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Agora Holdings, Inc. (AGHI), together with its wholly owned subsidiary, Geegle Media, is leading a diversified family entertainment and media enterprise through business segments which include TV on Demand, interactive media, business products and consumer platforms. With its multi-dimensional approach, Geegle Media supports Agora Holdings' mission to deliver innovative and high-quality business solution products and video content to consumers around the world.

Geegle Media web platforms include GeegleTV, Frame, 1000Salads, RealtyTV and LobbyTV. GeegleTV is a multi-platform video entertainment website that curates high-quality video content from around the world. In 2016, GeegleTV will serve as co-producer by airing original content. By exposing undiscovered content to millions of users and rendering it shareable to social media, GeegleTV will serve as a marketing partner to local and internationally-based TV shows not yet on the open market.

For commercial use, Geegle Media provides a variety of solutions that include web development and billing software for VoIP applications. RealtyTV is its state-of-the-art platform for real estate brokerages. LobbyTV, which is targeted primarily at business offices, is another of its widely used products. For individuals, GeegleTV combines radio, on demand movies, news, sports and children's content.

Geegle Media is also developing 1000salads, an online hub that encourages healthy lifestyles. The portal will feature recipes and products, health-oriented articles and a curated selection of local restaurants and grocers that deliver to the health-conscious user. Currently in its alpha stage of development, 1000salads is gearing up its sales and marketing in preparation for its launch in 2016.

Geegle Media differs from other On Demand providers, such as Netflix and HBO, in that its service is free of constraints such as subscriptions, fees and penalties. As consumers increasingly opt for personalized sources of entertainment, Agora recognizes the vast opportunities and growth potential provided by the rising popularity of TV On Demand. The company also benefits from strong and visionary management with a track record of bringing innovative ideas to fruition.


Investment Highlights

  • Progressive Focus on Growing On Demand Video Market
    Innovative, Disruptive Service Model Offering Personalized Entertainment
    Expanding Portfolio of Specialized Content Solutions
    Web Development and Billing Software for VoIP Applications
    Leading Diversified Family Entertainment and Media Enterprise
    Marketing Streamlined Workflow Management System
    Highly Unified, Qualified Management Team



On Demand Video and Content Solutions

Together with wholly owned subsidiary Geegle Media, Agora is leading a diversified family entertainment and media enterprise. The company's diverse portfolio of web platforms takes a multi-dimensional approach to the rising demand for personalized, on demand video content. By offering previously undiscovered content to millions of users and rendering it shareable through popular social media providers, the company aims to become a global leader in the delivery of innovative and high quality video content. Geegle Media's current roster of web platforms, in various stages of development, includes:



This multi-platform video entertainment website curates high quality video content from around the world; in the coming months, the company plans to begin serving as co-producer of original content, allowing for the platform to function as a marketing partner to both local and internationally-based TV shows that have yet to be distributed on the open market



Geegle Media's second largest project, this site is intended as a portal dedicated to health, fitness, nutrition and community; set to launch later in 2016, its primary objective is to bring together health conscious people and offer them an integrated, comprehensive and engaging online experience



This platform, which is scheduled for launch later this year, is designed for real estate professionals to showcase and market their properties; through RealtyTV, brokerages are able to use live streaming to market their listings for home showings, announcements and buyer and seller presentations, all while interacting with their customers



This platform is designed to reinvent the way in which clientele and visitors are entertained in office lobbies; through this project, Geegle will allow business owners to choose from a variety of configurations and display helpful information such as news, weather, personal messages and third party advertisements in an innovative four-window template

TECH Workflow Management Application

TECH is a workflow management software for small- to medium-sized companies. The platform's objective is to simplify task assignment and increase the efficiency of project management. Once implemented, TECH acts as a work team's central hub for task management. Through constantly opened lines of communications, employees can view job details and assignment information anywhere, anytime. Assigned workers can also register comments regarding the work and note its completion for both the employer and customer to see. TECH pulls together scattered team efforts in order to increase visibility, team productivity and accountability of workers by showing what's being worked on, who's working on what and how much time it took.

The product has been tested as effective, with several technicians already using the software. Clients are able to use the software by licensing it for $100/month. Alternatively, they may open the software in test mode for a smaller monthly fee to begin creating and executing tasks. Interest has already been garnered from three cable companies regarding licensing the application.


Geegle Media

Established in 2010, Geegle's primary activity is related to the development and commercialization of software and media applications. Operating under the domain name www.geegle.tv, Geegle Media has developed a video on demand platform that currently services viewers located in the United States, Canada, Russia and Bulgaria. Geegle's mission is to enhance the quality of products being delivered worldwide by leveraging the knowledge and expertise of advanced specialists in the information technology industry. In doing so, Geegle Media aims to capitalize on the rapidly expanding market for on demand content solutions.


Market Opportunity & Expansion Goals

On Demand Content Industry

In recent years, consumers have become increasingly accepting of switching out the rigid schedules and high costs of traditional television and entertainment providers for the personalized, convenient offerings of on-demand video alternatives. According to industry reports from TiVo, 8.2 percent of former pay TV subscribers ditched their service in 2014, a rise of 1.3 percent over the results from the previous year. On a similar note, a whopping 45.2 percent of those surveyed indicated that they reduced their cable or satellite TV service during the same time.

While "cord cutting" is a rising trend, Americans are continuing to spend when it comes to audio and visual equipment and services. In a report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, spending on the audio and visual equipment category led overall entertainment expenditures by a healthy margin. In 2013, average spending on household entertainment totaled $2,482. Of that total, roughly $1,000 was attributed to audio and visual content and devices.

Despite consistent spending, viewers are less and less in the habit of watching TV with programming dictated by broadcasters. Instead, with rising number of consumers owning several video screening devices, both in home and on the go, they are demanding more personalized entertainment solutions affording the opportunity to choose specific content on a flexible schedule.

This summary is supported by the performance of some of the largest and most well-known subscription-based video streaming services – including Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. According to a report by Statista, the global number of Netflix subscribers grew from 29.4 million in the third quarter of 2012 to roughly 57.4 million in the first quarter of 2015, an increase of nearly 100 percent. Along with the rise in subscribers, the company reported revenues of $1.48 billion for the quarter.

For Netflix, much of this growth can be attributed to the company's commitment to the production and distribution of high quality original content. As Geegle Media looks to begin releasing its own original content later this year, the company will target this expansive market, providing an opportunity for considerable growth.

According to a report Research and Markets, increased availability of user-friendly interfaces is expected to drive sustained growth in the global video on demand market. From 2014 to 2019, the industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 23.16 percent. With a suite of platforms targeting underserved niches within the larger video on demand market, Agora Holdings, through Geegle Media, is strategically positioned to capitalize on this growth.



Sustainable growth of this caliber is driven by the leadership of an experienced management team with the knowledge to capitalize on the company's rising momentum.


Danial Terziev, Chairman & CEO

As the founder of Geegle Media and the chairman and CEO of Agora Holdings, Danail Terziev is leading the company's charge into the future. Terziev has been an industry player for decades, securing his first position in the telecommunications industry when he was in his 20s.

Graduating with a masters in telecommunications, Terziev spent five years in the telecommunications industry in Bulgaria before moving to the U.S. After the move, he accumulated years of experience working with Comcast, as well as other cable and cellular companies in the Chicago area. During this time, he gained valuable experience in sales, marketing, new product development and strategic planning.

Terziev's work in the telecommunications industry was primarily focused on innovation. From 2003 to 2007, he participated in the deployment of Comcast Digital Voice. It was during this timeframe that Comcast was transitioning from traditional land service to VoIP-style delivery. From 2007 to 2009, Terziev served in a leadership role as Rogers Cable introduced commercial service and installations. During his three years with the company, Rogers Cable reported over $3.8 billion in revenue and over $1.3 billion in EBITDA while maintaining a workforce of more than 14,000 employees.

In 2010, Terziev served as vice president of planning and strategy for Geegle Media, Inc. In this capacity, he was responsible for directing strategic planning, marketing and budgeting. In 2012, Geegle Media Ltd. obtained the executive rights to use the domain name 'Geegle.tv'. Following the launch of its TV on demand platform in December 2012, Geegle.tv accumulated over 15,000 unique visitors in its first 18 days.

Danail Terziev is currently the representative controlling shareholder of Geegle Media Ltd. and serves as the chairman of the board of directors for GeegNet Communications Ltd. He's also the chairman of the GeegNet Finance Committee.


Agora Holdings, Inc.
1255 W. Rio Salado Pkwy
Suite 215
Tempe, AZ 85281

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