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OS : 156,039,869 (as of June 19, 2018)

AS : 350,000,000 (as of February 28, 2018)

 45,142,067 (as of June 15, 2018)

Airborne Wireless Network (OTCQB: ABWN) is in the process of creating a high-speed broadband airborne wireless network by linking commercial aircraft in flight. Each aircraft participating in the network will act as an airborne repeater or router sending and receiving broadband signals from one aircraft to the next creating a digital superhighway in the sky. ABWN intends is to be a high-speed broadband internet pipeline to improve coverage connectivity where lacking. ABWN does not intend to provide retail customer coverage to end users, but, instead, will act as a wholesale carrier to target customers such as Internet service providers and telephone companies. Currently, the world's connectivity is achieved by use of undersea cables, ground based fiber and satellites. ABWN believes that Airborne Wireless Network's airborne digital highway is the logical solution to fill the world's connectivity void. Once the network is developed and fully implemented, its uses are limitless. Airborne Wireless Network, once developed, should provide low cost, high speed connectivity to rural areas, island nations, ships at sea, oil platforms, in addition to connectivity to commercial and private aircraft in flight.

ABWN's Airborne Wireless Network is called Infinitus Super Highway.







PATENT : US 6,285,878 B1


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This is a company that literally has it's hands on GROUNDBREAKING Technology that could change the way we connect to Wireless Networks in the sky FOREVER!

And now to add more fuel to this brightly lit fire, the company just dropped HUGE BREAKING NEWS moments ago!

Along with the former Packard Bell co-founder, ABWN just added another major name in the industry - Marius De Mos - who just so happened to be involved in the development of the world's first airborne public phone - the "AIRFONE"!!!

Remember the Airfone?  Before flights began adding LCD's, cable, and WiFi - your only means to the outside world from the air guessed it....the AIRFONE!

Take a look....

Airborne Wireless Network (OTCQB: ABWN) Appoints Marius De Mos VP of Technical Affairs and Development

SIMI VALLEY, California, August 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Airborne Wireless Network (ABWN), a Nevada corporation (the "Company") is pleased to announce the appointment of airborne wireless communications pioneer Marius de Mos as its Vice President of Technical Affairs and Development.

On August 19, 2016, the Company and Mr. de Mos entered into a written Employment Agreement, pursuant to which Mr. de Mos will serve as the Company's Vice President of Technical Affairs and Development.

Mr. de Mos' past experience makes him one of the first pioneers of today's airborne in-cabin radio systems, which paved the way for wireless inflight entertainment, Wi-Fi systems and the use of cellular technology in flight.

Mr. de Mos has been involved since the conceptual stages of the Company's patent and its airborne meshed network. He was approached by the patent's inventor to evaluate the concept and assist in diminishing any conceptual problems. Airborne Wireless Network believes Mr. de Mos is a valuable asset crucial to the development of the world's first airborne digital highway.  

Mr. de Mos has an extensive background in worldwide telecommunications, ranging from the development and commissioning of long and short-range terrestrial systems, to satellite and cutting-edge airborne technologies.  Many of these systems were installed globally and are/were owned and/or managed by local or central governments and well-known companies such as GTE, Verizon, Motorola, AT&T, UK-based Cable and Wireless and others.  

Although Mr. de Mos' college major was aeronautical electronic systems, his first "true aeronautical project" was his involvement in the development of the world's first wireless airborne public telephone, "Airfone."  Before the FAA's certification of Airfone, transmitting radio frequencies inside of an airborne aircraft was considered "dangerous" and, "for safety's sake," was prohibited.


Through it's PATENTED Technology, ABWN intends to use commercial aircrafts as “mini-satellites” via an airborne wireless router that lets planes in the air repeat the signal, moving the data from jet to jet and bouncing it off the satellites or even drones where they can!

Sounds amazing right?  It gets better....

No longer would Airborne WIFI be affected by bad weather, altitude, and it's location in relation to Satellites.  EVERY AIRPLANE will repeat and broadcast a strong broadband signal - creating, in effect, a DIGITAL SUPERHIGHWAY IN THE SKY!

ABWN is now in the process of obtaining certification from the FAA to ensure the system will not interfere with critical onboard aircraft systems and has enlisted the help of Concept Development, Inc, a company who has worked with Boeing and Northrop Grumman, to assist in the development and manufacturing of the of the system's hardware and components.

ABWN appears to be doing all the right things to make the "Airborne Digital Super Highway" a reality.

And while, ABWN is still currently in a startup/development phase, the potential for this technology is, to put it mildly, MIND-BLOWING.

Needless to say, we'll be watching ABWN in both the short AND long term! 

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