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 Welcome to Wall Street Investors.  Feel free to come by every day.please post your choices for stocks BUT YOU MUST PROVIDE DD!!!! if no dd to support your choice we must deleat post,we are trying to prevent spamming or drive by picks  slapped on our board,want to pump,go ahead,but provide DD!!! as to why its a good buy! provide links if possible!

 See what's hot in the market and For our unique analysis and great stock finds.








All material posted by WALL STREET INVESTORS is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell securities. By reading this or any post by this poster, you are accepting the sole responsibility for your own investment decisions. By reading this post or any post by this poster, you acknowledge that the information hereunto contained within this post (message) is provided solely for general opinionated discussion and informational purposes and therefore should not be considered to be complete, precise, accurate, or current. Beware that posters on not only this message board but other message boards not limited to this website may be increasing or decreasing positions in a security regardless of what they are posting and/or may be compensated in some way from a company or 3rd party investor in the company mentioned in the post. Assume that any security mentioned by this poster is owned by this poster and that this poster may be buying or selling or adding or subtracting from a position they may have irregardless of anything said, inferred, construed, or believed. Always do your own due diligence prior to making an investment decision. Never borrow money to buy penny stocks, and always remember that all penny stocks are highly risky. Also be aware that information provided by this poster concerning certain securities contains forward looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. NEVER INVEST IN A PENNY STOCK UNLESS YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE YOUR ENTIRE INVESTMENT. No statement within this post or made by Wall Street Investors past, present, or future should be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell a security or to provide investment advice. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Trading securities and options involves extreme risk and professional guidance. This poster does not give specific trading advice nor claim that a thorough analysis of each security mentioned has been conducted. This poster is not a Financial Analysts, Investment Broker, Financial Adviser, Guru or any sort of professional that would be deemed as an individual someone would rely upon for investment advice. You should discuss the asset allocation and risk tolerance level which is appropriate for your personal financial situation with a professional financial planner / adviser. This poster encourages viewers of this post to invest carefully and read the investor information available at the web site of the SEC at: http://www.sec.gov prior to investing in anything. You should also not make any trades or decisions based upon anything said or written by this poster with regard to investments without consulting a professional financial planner/adviser. Always assume at all times that this poster may have a position in any of the securities they mention and could be buying or selling at any time. Any opinions expressed by this poster are subject to change without notice.






#474  Sticky Note READ STICKIES FIRST! post picks as you wish buccaneer1961 03/08/11 07:13:56 PM
#523   stupids believe evil shorts exist,,,they are like Mexicans buccaneer1961 12/13/18 09:33:25 PM
#522   bill?? from plfm???? buccaneer1961 04/09/17 06:35:11 PM
#521   these greek idiots!! http://abc13.com/news/greece-reaches-deal-with-creditors-av buccaneer1961 07/13/15 08:52:40 PM
#520   Greece is a joke...let them criminals fail! those buccaneer1961 07/13/15 06:46:45 PM
#519   SF-X a stock with the promise by Michael buccaneer1961 08/25/14 10:07:30 PM
#518   Oh and btw, this also has hit .04 GREGG THE GREEK 07/03/14 08:11:27 AM
#517   I am a little confused though GREGG THE GREEK 07/03/14 08:01:31 AM
#516   Hey man, really appreciate the shout out. I GREGG THE GREEK 07/03/14 07:36:23 AM
#515   sfrx...called at .005 congrats to all of us buccaneer1961 07/03/14 01:25:17 AM
#514   lol...just kidding!! gtgp/j3 is going to rock!!!! honest buccaneer1961 04/02/14 12:28:31 PM
#513   ITS SO...BECAUSE I SAID ITS SO...GTGP GOING TO buccaneer1961 03/29/14 02:13:26 PM
#512   https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=360311864108943&set=gm.1462478660647612& buccaneer1961 02/14/14 07:57:20 PM
#511   its so..because I said its so...and the divys buccaneer1961 09/09/13 05:40:05 PM
#510   AND $GLFE super excited about that one!!! TechnoAnalyst 04/14/13 01:38:03 AM
#509   $LBYE on watch next week!!! TechnoAnalyst 04/14/13 01:37:42 AM
#508   Interesting!!! TechnoAnalyst 04/14/13 01:36:15 AM
#507   Take a look at $ECUI dude!!! TechnoAnalyst 04/14/13 01:35:26 AM
#506   late 2013 they should bvegin phase 1 trials buccaneer1961 12/31/12 12:58:35 PM
#505   i know and your right ;) heres to buccaneer1961 12/31/12 12:50:53 PM
#504   ive got my batch tucked away for now. The Night Stalker 12/31/12 12:47:12 PM
#503   Still in DNDT? SmallCapValueInvestor 10/24/12 01:30:13 AM
#502   You'll love this......how come none of this is buccaneer1961 03/10/12 04:49:36 PM
#501   2012 to be good for gold related stocks! i-Glide 02/23/12 01:59:31 PM
#500   READ MY STOCKS PITCH... buccaneer1961 01/08/12 02:02:17 AM
#499   Thanks S & P. -Helping Precious Metals- i-Glide 07/22/11 02:41:35 AM
#498   Gold and Gold related stocks doing very well. i-Glide 07/22/11 02:23:49 AM
#497   Dow and Blue Chips did well Thursday- i-Glide 07/22/11 02:19:21 AM
#496   NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- U.S. stocks surged on i-Glide 07/22/11 02:15:10 AM
#494   very true! well off to work! buccaneer1961 07/01/11 10:49:51 AM
#493   beware "shar" shareholders..lol MCKINLEY MORGANFIELD 07/01/11 10:47:20 AM
#492   YES.she does it too often they use ihub buccaneer1961 07/01/11 10:45:03 AM
#491   lol,to many to name my friend,truely is disgusting MCKINLEY MORGANFIELD 07/01/11 10:43:33 AM
#489   scarz/aka juicy/ aka smartmoney is suspended indefinetly,hopefully the buccaneer1961 06/30/11 09:53:31 PM
#488   WRONGTURN STOCKPICKS...GETTING COCKY..STOCK gOD HE SAYS HE IS... buccaneer1961 06/15/11 08:06:13 PM
#487   WRONGTURN STOCK PICKS...he sends this email to everybody buccaneer1961 06/11/11 02:19:36 AM
#483   MORE PROOF WRONGTURN FRONTLOADS..HE ADMITS IT!! buccaneer1961 06/08/11 01:07:09 AM
#482   MORE PROOF WRONGTURN STOCK DREW IS A RIP buccaneer1961 06/04/11 11:24:08 PM
#481   HEED THIS WARNING...PASS THOSE TWEETS ALONG...WRONGTURN IS A buccaneer1961 06/04/11 01:37:06 PM
#480   WRONGTURN STOCK PICK...BELOW IS THE SCROLL COPY IN buccaneer1961 06/04/11 01:35:24 PM
#479   wrongturn stock pick..you want bag holders like buccaneer1961 06/04/11 01:27:25 PM
#478   WRONGTURN STOCK PICKS... buccaneer1961 06/04/11 12:01:22 AM
#477   TIVU my feature alert + 37% extended the buccaneer1961 06/03/11 11:49:06 PM
#476   yes! buccaneer1961 05/04/11 11:16:24 AM
#475   ATWT,because it's a real company. maxtil 05/04/11 10:48:14 AM
#474   READ STICKIES FIRST! post picks as you wish buccaneer1961 03/08/11 07:13:56 PM
#473   HDOGTX Share buccaneer1961 03/08/11 06:54:59 PM
#472   done!!!! buccaneer1961 03/08/11 06:53:49 PM
#471   ok,thankyou! buccaneer1961 03/08/11 06:06:35 PM
#470   buccanneer: you should be moderator and Briboy 03/08/11 05:02:00 PM
#469   since you like deep sea recovery look at ORRV buccaneer1961 03/02/11 01:32:18 PM
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