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Buyer Beware 

Pre Split 

a/s at 221 billion shares 



Post Split Erbb Is Currently At  1.955,000,000 , Thats Almost  A Trillion Pre Split 


ERBBs PanPacific update, Sean

Prophet now part of the team ?

Nipton Update

Nipton locked up and fenced. Last of American Green staff seen packing up and looting town. Nipton regulators

have moved into town to maintain the peace. American Greens damage to the community was devastating.

We are committed to the restoration and preservation of Nipton and look forward to creating and supporting new

Economic opportunities in the East gateway to the Mohave.  

A Cannabis Technology Company


Pat Carrigan to be AG's new COO 



Zazzz machines ordered back to AG HQ to be redesigned

and re named to the " American  Green Machine "


 October 5 ,2016

Under an exclusive license from Pan Pacific international (the division that was spun out by American Green as a dividend to its

shareholders several years ago),  high-end biometrics used by companies such as Diebold to secure safe deposit boxes, distribution partners

including some with worldwide footprints, an aftermarket machine manufacturer who is well-known and capable, and a software partner whose

products are used in 35 countries today.


Zazzz Mach II.


Vending Machine Redesigned A

5TH Time !!!Jan 23/19

American Green’s AGM “Smart” Vending Division has redesigned its AGM Machine so that it no longer requires licensing

from the Tomassi Patents # 6,711,465 and 7,493,190.  The Company’s  two different patent attorneys both agree that the

Company no longer requires the Tomassi intellectual property to produce and sell its AGM Machine and have

recommended to American Green’s AGM president, Lindel Creed, that he begin the process of applying for patents on the

company’s current machine configuration, which are believed to be unique in the marketplace. That process has begun.


American Green Chairman, David Gwyther, Takes Interim Role of Leadership


American Green Online cbd  Store

Daily CBD Dog Treats Small Chicken Blueberry 25 MG CBDCBD e-Liquid Coffee Cream 50 MG CBDCBD Mints Key LimeDistressed Revolution Hat Front




Tranzbyte  Corporation

2902 W. Virginia Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85009
480-443-1600 X555


About Tranzbyte 

The Tranzbyte Corporation (www.tranzbyte.com) is a driving force behind American Green Corporation,   The company expects to continue its plan to acquire, hold, or spin out successful divisions in what has been described in previous news releases as "dividend farming," Companies that qualify and decide to become public on their own will agree to carve out shares for Tranzbyte and dividends for their ERBB shareholders. 

Tranzbyte also houses the company's 10-year-old technology division which is actively engaged in the sale of its optical media enhancement products to potential customers in the US and Asia. Products in the Tranzbyte division include FLASHAlbum™ and FlixStix -- technologies that enable distributors of optical media (CDs, DVDs, etc.) to consolidate the best features of each medium onto a single content-protected USB flash drive. 

Pan Pacific International

Image result for hong kong pan pacific international logo

About Panpacific International , inc.


PanPacific International (www.yespanpacific.com) became The Amergence Group's first "Spin-Out" .

Headed by Mr. John T. "Jack" Martin, its chief executive, the company is charged with seeking out edgy and/or

disruptive businesses in Hong Kong and the surrounding areas and incorporating them within PanPacific

International. PanPacific is located at: 1702 Chinachem Tower, 34-37 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong,

Hong Kong S.A.R.

    Stephan Shearin Still Very Active At AG   

Mr. Shearin is not on American Green’s payroll but does assist the company in both his role on the

advisory board and his role at PanPacific


Stephen Shearin‏ @elstavon 2 Nov 2016


Glad PPI has been invited to assist with the AG cultivation site. Great location, unique building

materials merging for solid operation

Contact PanPacific

PanPacific International, Inc.  14220 N. Northsight Blvd.  Scottsdale, AZ  85260

Telephone: 1.480.607.7500

E-mail: webvisitor@panpacificinternational.com


   Keep in touch with American Green news updates.

Sign up for Email Alerts at http://www.AmericanGreen.com

For recent update :   https://otc.watch/groups/american-green-inc-erbb/  

Other Contacts at American Green

 For product sales: sales@americangreen.com

For investor relations: investors@americangreen.com

   Corporate Headquarters

American Green, Inc.
Investor Relations
2902 W. Virginia Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85009
480-443-1600 X555   

   Phone: 480-443-1600

Tranzbyte Corporation

David G. Gwyther
2902 W. Virginia Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85009
480-443-1600 X555

Tranzbyte Corporation - Hong Kong
Mr. John Martin
Managing Director 
Rm 802, 8/F, Kai Tak Commercial Building
317-319 Des Voeux Road Central, 
Hong Kong (SAR)

PanPacific International, Inc. (US)
2902 W. Virginia Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85009
480-443-1600 X555
(001) 480-607-7500

PanPacific International, Inc.
317-19 Des Voeux Road Central
Suite 308/3F Kai Tak Commercial Building
Hong Kong (SAR)

Phone:      +1 852 3106 3332
FAX:           +1 852 3106 3262

Company financials


Board of Directors list


Sec Complaints


Caution Regarding This pr !!!!!

                              American Green, Inc. Purchases Town of Nipton, California,With 
                PlansTo Develop Premier Cannabis Hospitality Destination


                                           Welcome To Magical Niptons  ( Comedy Corner ) 



                 Update About Nipton Posted By AG -- Buyer Beware
Mike Rosati already taking back words about "Pot City"

"We may have come at it initially thinking grow and dispensaries and that, but the more time we spend out here, the more we realize while it’s something we still want to pursue, it’s not going to happen right here in the town," said American Green's vice president of marketing, Mike Rosati.

You heard it folks. Grow dispensaries and cultivation is something that is not going to happen anytime soon, and all the initial press releases about it being a marijuana mecca have been fluff lies.
Instead of highlighting cannabis-centric entertainment, Rosati pointed to Nipton's other options: the neighboring Mojave National Preserve, stargazing, mountain biking and exploring old mines.
Consuming marijuana will still be part of Nipton's pitch to tourists. Visitors just won't be able to buy it there.

Cannabis is no longer the highlight of Nipton. Just another gateway town to the Mojave.  As an investor in this company, this pisses me off! We've been told that Nipton, CA was going to be transformed into this marijuana tourist destination, and that American Green was going to invest $2.4 million into making that happen. Now the vice-president of marketing is trying to put focus onto stargazing? mountain biking? old mines?  American Green lied.


                             Buyer Beware !!! Toxic Financing


American Green (OTCPK:ERBB) boasts as being one of the first publicly traded “cannabis” or “medical cannabis” companies in the world. Unfortunately, aside from selling a few hats with weed leaf logos, American Green has never made a dime actually selling cannabis or providing any cannabis related service, and likely never will. Under current laws, publicly traded companies cannot even generate revenues from the sale illegal substances.

Despite many claims of booming business models, the revenues generated by American Green come from Convertible Debt. For those who are not familiar with this toxic behavior, American Green issues ERBB share to Convertible Debt holders in exchange for cash to fund operations. The shares granted to CD holders are discounted 50% off the 52-week lows so by the time the shares are issued, the CD holders can sell for a 100% gain at the absolute minimum. In addition to the highly profitable share exchange, the CD holders are also given cash for the interest on the money they provide American Green.

Here is an example of how the money and ERBB shares are slushed around between the Convertible Debt holders and American Green based on the past year:

CD holder issues American Green $100,000 in exchange for the equivalent number of shares accruable at a 50% discount of the 52-week low. In the year leading up to the Nipton announcement, the 52-week low was .001, meaning the CD holder will be granted $100,000 worth of shares at .0005 The CD holder is also issued interest on the $100k given to AG, netting approximately 3% per month, or $3,000 a month. Upon delivery, the $100,000 is CONVERTED by the CD holder into approximately 200,000,000 ERBB shares ($100,000 divided by .0005) American Green announces plans to buys and convert Nipton into a premiere cannabis destination sending ERBB to a high of .005 The CD holders sells the shares granted for a 1000% profit (.0005 sold at .005)

So, the CD holder makes nearly $1,000,000 for loaning American Green. The original cash infusion of $100,000 to American Green is supposed to be earmarked for business operations but according to American Green’s own financial reports, the majority of the cash from CD holders goes directly into the pockets of AG insiders in the form of salaries or consulting fees. The cash is further redirected into insider’s accounts by being used for legal and accounting services from law firms owned by AG insiders. Over 70% of the cash goes directly to insiders.

In the end, very little of the CD holder monies are put towards developing a credible business. American Green, has not sold a sustainable product since inception. Lies about cultivation equipment, lies about vending machines, lies about grow ops, lies about extraction facilities, lies about branded products, lies about towns…..lies are the only products offered 


That's 7 blocks of 9 million shares being sold, all within the span of about half an hour. That is most likely coming from a single entity, a convertible debtholder who had 63 million shares to sell.

That's $63,000.

Where'd they get those shares? American Green, for 50% off the 52-week low. The debtholder essentially just doubled their money. And who pays for it? The shareholders!

This is why this stock has been dragged down for the past 4 years, because of stuff like this! 

                          Dis Zazzz Ster Ville




A must watch video below


American Green's Instagram puts out salty reply

Folks, thus is not an IR board. It's a social outlet to showcase the various initiatives $ERBB is involved in. GreenCrete is well documented and underway, hence the article. View and comment on what's here, go to iHub to moan and complain. Thank you, and remember to never spend your lunch money on any OTC stock #ERBB on!

Well folks, let's start moaning and complaining.

There needs to be people who will post due diligence that "investors" do not, and I guess iHub will have to be the place since American Green can not handle criticism and must create their own safe place on OTC Watch.

For example, early due diligence from many "naysayers" pointed out that Nipton, CA could not sell marijuana due to county regulations, while news sites made it out to be a Pot Town U.S.A.. Mike Rosati, VP of Marketing, provided this information and several months afterwards is no longer working for American Green. Did American Green put out this information? NO!

Even farther back, due diligence revealed that ZaZZZ machines which were said to be placed in dispensaries were either returned or never placed in the first place. This is important information. Did American Green put out this information? NO!

The Calyptic LLC grow operation was revealed to be based in a residential home and later dissolved as a company months after this news came out. Did American Green put out this information? NO!

Due diligence revealed that iMD never ordered 100 Jurassic Watering Systems, and FutureWorld Group never built 1,500 machines for American Green. Did anyone care? They should have! It was swept under the rug. Did American Green put out this information? NO!

Due diligence into Truth Lighting and OG Tea revealed that these subsidaries of American Green were actually never acquired or dissolved shortly after, resulting in minimal to no revenue. The sale of OneBode also never happened, which was also revealed by "naysayers" on this board. Did American Green put out this information? NO!

Due diligence revealed that American Green increased their authorized share count to 25 billion shares the day before they announced their purchase of Nipton. How else were they going to pay for the town? Diluting shares onto shareholders. Did American Green put out this information? NO!

Due diligence into Dispension Industries revealed that the company formed just a mere months before American Green announced a PR about them becoming their Canadian distributor - a company with no background and seemingly created for the sole purpose of this PR stunt. Did American Green put out this information? NO!

Due diligence revealed that Delta International Oil and Gas changed their business from Arizona, a state with no cap on authorized shares, to Colorado, a state with an unlimited limit, seemingly for the sole purpose of dilution shares, one week after American Green acquired Nipton. Did American Green put out this information? NO!

Due diligence revealed that recent regulations limit convertible notes to stocks trading above $0.01 a share, further suggesting that Delta International deal only came about as a way for American Green to continue selling shares to debenture debt holders through their new subsidary! Did American Green put out this information? NO!

I could continue, but I think you can understand where this is going.

American Green can say we moan and complain, but in reality we are exposing them and their lies. Thanks for the shoutout, American Green. Keep pretending you're a real marijuana company.





End of 1vman's Section

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PHOTOS FROM:  https://www.google.com/maps/place/2902+w.+virginia+avenue+phoenix+az+85009/@33.4768036,-112.121614,3a,75y,319.28h,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sr8gFRXTwginL23hHHGD3zg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x8beb4e109bdc6884!6m1!1e1

SOURCE OF PHOTO BELOW FROM 2/14/17 ERBB BOARD POST:  http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=128681065

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#323646   Even if there are 2.3 billis o whatever WallWeeD 03/04/21 12:30:07 AM
#323645   THIS IS A KNOWN SCAM.. SHARE DUMPING SCAM. SCAM WallWeeD 03/04/21 12:25:25 AM
#323644   I AM LOADED UP NOW $ERBB LE CHIFFRE 03/03/21 11:25:53 PM
#323643   NOT 60 billion shares, that's a lie LE CHIFFRE 03/03/21 11:24:48 PM
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