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3x Bull or Bear leveraged ETF's

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The 3x or 2x Direxion/Pro Shares/Horizon/Velocityshares Bull or Bear ETF thread.


I play these loaded ETF's in order to make some money. I'm not a very good intra-day trader (but I'm working on it). Because of those limitations I prefer to ride a short-term/medium term trend... either Bull or Bear. It doesn't matter. I'm quite agnostic when it comes to stocks.  I'm old fashioned - an ETF or any other type of security that trades on the Big Board, is a stock as far as I'm concerned.

I am looking for multiple 3,4,5,10 or more bagger Bull/Bear 3x ETF's, in a relatively short-term time frame.

You can make a lot of money shorting leveraged ETF's provided that you can get it (not so easy sometimes) from your Broker, and when in, be able to cover it if you are called by the Broker.

... you can also lose a lot of money if you hang on long-term to an ETF that is going down or even sideways.  These things can lose 99.8% of their value over time.  In other words, they can almost go to zero.

Remember, you must treat these things like ice cream.  The first lick is intoxicating, the second is merely good and then after that, it starts to melt.  These things are just like ice cream they melt (decay) over time.  You do not want to be holding a 3x loaded ETF that is trading sideways or worst down (unless your short).  Please see example charts below.

If you have recently decided to become very aggressive to double, triple or quintuple your money, please post your picks & strategies on this thread.

My picks will be based on technical analysis - ie: charts.

Please no "Hot Tips" or the "next best thing".

Volume in my opinion, accompanied by breakout from a trading range is my desired play. Yours may be different.

Anyway lets see how it goes. We will make up the rules as we figure things out.

Please note that I am a trader. Stocks that I like today, I may have different opinion tomorrow. I am not married to any position & may trade intraday.

If you could help me achieve that goal:  to make some money, the posters here could perhaps help you make some money also.

Since a lot of people are currently captivated by the GOLD complex because in part by the low cost of entry (until the reverse split).  Here are three charts, the first one is JNUG (3x bull) and the second one is (you got it) JDST (3x bear). Lets assume you bought each for a $100.00 (US) when they started trading.  Lets see how they do over time...
JNUG - from an intial entry of $100.00 you would have (all time low $2.84)  $3.42 currently (Dec 4/2014)

JDST - from an intial entry of $100.00 you would have (all time low $8.75) $17.17 currently(Dec 4/2014)

The third chart is the instrument they are supposed to replicate by 3x... GDXJ (not leveraged).  All time low $22.74 currently $25.69.

The first two charts are really hurt by decay, which is exacerbated by the down trend in GOLD.  The last chart will not go to zero.  So play short-term my friends.  These 3x loaded ETF's you do not want to marry.  Take them out for a date every now and then and trade the heck out've em.

Now for a pretty little chart SOXL a multi-bagger.

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