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Thanks for the news update. It appears that bigone 06/09/22 11:52 AM
Up a little bit today to a high nowwhat2 06/09/22 11:46 AM
You're telling me 1 nowwhat2 05/09/22 3:57 PM
Tough market conditions..... bigone 05/09/22 3:28 PM
Hope springs eternal - reality not so much nowwhat2 05/09/22 3:21 PM
It has been a tough market recently. Hope bigone 04/27/22 3:28 PM
High today of .76 (I suspect in response nowwhat2 04/27/22 3:25 PM
We need for the company to get moving bigone 04/26/22 7:32 AM
Reviewing the Light Grey Line : nowwhat2 04/26/22 1:29 AM
I hope that they can get this into bigone 04/15/22 7:25 AM
No yer precisely correct on all three,.so we've heard. nowwhat2 04/15/22 1:13 AM
Thank you for sharing. bigone 04/14/22 4:42 PM
My wife and I got a few shares bigone 04/14/22 4:28 PM
Latest interview nowwhat2 04/14/22 3:45 PM
I like the potential of the specific product, bigone 04/03/22 6:08 PM
Just made me update those charts and yeah, nowwhat2 04/03/22 4:48 PM
I think that we may buy a few bigone 04/03/22 11:52 AM nowwhat2 03/05/22 8:33 PM
WOW!!!!!!! bigone 03/04/22 3:17 PM nowwhat2 03/04/22 1:48 PM
Hope to have some time this weekend to bigone 02/09/22 7:31 AM
I will keep it on our radar for bigone 02/08/22 6:03 PM
Seems this was the one to catch....and to nowwhat2 02/08/22 5:23 PM
Very interesting company. I shall do more researching. bigone 02/08/22 4:39 PM[cxudan_a_13_HYPER nowwhat2 01/13/22 2:51 PM
She's fallen back down thru her .50 cent nowwhat2 12/09/21 3:15 PM
The time looks right for a major correction Huntewr7 12/03/21 7:03 PM
What ?.....potassium's required for LFP batteries ?..... nowwhat2 11/06/21 10:21 PM nowwhat2 06/24/21 11:39 AM
Explode higher it will. Soon. Jackthehorse1926 05/11/21 1:36 PM
So whats the chart say in english??? KashGreen 04/09/21 7:39 PM nowwhat2 04/03/21 2:49 PM
Awwww shoot.....2 days later nowwhat2 03/29/21 5:39 PM
$DRRSF $DAN.V needs real news to keep going TurboStocks 08/01/19 3:47 PM
hahaha - love it but true TurboStocks 07/30/19 3:16 PM
Wow.....But it's like ; $ 200 dollars wagered nowwhat2 07/30/19 2:16 PM
When does $DRRSF $DAN.V expect real news - TurboStocks 07/30/19 1:55 PM
Hi - Ya - Thanks for link nowwhat2 07/26/19 11:33 AM
$DRRSF $DAN.V could perk here #juniormining TurboStocks 07/26/19 11:23 AM
Yes, that "D" is confusing LoL! the cork 07/17/19 3:17 PM
Wow (the only way (for me) to find nowwhat2 07/17/19 11:39 AM
Arianne Phosphate (.4601) developing the Lac à Paul the cork 07/14/19 1:41 PM
$DAN.V $DRRSF needs news to see new highs. TurboStocks 07/14/19 12:33 PM
$DAN.V $DRRSF is looking for stability here before TurboStocks 07/12/19 2:16 PM
$DAN.V $DRRSF had another strong week. Looks ready TurboStocks 07/07/19 10:39 AM
I wish I was. That would be huge TurboStocks 07/02/19 9:26 AM
Great call by the way....Almost leaves me to nowwhat2 06/28/19 12:43 PM
Yeowsa.....Well ? nowwhat2 06/27/19 5:38 PM
Yep agreed. Long run up to the big TurboStocks 06/26/19 1:18 PM[/ch nowwhat2 06/22/19 2:29 AM
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Arianne Phosphate Inc (DRRSF)

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Founded in 1997 under the name Arianne Resources Inc., Arianne Phosphate Inc. (on TSX-V under the symbol, “DAN”) is a Canadian mineral exploration company now focused on developing its Lac à Paul greenfield project, one of the most important in the world.

The Lac à Paul project consists of the operation of an open-pit phosphate mine in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region, located in Quebec, Canada. Every day, 55 000 tonnes of ore will be processed in order to produce 3 million tonnes of phosphate concentrate (apatite) per year. Approximately 1000 direct and indirect jobs will be created for the 26-year life of mine.

Management Team Brian Ostroff – CEO: see below J.S. David – COO: Geologist; formerly VP-Sustainable Development for Osisko, previously with Iamgold, Cambior, Louisiana-Pacific Andrew Malashewsky – CFO: Experienced mining CPA, CA; Coeur Mining Inc., JDS Silver Inc., JDS Energy & Mining Inc., Assurance and Advisory at Grant Thornton LLP. Board of Directors Dominique Bouchard (Chairman): 33-year veteran of Alcan and Rio Tinto, retired President of Rio Tinto Iron & Titanium. A native of the Chicoutimi area and an expert of the local community. Brian Ostroff: 25+ years experience in capital markets, RBC Dominion, Goodrich Capital, Partner at Windermere Capital Jim Cowley: 30+ years Metallurgical Engineer, MBA in Finance, held positions with major international mining companies Dave DeBiasio: 40+ year veteran (retired) of Agrium, responsible for Energy & Raw Materials, development of Kapuskasing Mine Steven Pinney: 30+ year veteran (retired) of Cargill and Mosaic, most recently as Senior Vice President Phosphates Marco Gagnon: 20+ years in Quebec mining exploration/development, former CEO of Adventure Gold, current VP Probe Metals Siva Pillay: 20+ years in accounting, law, trade project finance and development of product off-take financing, CEO of Ocean Partners Claude Lafleur: 30+ years in agribusiness, including roles as CEO of Coop federee ($9B agri-food organization), IFFCO Canada, (India’s largest fertilizer company), Angels Quebec

$DRRSF $DAN.V is worth a look. Listen to this video of the CEO being interviewed. He is permitted and ready to go. The NPV is $2 Billion on this deal. Market cap is only $50 million. There is real value here

You can start your due diligence on their website

This piece on $DSSRF $DAN.V is a must read These guys are ready to blast forward.

Their last press release is a clear indication that they have made huge progress and that t are ready to move this ahead quickly 
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