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Posts by matmlgBoardDate/Time
I think you have to wait for it. Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/16/2017 09:29:50 PM
It is only down 2% on the news. Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/16/2017 09:26:47 PM
I suppose that explains the sell off Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/16/2017 04:48:47 PM
Here comes the predictions. $3 by Friday. Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/16/2017 08:20:58 AM
Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/16/2017 08:18:56 AM
The entire theft was a scam and the Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/13/2017 08:47:59 AM
Hi Glenn. Thanks for coming back to the Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/13/2017 08:29:30 AM
That sounds real. Especially the Alcatraz part... Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/10/2017 09:33:34 PM
The event already passed. The stock dropped and Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/07/2017 08:40:17 PM
Sherman was just babbling on. Half of what Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/07/2017 09:26:35 AM
Yes it has. I has just been awhile. Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/06/2017 01:54:40 PM
Do you do that with all stocks navy? Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/05/2017 07:47:30 PM
Where are you seeing 10 billion a quarter? Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/05/2017 07:36:40 PM
"“I don’t think they’ll need to go there,” Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/05/2017 08:26:09 AM
My theory is exactly what you listed in Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/05/2017 08:18:38 AM
Yep. All of the TBTF banks are setup Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/04/2017 01:22:04 PM
How do you interpret these comments by Watt? Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/03/2017 09:33:04 PM
not naive and no need for personal insults. Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/03/2017 08:23:29 AM
They better have more than "having employees book Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/03/2017 08:17:20 AM
Watt takes his orders from the treasury. It Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/01/2017 08:36:55 AM
People have been saying that for years on Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/01/2017 08:33:46 AM
it has been so long since I've heard Fannie Mae (FNMA) 09/29/2017 09:23:48 PM
Does anyone have a Politico Pro membership that Fannie Mae (FNMA) 09/28/2017 09:51:14 AM
Manuchin said that they are funding Obama care Fannie Mae (FNMA) 09/27/2017 08:42:49 AM
Unfortunately Corker's term isn't up until the end Fannie Mae (FNMA) 09/26/2017 10:13:37 PM
Lol. Great to have you back on the Fannie Mae (FNMA) 09/26/2017 10:04:54 PM
What are we waiting for in Sweeney's court? Fannie Mae (FNMA) 09/21/2017 08:16:54 PM
Watt, not Watts. Fannie Mae (FNMA) 09/16/2017 01:37:26 PM
Good to have you back. Fannie Mae (FNMA) 09/06/2017 02:06:12 PM
Are you sure? Are you certain that they Fannie Mae (FNMA) 09/01/2017 08:22:46 PM
Thanks Arnold, but please bring your cousin back. Fannie Mae (FNMA) 09/01/2017 07:30:56 PM
I don't think they will release, but they Fannie Mae (FNMA) 08/30/2017 10:17:25 PM
This screams of opportunity. It is sad personally Fannie Mae (FNMA) 08/30/2017 07:45:31 PM
Will Fannie and Freddie have to take a Fannie Mae (FNMA) 08/29/2017 09:22:17 PM
I agree that the warrants may be the Fannie Mae (FNMA) 08/25/2017 08:28:55 AM
Uh oh. That comment is going to upset Fannie Mae (FNMA) 08/24/2017 10:19:55 PM
Thanks for fighting the fight navy. I can't Fannie Mae (FNMA) 08/13/2017 01:42:47 PM
I don't get it either unless he is Fannie Mae (FNMA) 08/10/2017 08:22:03 AM
MBA's Stevens regarding Watt - "“He should not Fannie Mae (FNMA) 08/09/2017 09:48:48 PM
I was just thinking that the volume looks Fannie Mae (FNMA) 08/07/2017 11:03:28 AM