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DISCLAIMER: Everything on this Board is of opinion. Do not make any trades or Invest on any opinions expressed on this Board. People that post on this board may be biased towards their suggestive investments based on their acquisitions/investment in the ticker they are promoting. Any Promotion or Spam on this Board will be immediately deleted. This Board is for the SOLE PURPOSE of information of stocks that are .0001 - .0002. There is HIGH Risk with these types of stocks and it is Highly Suggested that you seek professional opinion prior to any investment that you see on this board. The Moderator of this board has no professional experience about stocks or investing. No advice should be taken towards any stock without professional guidance. For Entertainment Purposes Only.

Alright, now that, that is over. This board is about finding what works to get everyone into the "Front-Loading" position in these HIGH Risk/HIGH Rewards stocks. NoWhere in the market will you find a place where you get 100% returns on your money on 1 Tick. That is the purpose of this board. Any insights on how to spot out trends to look for, debts or convertibles, volume indicators, breakout boards etc. advice is highly appreciated. This is a board for stock .0001 - .0002. My exceptions to this rule are stocks that are falling from .0005 or below that have a medium Avg (25d) Volume of at least (Minimum) 50,000,000 shares traded. Looking for liquidity in stocks is key to the success of Front-Loading a good amount of shares and being able to get rid of them @ the .0002 level. Holding through "breakouts" is just a little extra fun but mostly are just looking for tickers that you can get in @ .0001 and flip for .0002 with High Liquidity over, and over, and over, and over again. This Board is not for "Pumping" or "Bashing". Any post attempting to illegally "Pump" or "Bash" a stock will be deleted immediately. The aim for us on this board is to benefit off of the Company being "undervalued" or a stock that may be getting "Pumped" by others (NOT ON THIS BOARD). 

Front-Loading is the name of the game on this board and this is where you will find information of the .0001's and .0002's.

Updated Weekly will also by my "Watch List" for what I will expect to move as well as "Watch List Front Load" which will consist of stocks gaining momentum on the BB's and Volume in recent days.

Stocks here will be judged on pps (.0001 - .0002) and Avg Volume(25 day period), brief over-view of their financials, "if they have any", and most importantly Convertible Note debentures. More often than not a pump will occur days before these notes are to be converted. Being able to distinguish the dates of when these will be diluted into the Common Stock is key.

Ticker Date Avg (25d) Volume Price to start week High Of Week Close Of Week
.0003 .0003 .0003
1/12/2015 106,595,845 .0002 .0002 .0002
AXCG 1/12/2015 124,236,641 .0001 .0002 .0001
AVEW 1/12/2015 107,465,963 .0001 .0002 .0001
ELRA 1/12/2015 136,685,960 .0002 .0002 .0002
Ticker Date Avg (25d) Volume Price to start week High Of Week Close Of Week
.0002 .0002 .0002
1/12/2015 70,398,517 .0002 .0002 .0001
QASP 1/12/2015 57,470,709 .0002 .0004 .0003
DOMK 1/12/2015 75,142,604 .0001 .0001 .0001
TCEL 1/12/2015 73,764,634 .0005 .0006 .0004


Ranking of Last Weeks Over-All "Watch List" % Gains will posted Every Friday after the Bell.

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