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Algae Biofuel Companies

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The purpose of this board is to not only examine companies in the algae to biofuel sector, but to see the "cream" rise to the top.  This sector is a whole new industry that can change the way we fuel the world from petroleum to algae based biofuel.  Over time we should be able to tell who the winners and the losers are in this industry by cross examining all the players in this game.  Some of the companies listed may be in very questionable situations and being listed does not mean they are endorse in any way.  They are there because they "appear" to be players.  But we will see who the "top" players are in this alternative energy sector as time goes on and that is the point of this board.  Great DD skills are called for!  Do not use this board to promote any one company but use it as a cross examination for all companies.


  • Algal Biomass Organization - Promotes the development of viable commercial markets for renewable and sustainable commodities derived from algae.
  • National Algae Association - National trade association for the algae industry in the United States.
  • CEHMMCenter of Excellence for Hazardous Materials Management is leading a collaboration in southeastern New Mexico to produce biofuels from microalgae.


  • A2BE Carbon Capture - Jim Sears and Mark Allen founded A2BE Carbon Capture to take on the challenge of commercializing technologies that have meaningful prospects for rebalancing the carbon content of the atmosphere.
  • AlgaeLink - Retailer of photobioreactors and commercial algae cultivation equipment. Offers full support for operations, potential distributorship opportunities.
  • Algenol Biofuels - Algenol Biofuels is an innovative algae to ethanol company.
  • Aquaflow Binomic Corporation (ABC) - harvests algae directly from the settling ponds of standard Effluent Management (EM) Systems and other nutrient-rich water. The process can be used in many industries that produce a waste stream, including the transport, dairy, meat and paper industries.
  • Aquatic Energy - An Alternative Energy company specializing in the Louisiana Gulf area for turing algal oils into biofuel.
  • Aurora BioFuels, Inc. A renewable energy company exploring new sources of feedstock for the production of biofuels. In particular, Aurora utilizes microalgae to generate bio-oil, which can be converted into biodiesel.
  • Blue Marble energy - A company that converts algae biomass to energy by creating, centralizing, and harvesting wild algae blooms.
  • Biocentric Energy - [Pinksheets: BEHL] possibly working with China to develop a CO2 sequestration algae project.  Claims to have a demonstration algae system in California.
  • Bionavitas - Utilizing its patent pending technology, Bionavitas is developing innovations for efficient and effective algae growth.
  • Circle Biodiesel & Ethanol Corporation - Clean energy company specializing in renewable energy and manufacturing and consulting for algae biodiesel and algae biofuel processors for algae oil, biodiesel processors, jatropha oil, bioethanol, ethanol stills and methane digesters for the production of methane biogas.
  • Diversified Energy - Developing and commercializing an algal biomass production system called Simgae™ (for simple algae).  Claims to offer a low cost and simple approach to growing algae at large scale.
  • Dynamic Biogenics - Developer and manufacturer of low-cost, scalable, portable algae bioreactors that utilize high yield algae that can be used for biofuels, ethanol, fertilizers, livestock feed and other bio-products. Units can be retrofitted to coal stacks or operated independently.
  • Geovada - has designated over 4,000 acres for algae production, access to nearby coal fired power plant, geothermal heat available as a growth stimulate.
  • Global Green Solutions - [OTCBB: GGRN]  develops and implements ecotechnology solutions for renewable energy and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • GreenFlight International - plans to have economically viable biofuels derived from algae a reality for the US growing energy needs in the near future.
  • GreenFuel Technologies Emissions-to-Biofuels™ (E2B™) process harnesses photosynthesis to grow algae, capture CO2 and produce high-energy biomass. Retrofitting fossil-fired power plants and other anthropogenic sources of carbon dioxide, the algae can be economically converted to solid fuel, methane, or liquid transportation fuels such as biodiesel and ethanol.
  • Green Plains Renewable Energy - [NASDAQ GM: GPRE] in a joint venture to commercialize algae production as part of its commitment to “next” generation biofuels.
  • GreenShift - [OTCBB: GERS] has a license agreement with Ohio University for its patented bioreactor process based on a newly discovered iron-loving cyanobacterium (blue-green algae), through their subsidiary Veridium, for the purpose of air pollution control of exhaust gas streams from electrical utility fossil-fueled power generation facilities. Once the algae grow to maturity, they fall to the bottom of the bioreactor and are harvested for fuel or fertilizer.
  • Green Star Products - [Pinksheets: GSPI]  GSPI's HAPS Algae Systems & GSPI's Biodiesel Technology: A Real Solution To Peak Oil & Global Warming
  • Inventure - We are applying our patent pending processes to develop and commercialize second generation ethanol and biodiesel technology utilizing a variety of feedstocks, including algae.  Our expertise includes both process conversion and plant design/construction.
  • Infinifuel Biodiesel - Wabuska Nevada is home to the world's first geothermally powered and heated biodiesel plant. We have over 300 acres to grow oilseed and develop algae ponds on site.
  • Inventure Chemical - Pioneered the processes that allow biofuel developers to ultimately make the dream of affordable biofuels a reality by the application of cost effective conversion and processing methods working with a variety of feedstocks - from algae produced from CO2 emissions to exotic and not so exotic oil seeds and biomass.
  • Kai BioEnergy - Kai BioEnergy Corp. (KAI) is an alternative biofuel company competitively positioned to become a leading large scale commercial producer of economical biodiesel crude oil from micro-algae biomass using KAI’s patented and proprietary cost efficient open reactor technology and fully integrated continuous production system.
  • LiveFuels - A national alliance of labs and scientists dedicated to transforming algae into biocrude by the year 2010. Working on breeding various strains of algae, driving down the costs of harvesting algae and extracting fats and oils from the algae. Theoretically, the U.S. could grow enough algae on 20 million acres to replace imported oil.
  • Neptune Industries, Inc. - [OCTBB: NPDI] Neptune’s business focus is to integrate related food businesses to create value through operational and product synergy, and cost reduction, as well as to provide new technology to solve industry bottlenecks.
  • OriginOil - [OTCBB: OOIL] Novel technology at the microscopic scale can enhance the efficiency of algae production as a high-yield, cost-competitive replacement for petroleum. In the growth phase, nutrients are fractured and injected into algae culture. In the extraction phase, fracturing breaks the tough outer membrane of the algae in an energy-efficient manner.
  • PetroAlgae - [OTCBB: PALG] Commercializing an environmentally-friendly algae developed by a research team at ASU that generates over two hundred times more oil per acre than crops like soybeans. Using a cost-effective, modular cultivation process that can be massively scaled, PetroAlgae will produce renewable feed stock oils for use in applications such as transportation fuels (e.g. biodiesel), heating oil, and plastics.
  • PetroSun - [Pinksheets: PSUD]Through their wholly owned subsidiary Algae BioFuels and industry partner Electratherm, is committed to becoming a worldwide leader in the development and deployment of renewable energy resources.

  • Sapphire Energy - Sapphire Energy is at the forefront of an entirely new industrial category with the potential to radically change America's energy landscape.
  • Seambiotic - As they have already developed and produced algae, their main goal is to market algae as a nutritional supplement for humans as well as animals and bio-energy concentrating on a few marine unicellular algae containing high value products.
  • Solazyme - Devoted to harnessing the energy-harvesting machinery of various species of algae to produce valuable products. The Company utilizes proprietary genetic engineering methods to develop and optimize commercially relevant biochemical pathways for production of hydrocarbons (for energy and specialty chemicals) & bioactive compounds.
  • Solena Group - Uses high temperatures to gasify algae and other organic substances with high-energy outputs.
  • Solix Biofuels - A developer of massively scaleable photo-bioreactors for the production of biodiesel and other valuable bio-commodities from algae oil. Solix’ closed photo-bioreactors allow fossil-fuel power plant exhaust to be captured through the growing system. The algae growth rates increase in the presence of the carbon dioxide that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere.
  • Texas Clean Fuels - Our algae bioreactor is called the "MOPS" - an acronym for Micro-Organism Production System, which also reflects its function as a carbon dioxide "mopping" technology. The MOPS can be used for both carbon dioxide sequestration and biofuel feedstock production simulateously.

  • Valcent Products - [OCTBB: VCTPF] Has developed a high density vertical bio-reactor for the mass production of oil bearing algae while removing large quantities of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. This new bio-reactor is tailored to grow a species of algae that yields a large volume of high grade vegetable oil, which is very suitable for blending with diesel to create a bio-diesel fuel.

* Many of the above list was obtained from http://peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:Biodiesel_from_Algae_Oil
* The information listed above may not be accurate descriptions of the companies and are subject to change.




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