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This is actually very good considering Canopy’s net happyglass 02/15/22 10:45 AM
See RED and blue highlights FUNMAN 02/15/22 9:37 AM
Aleafia Health Reports Q4 2021 Financial Results Diogenes of Sinope 02/15/22 4:15 AM
Notable earnings before Tuesday's open FUNMAN 02/14/22 10:23 AM
I thought this was going to be a FUNMAN 02/09/22 10:56 PM
In the videos I saw of Benic, he mauiguy2 02/09/22 8:46 PM
Aleafia Health Inc (OTCMKTS: ALEAF) Obtains a $19 FUNMAN 02/08/22 2:04 PM
Aleafia Health to Announce Fourth Quarter 2021 Results FUNMAN 02/08/22 1:12 PM
It's about time --->>> Aleafia Health Appoints Tricia FUNMAN 02/07/22 7:57 PM
Aleafia Health Provides Further Update on its Convertible Debt mvan13 02/01/22 12:32 PM Diogenes of Sinope 02/01/22 12:32 PM
Good news for all companies involved. I happyglass 01/27/22 11:07 AM
Aleafia (in blue below) is using new means FUNMAN 01/27/22 10:27 AM
If they can get a deal with their happyglass 01/11/22 4:45 PM
I am not able to find the details happyglass 01/06/22 11:32 PM
They also had +31% Q4 over Q3 according happyglass 01/04/22 11:24 PM
I hope the lenders see the potential here. happyglass 01/04/22 11:10 PM
Almost dead --->>>Aleafia Health Skips Interest Payment As FUNMAN 01/04/22 1:05 PM
It is just part of the cycle. Tax happyglass 01/03/22 12:42 PM
That is unfortunate. I had high hopes happyglass 12/30/21 11:55 PM
Is 5¢ next?--->>>Aleafia Health Announces Closing of a FUNMAN 12/29/21 9:06 AM
It is worth the wait. happyglass 12/18/21 6:26 PM
How many months/years/decades has it been since this mauiguy2 12/18/21 7:41 AM
Looking real good today. RG 12/17/21 6:03 PM
Gm benefit happyglass 12/08/21 4:48 PM
Auto workers can not get those on their happyglass 12/03/21 1:52 PM
Competition to Kin-Slips--->>> Launch of Tilray’s Fast-Acting Oral FUNMAN 12/02/21 11:54 AM
JMO—An R/S is in the future here Diogenes of Sinope 12/01/21 2:04 PM
If the US was not so close to happyglass 11/15/21 10:27 PM
We are officially in the ….. zone. macman95835 11/15/21 5:05 PM
I think this might of made a possible Law of Averages 11/12/21 10:27 AM
The canadian landscape has been extremely challenging and happyglass 11/11/21 11:07 AM
Trash macman95835 11/11/21 10:45 AM
Thank heavens for now that's all it is. FUNMAN 11/11/21 10:31 AM
Is 331,007,629 O/S a lot for a Chrism0000 11/11/21 9:58 AM
Aleafia Health Reports Q3 2021 Financial Results with Diogenes of Sinope 11/11/21 8:02 AM
Interesting. Just listened. Thanks. FUNMAN 11/10/21 3:20 PM
Did you happen to listen to the post MustBeTheTruth 11/10/21 2:22 PM
I feel as if I am at sea FUNMAN 11/10/21 2:18 PM
Hey all. It's been a while. Are we MustBeTheTruth 11/10/21 2:13 PM
The biggest outdoor harvest yet should be coming FUNMAN 11/09/21 7:59 AM
Many people, including myself, had high expectations for mauiguy2 11/09/21 6:45 AM
Agreed. Show me. FUNMAN 11/08/21 8:46 PM
Rest hope we get some positive news. I’d macman95835 11/08/21 8:21 PM
Aleafia Health to Announce 2021 Third Quarter Results FUNMAN 11/06/21 8:58 PM
Cantech Letter happyglass 10/17/21 11:19 PM
10/05/2021 07:02 AM ET happyglass 10/15/21 1:42 PM
I have not heard. That is a happyglass 10/07/21 1:02 PM
When is the harvest due? It’s already getting macman95835 10/06/21 1:27 PM
I hope so too. Small stocks like happyglass 10/05/21 7:17 PM
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Aleafia Health Inc. (ALEAF)

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Welcome to the Aleafia Health ihub board
From “seed to sale,” we take a patient-first, physician-led and research-driven approach to medical cannabis care.
Who we are? 
22 nationwide cannabis medical clinics and growing
Registered patients exceeding 40,000
Country's largest network of referral-only medical cannabis clinics (CMC)
Largest database in Canada for patients on medical cannabis
Vertical integration through seed to patient model 
Currently operate a 7,000 square foot indoor hydroponic facility
Expansion plan by end of 2018: 150,000 square foot (fully funded)
Why now?
Because: Multiple revenue streams from: Patients, Medical Cannabis, research, and big data monetization.
We will be a desirable partner to the organizations and institutions conducting research into the effects and benefits of medical cannabis across a wide range of chronic illnesses.
Strong management team: Decades of experience in law enforcement
Already have strategic locations with fully licensed and educated physicians coast to coast.
Capacity to expand production up to 1.2 million square foot facility.

Aleafia maintains four revenue streams
• Patient/physician consulting.
• Independent medical evaluation.
Licensed producer.
Research and development as well as new products.

A bright future of growth and expansion:

 • Total funded capacity of 337,000 sq. ft.
• Expansion capabilities for up to 1.38 million sq.ft.
• 20,000 kg annualized production on stream by end of 2018 and 35,000 kg by end of 2019. 
Largest Canadian database for medical cannabis patients.
• Aleafia’s Canabo clinics have seen over 50,000 authorized patients
• Currently monetizing patient data.
• Involved in multiple studies, including 1,000-pa - tient opioid-reduction study. 
• Experienced management.

Flower production implications:

Immediate potential to add 20,000 sq. ft. of production space increasing total footprint to more than 337,000 sq. ft.
Expansion optimizes environment to increase production capacity by at least 20,000 kg per annum
• An immediate 2,000% + increase in cultivation and production space to provide an expedited roll-out of standardized, large-scale consistent medical cannabis strains

Aleafia Farms

At our Aleafia Farms, a federally licensed ACMPR facility in Scugog, Ont., we produce standardized, pesticide-free medical cannabis for patients in need, resulting from years of expertise in its commercial cultivation. Our management team’s decades of experience in law enforcement, science and technology and corporate governance ensures the safety and security of this facility.

State-of-the-Art Production Facility

We currently operate a 7,000-square-foot state-of-the-art indoor hydroponic facility that is contained within 76 acres of developable land interned for a planned multi-phase expansion in the near future.

Canada’s Growing Patient Base

With our recent strategic acquisition of Canabo, which currently operates 25 clinics nationwide and is rapidly expanding, our registered patients exceed 50,000 and comprise approximately a quarter of the current estimated total Canadian patient base. To satisfy the demand of our current and future patients, Aleafia recently successfully completed a round of financing and has begun the process of planning our first 150,000-square-foot phase-one expansion of a state-of-the-art grow facility. This is part of a master plan to build up to 1.2 million square feet on our existing property.

Seed to Patient Model

Aleafia is firmly committed to helping patients find effective treatments for chronic and serious conditions through the use of prescription cannabinoid therapy. We are uniquely positioned to create a vertically integrated model from seed to patient while expanding our grow capacity to produce standardized pesticide-free medical cannabis products for patients in need.


Aleafia Science

Dedicated to increasing the understanding of medical cannabis’ many benefits, Aleafia Science deploys Big Data to influence patient care. Our mission, providing the most advanced doctor and patient support, will be data based, deriving from in-depth research and development strategies on the latest industry findings. This will provide further insight into cannabis’ many uses, ensuring appropriate and safe patient consumption. Using Canabo Medical Clinic’s vast historical data, Aleafia Science’s new clinical products will achieve the highest possible efficiency rates.


Clinical Uses of Cannabis

With extensive medical potential, Cannabinoids like THC and CBD, the key chemical components in cannabis, are extremely effective in treating many medical conditions and provide a wide range of symptom relief.

For example, medical cannabis can be used to treat both acute and chronic pain caused by arthritis and fibromyalgia. It helps reduce muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis, Tourette’s syndrome, and Parkinson’s. Medical cannabis has long been used as an appetite stimulant for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, and new research shows its promise in helping to treat PTSD, opioid addiction, sleep disorders, gastrointestinal diseases, and epilepsy.

Partnership with Aleafia Science

While much medical cannabis research has been carried out, more is necessary. Aleafia Science will partner with other cannabis scientists to advance important breakthroughs and determine how to better propagate the medical properties of cannabis plants. We look forward to discovering new ways to engineer strains that most effectively treat particular medical conditions, ensuring our patients are guided and monitored based on the most up-to-date research.

Focus on Innovation

With medical cannabis research advancing globally, Aleafia Science keeps the Aleafia brand at the forefront of innovation by studying cannabis’ effectiveness on opioid dependence, medical treatment and patient recovery. As new studies are conducted, Aleafia Health will evolve and adapt with the newest scientific discoveries.

Download our Investor Presentation and learn more about why you should invest in Aleafia Health:

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For More Information Please Visit The Website by Clicking Here:
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