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2020 OTC Newbs like me

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INTRO FLUFFORMATION YOU CAN SKIP (I would skip it if it was my first time here and just scroll to see what the guts look like to see if its worth my time):
I am an OTC newb. I created this board to be a central hub of knowledge I have obtained recently exploring this crazy market. I have researched various sources of information including investing/trading sites, educational sites, iHub boards, regulator sites, data, DATA, MORE DATA, social media galore, cyber stalked alerters, pumpers, and bashers(this one's an exaggeration)1, filings, subscription/newsletter services etc. etc. etc. 

I want to help others, but also, I want others to share their knowledge and their opinions on the sources of information. My only rule is that the conversation sticks to OTC education and research and finding the best ways to pick OTC stocks for investing and or trading as well as how to play them (entry points, exit points, methodology, etc). I am hoping this turns into a large group of bad ass, wicked smart, money making millenials combined with some very wise (even if very technologically disabled) gen Xer's, boomers, and the greatest generationers sharing their knowledge and experience so we can all prosper in the OTC together. Also, I welcom free-riders to just come read and take advantage. I know from experience that if a human benefits from free stuff they take for granted, they Thank you all ahead of time. 

I do not plan to blog here about specific topics. I will typical link here in the intro. That said, I want to do a better job of organizing the information than most other iHub boards that are way to cluttered to be useful. Finally, they all desperately require modernization. That is the key thing I want to do here. I have found so many resources that are helpful, but largely ignored or not mentioned on most boards. That is where I will start. 


Great sources of information, data, filings, news etc. Starting with those I think are undermentioned. Some are free, some are not. Feel free to comment on the board with feedback or requests for me to update this summary.)
barchart https://www.barchart.com/ This one site/app replaced a number of sites/apps I used to use. Powerful Charts, TA, and Screeners. I use it for watchlists and highly recommend trying their flipcharts feature - it quickly toggles through tickers using your current chart settings.
Whale Wisdom https://whalewisdom.com/ Modernized presenation of aggregated ownership information and filings. Profiles on companies, institutions, and individuals. So, you can easily research the ownership of a company and drill-down to see the person or other institutions buried in layers of holding companies.
Fintel https://fintel.io/ Similar to Whale Wisdom, but some features are different and I am still exploring the differences
otc:re https://www.otcre.com/ Great feed of OTC info of all kinds. The major unique thing is that it includes Secretary of State(SOS) filings and Custodianship alerts.
Koyfin https://www.koyfin.com/home Great charts and custom dashboards. Limited TA, but very awesome presentation of fundamental metrics. That said, the fundamentals are only good if a company is current with filings. 
OTCMarkets https://www.otcmarkets.com/ well duh... Just putting it here for uber newbs. If you are one, just click the click.
Mergent https://www.mergentonline.com/login.php (check your library, you might be able to get free subscription or if you work for a school or university, you likely have free access (for educational purposes!))They say it best: Mergent Online offers a wealth of textual detail - the hallmark of all Mergent Products - on company financials, descriptions, history, property, subsidiaries officers and directors. Powerful intuitive search capabilities combined with an easy to use interface, access to risk ratings, credit information and recommendations under one platform. The professional-strength research tool that tracks more companies in more countries than any other database.
VICINITAS https://www.vicinitas.io/ TALK ABOUT MODERN! I darn near started learning to code in Python, because I wanted to aggregate tweets into a database and parse out data elements and see what I could learn with the data of the fintwitterverse. I literally invested about 10 hours installing various tools and starting to execute simple programs. Then, I found out VICINITAS already does this. Holy shit, it is cool too.
OTC Short Report https://otcshortreport.com/ A lot of people say this data is worthless. You can read about it and determine for yourself. 

Things I've Leared After 15 Years of Trading http://theimpatienttrader.blogspot.com/2011/10/things-ive-learned-after-15-years-of.html?m=1 Quick blog and very insightful for traders of all types and experience levels
Securities Lawyer 101 https://www.securitieslawyer101.com/ They could put all of this into a series of books and sell it. Everything from information about SEC Forms, Shell Fruad, Case review, compliance information, investigations, etc. There is a lot here! I have only scratched the surface.
OTC Market Research https://otcmarketresearch.com/ This may be inactive. I attempted subscribing and received a reply that they were not accepting new members. That said, the author nodummy(https://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/profilea.aspx?user=191577) is active on iHub and posts on DD Support Board and Fraud Research Forum
DD Support Board and Fraud Research Forum
https://investorshub.advfn.com/DD-Support-Board-and-Research-Team-19670/ Some good guidance on OTC stuff and good discussion.

This board will be growing fast, so keep checking in. It will just take me some time to get everything added. 

Other topics to come:

Reviewing brokers and different features/resources provided.

Questions I am still trying to answer and where I am currently at.
One, for example, who the f*#K pays the OTCMarkets $2,500 a month for their compliance data file. I WANT IT!! How do I get that data into MY database??? The unlevelness of the playing field with out being able use that raw that data to link to other pieces of information is insane and probably one of the biggest things keeping me from scaling up in the OTC.
2. Why are there not more metrics for L2? I like iHub's statistics tab, but I wish I could somehow store more history of which MM's come and go, when, price, volume, etc.
3. Why is there not more emphasis on dollar volume in various TA tools? It seems very underrated?
4. Why is it so hard to get a history of authorized share changes? It seems like it would be relatively easy to store that data and present in a chart?

I will create a public Google Drive folder with spreadsheets/documents where I collected a plethora of various information on companies, interesting events, brokers, shell factories, etc. If you are going to play the game, know the players, the plays, the tricks, the games within the game, the regs, and the crowd.

My background. Because, I know I am interesting and everyone will want this. 

1 There are definitely some of these that I like and believe they are legit sharers of helpful information. That is probably way too naive, but I do my own DD no matter what as everyone should. But, because I like them and do not want any discussion around them to turn into bashing of PEOPLE, I will not discuss them by name. But, I am happy to receive feedback on that.

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