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Some previous news states they have been approached SPO Global Inc. (SPOM) 11/18/2017 03:40:58 PM
Sugar Bear, thank you for all the factual SPO Global Inc. (SPOM) 11/17/2017 11:13:49 PM
Anyone else see the paint @ .0091 for PDX Partners Inc. (PDXP) 11/13/2017 04:01:36 PM
Old news, everyone saw this DD earlier in Start Scientific, Inc. (STSC) 11/10/2017 03:13:09 PM
Not sure why any trader would waste their Start Scientific, Inc. (STSC) 11/06/2017 03:42:26 PM
I would say he has done some good Start Scientific, Inc. (STSC) 11/06/2017 02:15:47 PM
Everyone getting in at these levels are going Start Scientific, Inc. (STSC) 11/06/2017 11:40:31 AM
Seems that way. Lots of people been holding Start Scientific, Inc. (STSC) 11/06/2017 09:51:30 AM
Glad to see this ticker running hard. Got Start Scientific, Inc. (STSC) 11/03/2017 04:57:31 PM
Mongolia is in the midst of an epic Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 10/19/2017 11:30:12 AM
Most likely you wont see 1's again but Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 08/30/2017 10:40:47 PM
Your info is true. I invested in this Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 08/25/2017 11:25:35 PM
Just an FYI to all. I have been Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 08/16/2017 11:43:54 PM
This is on fire. I have a buy Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 08/15/2017 10:58:47 PM
Please explain to the morons what level to Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 08/15/2017 11:46:20 AM
I have been in and out of this Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 08/10/2017 02:55:30 PM
I've read that Russell is working to bring Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 08/09/2017 04:07:35 PM
OH OH, get ready for a little run Start Scientific, Inc. (STSC) 07/31/2017 07:14:46 PM
I have been in and out of this Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 07/27/2017 08:00:00 PM
That's not gohst, that was me at 15mil. Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 07/27/2017 10:01:07 AM
Wow! I guess today I have finally had Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 03/08/2017 03:11:41 PM
OK, you are not the only one that Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 03/01/2017 07:29:25 PM
Jan 21, 2017 Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 03/01/2017 09:49:52 AM
Very true! 6 million in buys today. People Start Scientific, Inc. (STSC) 02/10/2017 07:04:21 PM
Email him over at chr*o where he really Appyea, Inc. (APYP) 02/03/2017 11:05:15 AM
Spoke with a Sears appliance tech the other Sears Holdings Cp (SHLD) 01/27/2017 12:20:53 PM
I have not read anywhere that Doug helped Appyea, Inc. (APYP) 01/23/2017 04:29:36 PM
So it has been obvious to most common Appyea, Inc. (APYP) 01/23/2017 01:40:33 PM
I was in here before you showed up. Appyea, Inc. (APYP) 01/12/2017 11:12:21 PM
That's right! I am waiting for .0004 to Appyea, Inc. (APYP) 01/12/2017 05:28:29 PM
I agree, the loto game here is to Start Scientific, Inc. (STSC) 01/11/2017 06:52:52 PM
Not today, 900k buys and 12mil sells today Start Scientific, Inc. (STSC) 01/11/2017 01:45:34 PM
Someones on bid for 20mil at .0002 Start Scientific, Inc. (STSC) 12/30/2016 03:58:00 PM
6 months or years? I was able to Start Scientific, Inc. (STSC) 12/28/2016 11:34:29 AM
I get a failure error when trying to Start Scientific, Inc. (STSC) 12/27/2016 10:50:47 AM
Not true. LOI signed last year. Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 11/10/2016 10:22:13 PM
LOL!! I didnt think you would come up Appyea, Inc. (APYP) 10/24/2016 03:56:24 PM
Please provide us all with the links to Appyea, Inc. (APYP) 10/24/2016 12:59:11 PM
Yes he did. And??? Appyea, Inc. (APYP) 10/24/2016 12:57:10 PM
No, its not in the MJ sector. Somebody Appyea, Inc. (APYP) 10/24/2016 12:26:02 PM