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(UPDATED) Penny Stock Market Makers Who Are the Players in this Game               Market Maker Speaks Out: Ways of a Market Maker



http://www.informedtrades.com/f172/      Traders Serious About Learning : Pattern Recognition and Technical Analysis.






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Track Insider Buy & Sell Info-http://www.insidercow.com/latestFillings/buyByCompany.jsp;jsessionid=00CD11F05D6090BBECE249167FD45A5B


http://finance.yahoo.com/ (enter ticker; go to insider transac)







TRIX - rate-of-change of smoothed moving average momo
StochRSI - overbought and oversold levels in RSI momo
ROC - percent change momo
Stochastic - over bought / over sold momo
RSI - Average Gain / Average Loss momo
WM%R - price close vs. range top /bottom momo
Aroon - close high /low trend
DMI - price direction / ADX strength trend
ATR - gap /small move - up down reversal trend
Macd - +/- moving averages - direction & strength trend
PPO - increasing / decreasing price trend
PVO - increasing / decreasing volume volume
OBV - close above vs below totals volume
Acc/Dist - ave close totals volume
CMF - A/D strength divided by volume = pressure volume
MFI - RSI volume-weighted volume




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#2445   There is some good momo building for DTRO. Sho-Nuff 04/26/11 02:14:34 PM
#2444   qsgiq and pspw added $pmlg 04/15/11 05:41:49 PM
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