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As the Arcam--General Electric takeover appears to be ending I'd like see how much interest there is in keeping this message board active. 

In the past I've wanted to keep this board focused mostly on Arcam. The Arcam we knew has changed significantly. As an investment opportunity, it's done. I've already reinvested some of my proceeds in GE. I still see Arcam as an acquisition that has the possibility of being a driving force for GE reinventing itself. 

I'm going to try keeping this board open and active with the focus on all additive manufacturing and the associated technologies (new AM metallurgy, AM post-processing, AM related software, and whatever else has yet to be invented for AM). Ideally, having investment opportunities for individuals like ourselves. 

That said, I also want to keep an eye on how GE and Arcam continue to grow into what we've mostly seen as a great future. 


GE Aviation declares its recommended public cash offer to the shareholders of

Arcam unconditional

and will complete the offer - MON, NOV 14, 2016

Arcam and SLM Solutions acquisitions

September 6, 2016

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