTCmarket. Laster 05/21/23 10:23 PM
Ridiculous market cap of $2.4 million. Laster 05/19/23 1:32 PM
Seller at 67 cents.......... splintered sunlight 05/17/23 9:41 AM
Just no sellers here. Absolutely amazing. What a gem. Laster 05/17/23 6:51 AM
Still holding up well. Laster 05/16/23 11:33 AM
Company actively working on updating docs to get Laster 05/13/23 7:46 AM
TGIF! cheusmann 05/12/23 8:59 AM
Hoping we hold here and get updates. Let's see.... cheusmann 05/12/23 8:43 AM
I shouldn’t have associated this with VENG. Laster 05/12/23 8:17 AM
Unreal adds under 1 if you were able cheusmann 05/11/23 2:28 PM
Still holding up really well. Laster 05/11/23 11:56 AM
Need some updates on that additional acquisition. This cheusmann 05/11/23 10:43 AM
Hit $1.60 yesterday. People are slowly accumulating. Laster 05/10/23 6:25 AM
Here we go. Next leg coming. cheusmann 05/09/23 1:37 PM
Low volume today. Needs some pep. Paytience. cheusmann 05/09/23 11:30 AM
$ADHI - Bullish! With 90 mil. Acquisition this jrock123 05/09/23 10:02 AM
It’s holding $1.40’s which is amazing considering it Laster 05/09/23 8:01 AM
Let's have another good week here. cheusmann 05/08/23 7:54 AM
WHAT A WEEK! Laster 05/05/23 4:47 PM
Whoa…. The-REAL-KING-of-pennies 05/05/23 3:42 PM
I think we get there soon. If not cheusmann 05/05/23 10:12 AM
Definitely looking for breakout past $1.50. Laster 05/05/23 9:35 AM
If VENG could have a MC $100 million Laster 05/05/23 8:40 AM
Stock would be over $1.50 if it weren’t Laster 05/04/23 11:51 AM
Amazing day yesterday with stock hitting $1.50. Laster 05/04/23 6:20 AM
More adds here low 1s. Gracias cheusmann 05/03/23 12:30 PM
What’s the market cap at $10? ;) The-REAL-KING-of-pennies 05/03/23 10:29 AM
Averaging up here. cheusmann 05/03/23 10:03 AM
Not many sellers. Laster 05/03/23 10:01 AM
Not really crazy.. the upside was always there. The-REAL-KING-of-pennies 05/03/23 9:40 AM
OMG this is crazy. Laster 05/03/23 9:39 AM
Wow. More amazing news. Laster 05/03/23 6:48 AM
"Evaluating a new acquisition for a new division. anotheroddity 05/02/23 11:17 PM AgentQ 05/02/23 8:22 PM
To the moon AgentQ 05/02/23 4:42 PM
Look at this close............ gahdamn. Let's go cheusmann 05/02/23 3:59 PM
Huge bid support building now... Convive 05/02/23 2:51 PM
Huge bid support building now... Convive 05/02/23 2:51 PM
I absolutely agree. Laster 05/02/23 1:01 PM
Not often you have a stock come out anotheroddity 05/02/23 11:31 AM
Huge potential here. Laster 05/02/23 9:45 AM
Opened above $0.80. Laster 05/02/23 9:32 AM
OMG just hit $0.47. Laster 05/01/23 10:44 AM
I finally got ADHI added to StockTwits!
TimeIsFading 05/01/23 10:42 AM
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splintered sunlight
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05/16/23 11:33 AM
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05/11/23 2:28 PM
05/11/23 11:56 AM
05/09/23 1:37 PM
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05/08/23 7:54 AM
05/05/23 4:47 PM
05/05/23 3:42 PM
05/05/23 10:12 AM
05/05/23 8:40 AM
05/03/23 12:30 PM
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05/03/23 10:03 AM
05/03/23 10:01 AM
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05/02/23 11:17 PM
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05/02/23 2:51 PM
05/02/23 2:51 PM
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05/02/23 11:31 AM
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05/02/23 9:32 AM
05/01/23 10:44 AM
05/01/23 10:42 AM

Arsenal Digital Holdings Inc. (ADHI)

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Global Green Solutions, Inc. (GGRN) Achieves Pink StatusPress Release | 11/23/2021

Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Green Solutions,‌ ‌Inc.‌ ‌ (OTC‌ ‌PINK:‌ ‌GGRN)‌ proudly announces that as of Wednesday the 17th of November 2021 the company achieved Pink Current status on OTC Markets. Management spent well over a year working with the OTC Markets Group by providing the information necessary for the in-depth review of GGRN’s disclosures.

The management team, led by recently appointed CEO, Ryan Messer, has been working tirelessly over this past year building a comprehensive strategy as well as identifying several acquisition opportunities for the company. As previously announced, Ryan Messer was appointed CEO as of April 20th, 2021, to lead the company into developing a scalable infrastructure that will enhance the profitability of the company within the cannabis sector. Mr. Messer has 25 years of executive level experience, of which 10 years were spent as COO and Executive Director of a publicly traded company in the energy sector.

Mr. Messer has made significant investments in the wholesale cannabis distribution in the California market. Through his investments, he and his team discovered an underdeveloped niche in the cannabis supply chain which will be at the core of GGRN’s asset development. To properly align with the objectives of the company, Mr. Messer was transferred the Special 2019 Series A Preferred Stock from AKBB Holdings, LLC to R-Squared Management, LLC.

Mr. Ryan Messer, CEO, states, “We are pleased to finally move forward with Global Green Solutions, Inc. as a Pink Current company. In the coming weeks, we will be working to have the shell status removed and add more detail regarding our upcoming asset acquisitions.  I also want to thank our team for their exemplary efforts in the two-year process to bring GGRN Pink Current. Last, but not least, I want to reiterate to our shareholders that no reverse split is planned.”

About Global Green Solutions, Inc.

Global Green Solutions Inc. is a diversified cannabis holding company. Through its ownership of California state cannabis licenses and strategic partnerships, the Company's growth plan is to not only expand its business revenues but also growth through acquisitions of complementary businesses in the cannabis sector.

Contact Information:

GGRN Shareholder/Investor inquiries can be directed to:

Global Green Solutions, Inc.

AKBB Holdings
Official Twitter Account of Global Green Resources, Inc. $GGRN AKBB Holdings, LLC - A Cannabis Holding Company - Specializing in Seed to Sale
Joined January 2020

AKBB Holdings’s Tweets

$GGRN - “We are excited and proud to share the results of our efforts made over the last year. Please stay engaged as we announce updates regarding our management additions, the direction of our company and acquisitions that will drive revenue and growth for all stakeholders"
$GGRN- We are proud to report the company is now PINK CURRENT. We want to thank our shareholders for their patience and we also want to thank the team at $CSLI for their relentless efforts. In the coming days, we will provide updates on management team, operations, and revenues.

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