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Buyer Beware!

SEC busted scam on the Grey Market

SEC busted scam on the Grey Market


                                              ADVT is clearly Grey Market, no ifs ands or buts about it.  

                                                                   It's right here.....






                                                                                    Grey Market

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As of Aug 7, 2019, ADVT IS NOT, REPEAT, IS NOT ON THE GREY MARKET BECAUSE I WAS ABLE TO BUY ADVANTIS (ADVT) STOCK AS A REGULAR TRADER USING MY TD Ameritrade ACCOUNT.   Below is text from my TDA Account outlining the buy of ADVT stock on Aug 07, 2019:

Wed Aug 7 2019 3:53:02 pm ET
Order  Status
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Status   Action   Quantity    Symbol    Type       Price       Act. Price     Time-in-Force     Reported
Filled    Buy        100000     ADVT      Limit       0.0044      --                  --                       13:03:29 08/07/19

TD Ameritrade (TDA) informed me if a stock can be bought or sold without the intervention of a dealer or broker, the stock is not, repeat, IS NOT ON THE GREY MARKET.   THE CAVEAT EMPTOR (SKULL AND BONES) SYMBOL LISTED  ON THIS  ADVT IHUB BOARD INTRO (ABOVE) AND THE OTC MARKETS WEBSITE IS WHOLLY INCORRECT!     THE OTC MARKETS WEBSITE IS A NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION AND IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE SEC.  Advantis (ADVT) is TRADING AS A PINK SHEET STOCK.  Another reference below clarifies the information I got from TDA:


"...Understanding Grey Market
A grey market in the securities markets is an over-the-counter market where dealers execute orders for stocks and bonds for preferred customers before they have been issued..."

Posted by BirdsOfFire

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From the ADVT Website, "About": Advantis Corporation (ADVT) is focused on helping people take control of their health and pain management needs. By creating strategic partnerships with innovative companies in the nutraceutical and alternative health care industries, Advantis is uniquely positioned to provide the guidance and support to assist in delivering products and services that address the needs of these individuals. Acquiring ownership in developing companies allows Advantis to provide consultation to improve product lines, expand distribution channels, and heighten brand value. With the healthcare and pain management sectors forecasting staggering growth, Advantis identifies and partners with those companies that possess the potential to capitalize on this trend.
Acquisitions and product developments ensure that Advantis reaches sustainable revenue growth in the near-term as it prepares for future market opportunities. CEO, Christopher Swartz (Moderator: ADVT Site Outdated, CEO is D. Cherry) envisions the success of Advantis Corporation through strengthened partnerships, innovative product development, and sustained focus on revenue-producing strategies. With the help of a diverse and skilled management teamSwartz (Moderator: ADVT Site Outdated, CEO is D. Cherry)has navigated Advantis towards enhancing its footprint in the evolving legal cannabis business, holistic pain management, and healthcare industries. Expertise in the legal aspects of the medical cannabis industry allows Advantis to work within the framework of the law to target opportunities along the supply-chain of this untapped, explosive growth industry.
For more information about Advantis Corporation, https://advantiscorp.com/. Darren Cherry, CEO established in 2017 (Formally Chris Swartz)

From ADVT Website, "Investor Relations": Advantis Corporation (ADVT) develops products and works with developing companies to provide innovative healthcare products, holistic pain management solutions, and enhance the footprint in the evolving legal cannabis business. Advantis acquires ownership in developing companies that work within the nutraceutical and the alternative health care industries; consulting with these organizations to improve their product lines, expand their distribution channels through internal partnership agreements, and heighten brand value.

See actual production videos HERE (look for blue conveyor belt images)

Advantis Corporation Takes Major Step Toward OTC QB 06/03/19
Advantis Corp. Sets Meeting With N2 Pack at Las Vegas Cannabis Convention 04/01/19
Advantis Corp Signs Lease For Orange County Location 03/25/19
Advantis Corp. Meeting With N2Pack to Expand Partnership 03/12/19
Advantis Corp. Prepares for OTCBB 03/04/19
Advantis Corp Announces Imminent Lease Signing for OC Location, a Tripling of Monthly Amster-Can Orders with Existing Client 02/25/19
Advantis Corp. Moves Forward with Plans to Establish Los Angeles Presence, Partners with Statewide Distributor and Manufacturer 02/12/19
Advantis Corp. Acquiring New Canning Machine, Finalizing Sublingual Strip Agreement 02/04/19
Advantis Corp. Says Orders Doubled to Start the Year 01/28/19
Advantis Corp. Set for Major Expansion in 2019 01/22/19
Advantis Corp attended the MiBixCon in Las Vegas Last Week 11/26/18
Advantis Corp. Ups Q4 Guidance, Grows Relationships 11/13/18
Advantis Corp Forcasts 20% Quarterly Revenue Growth, Increased Margins 11/5/18
Advantis Corp. Looking to Team Up For MJBIZCON 10/30/18
Advantis Corp. Partners with NFL Great, Kyle Turley, Expands Product Lineup Three-Fold 10/22/18 
Advantis Corp. Developing Own Brand of Edibles, CBD Product Lines 10/15/18
Advantis-Corp-Set-to-Debut-Proprietary-Sublingual-Delivery-System-Edible-Orders-Ramp-Up-Quickly 10/1/18 
Advantis Corp Begins Packaging Edibles
Advantis Corp Reports 30% Revenue Rise, Set to Increase Oregon Production by 50%
LINK - ADVANTIS CORPORATION (OTC PINK: ADVT) is set to report that revenue has increased over twenty percent over the first quarter (8/13/18) 
LINK - Advantis Corp Sees Quarter Over Quarter Revenue Increases After New California Packaging Laws Take Effect
LINK - Advantis Corp. Expanding Into Two New Locations, As Demand Continues to Drive Further Production Capacity   
LINK - Advantis Corp. Creates Synergy with Herb N Works 5/14/18
LINK - Advantis Corp. announced it is moving forward with plans to establish a pet division that will create and market a proprietary line of CBD-infused pet supplements and therapeutic pet edibles. 4/2/18 
LINK - Advantis Corp. Signs Lease, Triples Production Capacity 3/12/18 
LINK - Oregon Proves To Be Burgeoning Success for Advantis Corp. 03/05/2018
LINK Advantis Corp. Unexpectedly Set To Triple California Amster-Can Revenue by End of 2nd Quarter  02/12/2018
LINK - Advantis Corp Expanding Into Colorado, California Nears Packaging Capacity With New Machine; Pre Orders for New Sizes Escalate Quickly 01/29/2018
LINK - California Cannabis Legalization for Adult Use Leads to Record Month for Advantis Corp. 01/16/2018
LINK - Advantis Corp. Partners with Players Network’s Green Leaf Farms and Expands Its Product Line into Nevada  01/10/2018
LINK - Advantis Corp. Expects Quarterly Revenue Records Throughout 2018 12/18/2017
LINK - Advantis Corp. Hits Home Run with Oregon Deal 11/14/2017
LINK - Advantis Corp. Negotiates Agreement with Las Vegas Proprietor, New Amster-Can Equipment Ramping Up to Full Production 10/02/2017
LINK - Advantis Corp. Established Presence in Oregon Leads to New Contract 09/24/2017
LINK - Industry Leader, Darren Cherry, Leads Advantis Corp. Into the Future  09/19/2017
LINK - Advantis Corp. Setting Up Multi-State Amster-Can Canning Solutions   08/21/2017


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#48583   ADVT: As of May 25, 2021, TD Ameritrade Renee 05/01/21 09:03:42 AM
#48582   Good morning Bird, I went back to the scoobey-do 04/07/21 08:01:10 AM
#48581   The CNN article you just posted dated 5 BirdsOfFire 04/06/21 06:08:46 PM
#48580   I was doing some DD on ADVT and scoobey-do 04/06/21 03:22:06 PM
#48579   Happy to see Darren Cherry is still listed scoobey-do 02/09/21 03:02:52 PM
#48578   Yes it is and I am glad to scoobey-do 02/09/21 02:30:01 PM
#48577   442% what is going on! ipiros 02/09/21 12:38:57 PM
#48576   Lots of new amateurs traders losing money litar 02/09/21 12:38:51 PM
#48575   Folks are buying up every OTCBB dead pos DaBenDan 02/09/21 12:29:30 PM
#48574   Keep buying a dead stoke...grey market...hello lost money. litar 02/09/21 12:09:45 PM
#48573   https://www.gzolehana.com/ Website take you here. Up 185% today ipiros 02/09/21 12:07:28 PM
#48572   This is moving somehow Vwatzisface 02/09/21 12:04:36 PM
#48571   Is there anything to get this moving again. Vwatzisface 02/05/21 07:05:16 PM
#48570   Was a scam....dead dead.... litar 01/29/21 03:41:38 PM
#48569   Some volume here lately. Anybody but Bucky have ipiros 01/29/21 11:14:03 AM
#48568   Over a year later and it's still the same. Zorro 12/03/20 08:32:51 PM
#48567   SEC Tightens Rule on OTC Issuer Information Disclosure scoobey-do 09/19/20 04:46:00 AM
#48566   Who bought 15k of this terd? ipiros 09/17/20 03:22:08 PM
#48565   machine was rented....the owner was kim woo you litar 08/31/20 12:54:23 PM
#48564   You talk about buckyeye....insider i guess litar 08/31/20 12:52:06 PM
#48563   Why does this turd still trade? Where are ipiros 08/28/20 04:53:28 PM
#48562   Has new management tKen over this co yet? ITStech 08/12/20 06:30:10 PM
#48561   This one done was a scam litar 05/28/20 02:09:11 PM
#48560   zero. Well maybe it is not zero DaBenDan 05/28/20 12:22:35 PM
#48559   Anything positive here in terms of its pps? RockyW 05/26/20 11:06:46 PM
#48558   Grey market...its dead...no more website...gone... litar 05/07/20 02:42:11 PM
#48557   Nice to see the 20 and 50 day scoobey-do 05/07/20 01:54:44 PM
#48556   This one is dead. TheGanjaGuru 12/31/19 12:50:17 PM
#48555   Website down ? litar 12/17/19 08:08:02 AM
#48554   Still Grey Market... tdbowieknife 12/15/19 07:19:10 PM
#48553   You are right...otc is full of s.... litar 12/06/19 10:33:13 AM
#48552   End of year action. Folks getting what DaBenDan 12/06/19 09:21:33 AM
#48551   ADVT is still Grey Market... tdbowieknife 11/26/19 01:44:53 PM
#48550   Your very welcome...no I have not... georgie18 11/21/19 11:07:02 AM
#48549   Thanks for the ADVT chart web address. scoobey-do 11/21/19 10:53:09 AM
#48548   Value getting close to what it's worth now. DaBenDan 11/21/19 10:26:33 AM
#48547   Look like done for good this time litar 11/18/19 10:05:39 AM
#48546   Nope. Still Expert Market on otcmarkets and DaBenDan 11/12/19 01:14:22 PM
#48545   OTC has them listed back on pink sheets slimybooger 11/12/19 11:55:07 AM
#48544   Just a calculated risk...like any buy we make... georgie18 11/04/19 09:44:40 AM
#48543   Hey, I hope you are right about something DaBenDan 11/04/19 09:38:46 AM
#48542   If I cared about the business aspect of georgie18 11/04/19 08:32:46 AM
#48541   Do you care there is no business? DaBenDan 11/04/19 08:00:40 AM
#48540   ADVT...0025...Chart...GREY that moved to Expert market that has georgie18 11/03/19 04:55:25 AM
#48539   Thanks. dzanier 11/01/19 09:59:52 PM
#48538   PACV is a company that has the potential MD revliS 11/01/19 08:45:38 PM
#48537   Sell 88k @ .0015 for 130 and buyback DaBenDan 11/01/19 04:18:05 PM
#48536   I want to recommend one to you. dzanier 10/31/19 09:54:21 PM
#48535   So... Where are these audited filings?? tdbowieknife 10/27/19 11:15:53 AM
#48534   Got suspended by SEC a few months back DaBenDan 10/21/19 04:06:41 PM
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