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NEWS: Alliance Creative Group (ACGX) Reports Revenue of jedijazz 11/15/22 8:13 AM
ACGX is a dime a dozen packaging company. XenaLives 02/22/22 7:35 AM
This company has never been anything other than XenaLives 12/08/22 12:29 PM
It does feel like that. It Lawncare1 12/08/22 8:39 AM
Bingo!!!! A decades old scam run with multiple OTC tickers. XenaLives 12/08/22 12:04 AM
The share structure is crap... XenaLives 12/08/22 12:02 AM
This "stock" was just posted on our big MiamiGent 12/06/22 11:42 AM
$ACGX Persistent with the need in the fulfillment
jedijazz 12/06/22 7:56 AM
Nice volume and price action today... $ACGX BlazingStocks 12/05/22 1:54 PM
$ACGX 's "We are continuing to focus more
jedijazz 12/05/22 9:46 AM
Great post, $ACGX is progressing well in a BlazingStocks 12/05/22 9:22 AM
Good morning $ACGX! On watch for more news
jedijazz 12/02/22 7:14 AM
$ ACGX 's Steve St. Louis, CEO of the
jedijazz 12/01/22 11:06 AM
ACGX has Revenue of $2,714,395 for Q3 of
Dickmo 11/30/22 3:20 PM
ACGX's well Established Packaging Products Company with Growing Revenue.
Dickmo 11/30/22 3:18 PM
You got that right! BlazingStocks 11/30/22 12:10 PM
Agreed. Love the fact that there Dickmo 11/30/22 11:55 AM
A great share structure to load, hold, and BlazingStocks 11/30/22 11:37 AM
Absolutely undervalued. Boring business?
Dickmo 11/29/22 10:37 PM
Yes, way undervalued. BlazingStocks 11/29/22 1:20 PM
$ACGX - low interest because it's a scam XenaLives 11/25/22 8:21 PM
$ACGX low floater, this will fly soon, big
budfoxfun 11/23/22 12:17 PM
T.A, on a B.S. stock is a XenaLives 11/22/22 11:09 PM
There aren't many shares on level ii, no JohnnyRotton 11/22/22 10:04 PM
"Float lock" is B.S..... and so is ACGX. XenaLives 11/22/22 9:54 PM
1.5 mil float means small volume, can be JohnnyRotton 11/22/22 9:45 PM
2 mil os , should go up with revs. JohnnyRotton 11/22/22 9:05 PM
$ACGX heading for a breakdown... XenaLives 11/18/22 8:21 PM
$ACGX heading for a breakout jedijazz 11/18/22 7:53 AM
ACGX is so BOGUS... XenaLives 11/16/22 9:02 PM
Really messed up PR - no link to XenaLives 11/16/22 8:37 PM
Real revs my friend! $ACGX Revenues for the budfoxfun 11/16/22 3:10 PM
Big money coming in here with increase in jedijazz 11/16/22 3:03 PM
$ACGX Revenues increased 11.1% as Alliance Creative Group jedijazz 11/16/22 10:54 AM
$ACGX big revenues for the company! Alliance Creative budfoxfun 11/16/22 7:27 AM
It's callled PAINT.. XenaLives 11/15/22 8:22 PM
$ACGX trading only 10% of its 10-day average BlazingStocks 11/15/22 1:37 PM
ACGX has a very dependable and steadily growing ProfitScout 11/15/22 9:54 AM
NEWS: Alliance Creative Group (ACGX) Reports Revenue of jedijazz 11/15/22 8:13 AM
$ACGX Financials due by tomorrow... BlazingStocks 11/14/22 2:10 PM
MEANINGLESS on this volume: XenaLives 11/13/22 5:48 PM
$ACGX trading 1.7x over its 10-day average volume BlazingStocks 11/11/22 12:24 PM
$ACGX trading 15x over its 10-day average volume BlazingStocks 11/10/22 2:57 PM
$ ACGX Current and Filing! Watching for more updates, jedijazz 11/09/22 3:25 PM
Yes, and I am hoping that we get BlazingStocks 11/07/22 1:40 PM
$ACGX Quarter 3 Financials right around the corner! jedijazz 11/07/22 10:30 AM
ACGX is DEAD... XenaLives 11/04/22 5:45 PM
It will be interesting to see if $ACGX BlazingStocks 10/26/22 2:09 PM
$ACGX reports Q2 results as The Company ended jedijazz 10/26/22 12:53 PM
LOL!!!!! XenaLives 10/18/22 9:30 PM
Only about 1.5 hours until the close, and BlazingStocks 10/18/22 2:36 PM
Hopefully $ACGX Financials show increasing revenue numbers and BlazingStocks 10/18/22 12:51 PM
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Alliance Creative Group Inc. (ACGX)

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ACGX - Alliance Creative Group
Breaking News : $ACGX Announces Reverse Stock Split 

ACGX multiple Reverse Splits  



08/23/2019 Reverse 1.0:4000.0 — —  
shs decreased by 1 for 4000 split  
11/15/2010 Reverse 1.0:2000.0 — —  
09/07/2007 Reverse 1.0:500.0 — —  
11/16/2006 Reverse 1.0:100.0 —

ACGX has 715.644 Shares Outstanding As Of 04/01/2020
Authorized is only 8 Million !!!


Other company websites include:  
(currently a minority owner)
(not updated since 8/18 and has no revenue producing capacity)
(both of the above were RM'd into ACGX after going bankrupt under another ticker)
(sold off at a loss)

(a frieght broker and a printing broker)


Steven St. Louis 
CEO and Chairman of the board

Steven St. Louis CEO and Chairman of the board Steven St. Louis began his career in 1990 as a Navy Corpsman
in the United States Marine Corps Infantry. He was part of an elite amphibious reconunit and served in Operation Desert Storm / Desert Shield.
St. Louis received the Kuwait Freedom Medal, a Combat Action Ribbon, and 12 commendations for his service.
Following his career in the United States military, St. Louis attended Illinois State University from 1994 to 1997.
He started St. Louis Packaging in 1997 and is the president of St. Louis Packaging, Inc. and STL Graphics Group.
He is currently the CEO and chairman of the board for the Alliance Creative Group.

Saint Louis Packaging/Graphics finances appear to be commingled with ACGX.   
This could be one reason why ACGX can not be properly audited.    

Paul Sorkin
COO and General Counsel

Paul Sorkin is the COO and general counsel for the Alliance Creative Group.
He previously served as CEO and general counsel for the Alliance Creative Group/ Invicta Group from June 2008 until December of 2011.
From 2005 to 2008, Sorkin served as CEO and general counsel
at Image Worldwide/Nationwide where he was also the publisher of IMAGE magazine from 1996 to 2004.

In his role as COO and general counsel at S & B Collectibles, Sorkin helped the company grow from about five employees
to more than 250 employees and from about $1 million in gross revenue to more than $100 million in gross revenue.
He was also involved with getting new products on TV, in retail distribution and online.
Sorkin holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Illinois and earned his J.D. from Chicago Kent College of Law.

Kevin Piemonte 
Vice President of Sales - Packaging

Kevin Piemonte has more than 15 years of successful outside sales experience,
formerly working for one of the largest packaging master distributors in North America
and producing over $5 million in sales in Illinois alone. Piemonte leveraged his industry
experience and proven account management skills to open and expand the distributor’s base
of national accounts. In 2002, he joined St. Louis Packaging, Inc.
(now part of the Alliance Creative Group), and his expertise has helped more than double sales.

Greg Kardasz
Vice President of Sales - Printing

Greg Kardasz got his start in the printing business in 1982 working as a feeder on a 40” six color press.
He has worked in virtually every facet of printing and in 2002 he came to STL Graphics Group
(now part of Alliance Creative Group) with more than 20 years of prepress, pressroom, bindery, and sales experience.
His broad range of printing experience has helped ACG improve overall operations and has made him a valuable resource for all clients.

Donna Hamilton
Director of Operations/Controller

With more than 25 years of experience in the field of corporate finance,
Donna Hamilton’s diverse resume extends beyond that of the typical CFO
to include human resources, managing day to day operations and organizational reconstruction.
As Alliance Creative Group's controller and Director of Operations,
Hamilton tracks the day-to-day financial activities of the three divisions and provides team leaders
with expert financial advice as well as plans their yearly budgets.

Prior to joining ACGX, Hamilton ran her own financial consulting firm DH Infinite Financial Solutions
which specialized in cost reduction and budget planning for small to mid-size companies.
One of her largest clients was ProSource Financial,
which she supported and spearheaded the merger with Arthur J. Gallagher and Company.

Hamilton was also the CFO, VP of Finance and Partner at Slack Barshinger & Partners.
While there, she headed up accounting, finance, human resources and operations and tracked
the day-to-day financial activities of all clients and provided client team leaders
with expert financial advice as they planned their yearly budgets with clients.
She also is quite the entrepreneur and owned her own franchise WineStyles Wine & Gifts.

Steve Taucher
Production Manager

Stephen Taucher began his career in direct mail when he should have been enjoying summer and holiday breaks during school.
Who knew all that time on the mail shop floor would turn into a career?
Fifteen years later, Taucher extended those summer vacations into a successful career
in production, management, customer service, and sales in the direct mail industry.
He’s worn all the hats. As the years passed, Taucher was made a partner and eventually became sole owner.

After selling his company 2006, Taucher began selling direct mail packages from conception through delivery.
Today, he leverages all of that experience as a production manager, creating solutions for Alliance Creative Group clients.

Jordan Gilman
President and Chief Software Architect of PeopleVine

(Mr. GIlman is no longer affiliated with ACGX - ACGX owns a minority interest in PeopleVIne)

Mr. Gilman is the President and Chief Software Architect of the PeopleVine division of Alliance Creative Group,
a platform that he originally founded.  He brings over 20 years of experienceas a software architect and programmer
where 7 of those years were spent at Whirlpool Corporation in a variety of capacities;
most recently as the Principal Design Lead for rolling out Whirlpool’s eCommerce throughout the globe.

He has helped many Fortune 500 companies deliver engaging and interactive experiences for their consumers
in addition to helping Whirlpool launch several B2B sales channels online.
  Mr. Gilman has managed project budgets in upwards of $50,000,000 along with teams across 4 continents totaling 150+ team members. 
Although his forte is in eCommerce, Mr. Gilman has a wide capacity of knowledge in CRM, Marketing and Consumer Engagement
which have helped him build the PeopleVine platform from the ground up.
  He holds a Bachelor of Science from Indiana University focusing on Information Systems and Computer Science.


 Who we are
Alliance Creative Group (ACG) is a full service
marketing agency with core competency in
Product Development, Digital & Experiential
Marketing, and Custom Software Development.

For more than 18 years, we’ve worked with world-class brands and
connected their products and services to their customers
through seamless online and offline experiences.

More specifically we also offer the consumer packaged goods industry with one simplified procurement product development brand management process and supply chain solution. We utilize a unique blend of products, services, and relationships to increase value for both clients and shareholders. We accomplish this by leveraging our branding, marketing, technology and event resources to improve and deepen the relationship between our clients and their customers 

The Company key services include: brand strategy, creative and design, content creation, online marketing, print and packaging, supply chain management, direct mail, fulfillment, assembly & kitting, logistics, customer engagement, business consulting and strategic marketing.




 June 28, 2016

Alliance Creative Group (ACGX) Launches Primary Trucking to Expand Its Transportation Services


March 20, 2017

Alliance Creative Group (ACGX) Launches Rapid Freight Solutions

Transporting Goods to at least 11 different states! 
Confirm this here! 

$$$$ Recent news $$$$


update - As disclosed, we are in the process of having our audits for 2017 & 2016 completed. Currently, our audit preparation firm is finalizing our US GAAP compliant financials for 6 months ended 6/30/18. We expect to file Q2’18 financials w/ OTC by the end of the week"

May 24, 2017

Alliance Creative Group (ACGX) Reduces Another $100,000 of Debt Since End of Q1'17

June 1, 2017

Alliance Creative Group (ACGX) Reduced Over $300,000 of Debt and Stock Price Increased 285% in Q2 Ending June 30, 2017

June 13, 2017

Alliance Creative Group (ACGX) Produced New Packaging for Crossfuel Extreme Performance Black Series


September 18, 2017 

Alliance Creative Group (ACGX) Settles Lawsuit With Golden State Equity Investors


 One Platform. Every Interaction. 

PeopleVine is the first platform to bridge CRM, Marketing and Sales into a single, seamless customer engagement suite of productivity.   With a vision to be the most essential and adaptive business software company in the world, we have begun to revolutionize the way our users connect, learn and build valuable relationships with their customers.

We build the simplest cloud-based Customer Engagement Marketing platform to help brands and partners connect, engage, track, and build better branded customer experiences. 

PeopleVIne is a private company.  No profit-loss information has been released since it was taken private.

                           PeopleVine  is an Omni-Channel marketing platform. Also known as the Agency’s platform which provides marketers, agencies, independents and brands with the power to build engaging experiences for their (clients’) consumers. With the most flexible platform ever built, we are set on a path to show people there’s an alternative to building from scratch and encouraging these companies to leverage the PeopleVine Platform so they can focus on strategy and design; after all that’s what makes these agencies, brands and marketers unique. 
Our PeopleVine software mission is to revolutionize the way our users connect, learn and build effective relationships with their customers. 
PeopleVine is a turn-key platform providing 60+ out-of-the-box pages and experiences to further engage with consumers. PeopleVine users can either leverage the out-of-the-box experience or customize it by making a few design tweaks to building their own experience on the same APIs we used. Flexibility is key to ensuring a consistent and unique branded experience, but also saves developers time by not having to start from scratch. 
Together with our fully integrated marketing and automation engine PeopleVine is able to ensure continuous engagement all tracked and managed from a single platform.


          Click on links below to visit social media outlets for ACGX

            Alliance Creative Group
            ACGPaul @ACGPaul 
            Print4aCause  @Print4aCause 
From the "about us" page of the above web site:
"Print4aCause’s goals are to donate over $100,000 by July 31, 2014 and over $1,000,000 by July 31, 2015."
            CorporateGifts4aCause @CorpGift4aCause
            PeopleVine  @PeopleVine
                          Click here to listen: C.O.O. Paul Sorkin Recent interview with

 The date of this "recent" interview was May 30, 2017


   “We started working with Alliance Creative Group a couple years ago on a project for the biggest retailer worldwide and were pleasantly surprised on their flexibility, turn-around time and absolute customer focus they provided to us along the way. Today, Alliance Creative Group has proven to be a valuable Wellnx Life Sciences Inc. strategic business partner. Their continuous support, entrepreneurial spirit and reliability have made a huge difference for us. They achieved this by juggling several projects with multiple shipments going in and out of the U.S. and Canada with very short lead times and have produced high quality results and great prices.” -Ivan R. Vulicevic, Senior Vice President - Wellnx Life Sciences Inc.


“Alliance Creative Group has been an excellent design and packaging partner over the past three years as our company has grown and developed. They continue to supply a wide range of products and services that keep our business running and help us succeed in our field, and the level of customer service we receive from them cannot be paralleled.” -Joe Brandonisio, Vice President of Operations - Acquaviva Winery


“Alliance Creative Group has been the ideal business partner in developing our design, printing and production needs. From devising unique and complex solutions to solving the simple and not so simple problems, their team has been the critical complement to our content creation and publishing initiatives. Curriculum development and design in the religious education market needs the marketing power of a firm that understands and can execute creative designs for diverse products and markets. ACG has been the innovative packaging and production powerhouse behind the successful and standard setting products that we have been able to introduce to our market. We have gained sales, market share, and long term customer relationships thanks to the expertise and effective execution of this leader in (packaging, printing, design, and production) The “wow” factor in product design only comes when the partners in (design, printing, production, kitting and assembly can bring the years of experience, the out of the box thinking, and the flawless execution that we have been able to achieve through the relationship/partnership with ACG. When we have a problem that our team cannot solve in (printing, packaging, production, etc...) we have learned that turning to ACG results in surprisingly creative results, new solutions, and execution that brings sales, customer satisfaction and profitable growth!” -C. Jeffrey Wright, CEO, MBA, JD and Minister - Urban Ministries, Inc.

Phone: (847) 885-1800x175
2nd Office Phone: 312-883-9800
Office Fax: 773-496-6671

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