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 Basic Company Information                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Cerro Dorado is a junior mining/exploration company with gold/copper/silver claims ("The Alto De Lipangue Project") near Santiago, Chile. They have adjacent claims to Medinah Minerals (MDMN) on the Alto De Lipangue plateau. The relatively low elevation, close proximity to infrastructure, and exceptional nature of the property make their claims an excellent future location for large scale gold/copper bulk mining operations. Juan Jose Quijano, Cerro Dorado's representative in Chile, is working with several potential joint venture participants, assisting them in their due diligence, both in formal meetings and visits to the Fortuna de Lampa property. As Juan Jose Quijano has a vested interest in the potential of these properties, being a significant shareholder of Cerro Dorado, a creditor, and property participant, he is working diligently to bring a satisfactory joint venture party to the cmopany, with an agreement structured according to current mining standards.

•  Stock Symbol:  CDCH
•  Website:  http://www.cerrodorado.com

Articles of Incorporation

February 11, 2012 Shareholder Informational Session

  Background of Juan Jose Quijano                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Juan Jose Quijano, an attorney, as well as his father were instrumental in writing/developing mining legislation for the country of Chile and he also happens to control the most mining claims of any individual in Chile. He practices before the Chilean Supreme Court and other South American countries on mining matters and has been partnered with both Cerro and Medinah for many years. His knowledge and influence within the Chilean mining community and government are key assets and an integral part of Cerro and Medinah's corporate plans. His complete biography can be found here: http://www.medinah-minerals.com/juan-jose-quijano.html

  Share Structure Information                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

•  Market Value:  $13,607,405 as of Feb 06, 2012
•  Shares Outstanding: 197,428,506
•  Float:  N/A
•  Authorized Shares:  200,500,000 per website and Nevada SOS
•  Transfer Agent:
American Registrar & Transfer Co.
342 East 900 South
Salt Lake City, UT, 84111

  Alto De Lipangue Joint Venture Status and Updates                                                                                                                                                                                

Recent Developments Regarding Alto De Lipangue Joint Venture
February 11, 2012 Cerro Dorado holds Shareholder Informational Meeting in Las Vegas, NV shortly after the Medinah Minerals Informational Meeting. The company discloses that claims totaling 1170 hectares are being negotiated to be included in the Alto de Lipangue Joint Venture, currently in its finalization stages between Medinah Minerals and their soon-to-be-disclosed JV partner. Cerro also confirms that the outstanding debts accumulated since the last debt payment is $571,000. This debt will be paid upon receiving cash from the joint venture. You can watch the Shareholder Informational Session at livestream here: http://www.livestream.com/theminingplay/video?clipId=pla_e60b5d63-5a84-43c9-ab32-2cc1f991abef&utm_source=lslibrary&utm_medium=ui-thumb
Cerro Dorado reports that the London Group experienced serious financial setbacks in Europe and do not have the necessary resources to proceed with this project at this time, but want to stay in the picture if their circumstances improve.  JJQuijano is working with several new potential joint venture participants, assisting them in their due diligence, both in formal meetings and visits to the Fortuna de Lampa property.
Cerro Dorado reports that the London Group has reviewed the proposed LOI which is now back with their attorneys. The proposed agreements calls for an end price acquisition of an 85% interest in the claims of $50,000,000 (fifty million), with staged cash payments over a 36-month period and a substantial exploration budget.
Cerro Dorado, Inc. reports that their properties on Alto de Lipangue will no longer be included in the Lipangue JV, as requested by the JVA partners. Prior to this announcement, Cerro Dorado's properties were combined with Medinah Minerals' properties to include the entirety of the Lipangue complex. Negotiations with a "London Group" have progressed and a "proposal for the acquisition" of Cerro Dorado, Inc. (Chile) SA property has been completed and a formal Letter of Intent should be forthcoming shortly.
Cerro Dorado reports that the JVA partner is finally able to move ahead with the JVA funding provisions.
Cerro Dorado updates that they anxiously await word of the transfer of the funds necessary to complete the JVA. As reported in previous communications the Company has completed all items and documents required.
April 8, 2011 Cerro Dorado reports that they are still waiting to receive affirmation that the transfer of funds, the last step necessary to finalize the Joint Venture Agreement, is completed. They reaffirmed that Cerro Dorado(Chile) and Cerro Dorado, Inc. (USA) in partnership continue to maintain all mining claim properties in good standing. All relevant taxes are paid and up to date.
Cerro Dorado reports that they received written documentation that the first tranche of funds, necessary to complete the initial catalyst part of the Joint Venture Agreement, are finally in the last stage of transfer to the Company bank account.
Cerro Dorado updates the status of the JVA delay and reiterates that the JVA partners continue to reassure management that all the terms and conditions of the Joint Venture Agreement are fine, and the delay in funding is their internal matter.
The company reports that Management continues to work "on a daily basis" with the Joint Venture partners to finalize the initial transfer of funds. Required answers have been documented and provided to the various Governmental and Banking authorities and the formal process is proceeding.
The company addresses the reason for granting the extension to the Joint Venture consortium specifically in regard to the deposit of the initial funding only. The JV partners indicate that compliance with all applicable banking laws, taxation and regulations has taken longer than expected, but anticipated completion steps are moving forward positively.
The company announces that JJ has granted the JV partners a time extension to complete their initial funding deposit. The JVA partners emphasized their difficulty with legal and banking requirements causing this unexpected transactional delay.
December 28, 2010 Cerro Dorado provides a website update where they've reached the finalization stage of the JVA and are expecting the initial tranche on or before January 15, 2011








  Cerro Dorado's Properties                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Cerro Dorado properties, all located on the Alto de Lipangue plateau approximately 8 km to the west of the small town of Lampa and 30 km northwest of Santiago, Chile. Access to the property is via the gravel road between the towns of Lampa and Til‑til, through the Hacienda Mercedes at Chicauma. The original claims known as Lonco Millarepu 1‑60 which are adjacent on the west and south to claims owned by Medinah Minerals, Inc. In 2006 and 2007 the land base has been expanded by over 300% and the mapping and sampling program in late January 2007 accessed the new land packages and new occurrences. Cerro Dorado now owns 2,220 hectares on the Alto de Lipangue plateau and is currently in negotiations to joint venture these properties separately from Medinah Minerals which is approaching finalization of its JV.


Claims Group Hectares Description Picture
Lonco Millarepu 1-60 270 The Lonco Millarepu 1-60 mining claims (mensura) were purchased by Cerro Dorado Inc. in April 1999. The vendor retains a 20% Net Profit Interest (NPI) from production to a maximum of 5 million US dollars. The claims are rectangular and extend 3 km north-south and 900 meters east-west, bordering claims from Medinah Minerals, Inc. on the west and south.  
Fortuna 61-120, Colihues 1-40, Antonio 1-20 and Columbo 900 These claims to the East of Lonco Millarepu were purchased in 2006. These appear to be former Medinah Minerals claims as they were listed in ACA Howe's 2001 report on the Alto de Lipangue property for MDMN. This significantly increased Cerro's footprint on Lipangue over their original claims group.  
Columbo I-IV 1050 Purchased July, 2008. These claims border Cerro's properties to the North.  

Analysis and Valuation of Properties                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Dr. Jim DeCosta's Valuation Considerations For the Alto de Lipangue Deposit

At the 2008 Annual General Meeting, Dr. Jim Decosta who next to JJ Quijano is probably the single most knowledgeable shareholder on the Alto De Lipangue property, as well as an expert author on the subject matter of naked short selling in the stock market, gave a very lucid presentation on his assessment of the company's property in Chile. Dr. Decosta offered to shareholders copies of his independent treatise, which explains the numerous difficulties for a junior mining exploration company to secure a joint venture agreement with a major. His in-depth report also articulated property valuation criteria and specifically addressed the company's holdings at the Alto de Lipangue location. This report is a must-read for all prospective and existing shareholders as it compiles nearly all of the due diligence on the ADL properties into one comprehensive document.

Satellite Imagery Report of Sr. Clemente Sepulveda Perez (Remote Sensor Analyst) Translated From Spanish

In February 2007, Medinah Minerals, owner of claims adjacent to Cerro Dorado's properties on the Alto de Lipangue plateau, disclosed the results and conclusions of a recent satellite imagery report performed by Clemente Sepulveda Perez. Sr. Perez was retained by both CVRD of Brazil (now referred to as "Vale") and also by BHP-Billiton for their due diligence measures in regards to the Lipangue property complex. The most significant of his conclusions are listed below: 

1-    "In this sector of study they are located; a deposit that can be classified like of type PORPHYRY OF COPPER-GOLD (in the zone of the plain of the Alto de Lipangue) and, in addition, a PORPHYRY OF MOLYBDENUM-COPPER in the contiguous area immediately located to the south of the previous one."

4-    "The volume of identified mineral resources to date, reaches already to SEVERAL HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF TONS, mainly assigned to the added porphyries and skarn together."

7-    "All the aforesaid samples clearly show that we are, as opposed to an old and famous mining district here, that today presents/displays a potential of resources, with which can without a doubt be classified WORLD CLASS."

Summary Geological Evaluation and Exploration Report By Terrance Smithson (P Geo.)

In April 2006, Terrance Smithson (P. Geo) for Tera Ex Engineering was commissioned to perform a summary geological evaluation on the "Lobo Solitario Project" (Cerro Dorado's properties on Alto de Lipangue) and the Lipangue Breccia Property for Medinah Minerals. According to the report, "Tera Ex Engineering Corp. was commissioned to research, evaluate, update and recommend a new exploration project based on A.C.A. Howe Limitada 43-101 statute reports 1999-2001 by Robert Cinits P.Geo. On the Lobo Solitario project for Cerro Dorado, Inc. and the adjoining Altos Lipangue project of Medinah Mining, Inc., the 2006 program included the planning of a new road system access to the south on newly attained staked claims including the Carrizo and Concordia molybdenum deposits were being constructed to the south highway at Lampa. A new regional exploration model is being proposed and new recommendations and exploration budget 2006 is presented in this Summary report."

The following are some excepts from Smithson's report:


  1. New Breccia occurrence on Cerro Dorado, Inc.  The surface outcrop mapped from 1,300-1,700 meters.
    1. The assay grades may mirror that of the "Gordon Breccia".  (Geochemical samples tend to indicate values higher in copper, lower in gold due to the lower elevation).
  1. Significant evidence seems to indicate that an underlying porphyry was the progenitor for the Dos Marias skarn, the Gordon Breccia pipe, the new Breccia occurrence at Lobo, the epithermal veins at the Fortuna Mine and the molybdenum deposit at Concordia and Corizon.
  1. With the presence of shear structurem related molybdenum deposits, the size of any porphyry, may tend to be a larger gold/copper/ molybdenum porphyry system.
  1. Fortuna Mine produced sporatically for many decades, averaging 63.5 grams of gold/tonne with an elevated arsenic content that formed at the highest elevation in the system.
  1. When studied together, all the occurances are almost a textbook version of the "Sillitoe"* model.  The zones of alteration that drilling and sampling encountered (propylitic, phyllic, sericitic, hydrothermal, …) were all found in the correct sequence, demonstating corresponding geochemical elevational control within the system.  The arsenopyrites present in the epithermal veins on surface at the Fortuna Mine's highest level (2,000 meters) as well as the copper, gold, and molybdenum in the breccia and Dos Maria skarn values observed at lower elevations, also tend to fit the model (see Sillitoe diagram).
  2. The sericitic alteration at the bottom of deeper holes 15 and 18 on the Gordon Breccia was so intense as to hint at a possible close proximity of a heat source.  This might suggest that a  porphyry system may be at an economically feasible distance or depth from the known breccias.
  3. The placer properties at the bottom of the mountain confirm the historical weathering/erosion of a large gold copper mineralized source rock.
  4. The bowl-shaped depression straddling both properties near the airstrip might be indicative of another breccia pipe, or proximity to a system with similar heat and fluid sources that caused alteration.  Several geologists have noted the  geochemical similarities to the Gordon Breccia.  There is plenty of limonitic quartz float alteration.  Geochemical sampling by Hopley found an interesting correlation, but more follow-up trenching is required.
  5. There remains some debate as to where a porphyry structure might be centered and how much deep drilling would be required.
  6. The deposit appears to be open-pittable and free-milling ore that is relatively economic to mine.
  7. The mining infrastructure is excellent with the proximity to Lampa and Santiago.  Chile is one of the most mining-friendly countries in the world.
  8. "If this discovery is so significant then why wasn't it found before now?"  The answer is that, until recently, it was very well hidden by the effects of small competing land positions and the region has been geologically obscured by erousional features through time.  Lipangue is located to the south at a lower elevation than the prolific copper porphyry belt which is located in the Andes.

Video Tour of the Property is available here


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