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Posts by money6870BoardDate/Time
Sure looks that way Benz, just need some Alternative PRoducts Unlimited (APRU) 10/23/2017 06:52:31 PM Wanderport Corp. (WDRP) 10/23/2017 06:05:38 PM Wanderport Corp. (WDRP) 10/23/2017 06:04:51 PM Read the responses, s IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 10/23/2017 04:15:49 PM
They need to stop with the BS tweets Alternative PRoducts Unlimited (APRU) 10/23/2017 02:32:04 PM
This will be .0005 or lower by EOY Itonis Inc. (ITNS) 10/23/2017 01:49:36 PM
Coffee will be available by end of october IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 10/23/2017 11:57:35 AM
We just need to get current and a Alternative PRoducts Unlimited (APRU) 10/23/2017 11:55:59 AM
.01 would be incredible Alternative PRoducts Unlimited (APRU) 10/22/2017 09:36:04 PM
Lol Viva Entertainment Group Inc. (OTTV) 10/22/2017 09:33:52 PM
Yeah, he told a friend of a cousin Viva Entertainment Group Inc. (OTTV) 10/22/2017 08:42:08 PM
Atleast state where they hear the rumor. Its Viva Entertainment Group Inc. (OTTV) 10/22/2017 08:20:12 PM
Agreed, they need the Tea and Beer available Wanderport Corp. (WDRP) 10/22/2017 01:46:29 PM IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 10/22/2017 12:37:35 PM
I know alot of people who will buy Wanderport Corp. (WDRP) 10/22/2017 12:23:02 PM
I've been in, just don't like people making Viva Entertainment Group Inc. (OTTV) 10/22/2017 12:22:14 PM
Don't forget about the Tea, get the tea Wanderport Corp. (WDRP) 10/22/2017 10:11:17 AM
Theres,no viva, verizon rumors Viva Entertainment Group Inc. (OTTV) 10/22/2017 10:10:02 AM
Watch for us working with a company named IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 10/21/2017 10:30:09 PM
We are going to have a new competitor Wanderport Corp. (WDRP) 10/21/2017 07:25:17 PM
He needs to quit retweeting that and just Alternative PRoducts Unlimited (APRU) 10/21/2017 05:43:12 PM
Signed Wanderport Corp. (WDRP) 10/20/2017 07:44:28 PM Wanderport Corp. (WDRP) 10/20/2017 07:17:13 PM Wanderport Corp. (WDRP) 10/20/2017 07:15:05 PM
The green rush line will be availabe by IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 10/20/2017 06:36:48 PM
I was in that stock, bought 5 million Wanderport Corp. (WDRP) 10/20/2017 03:35:26 PM
This has gone up because of that tweet???? Alternative PRoducts Unlimited (APRU) 10/20/2017 02:53:21 PM Alternative PRoducts Unlimited (APRU) 10/20/2017 02:35:10 PM
I see cgr@ is doing great Wanderport Corp. (WDRP) 10/20/2017 02:31:47 PM
"If" everything Dufort is saying is true, this IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 10/20/2017 10:48:42 AM
No interest, company has to prove theres product. IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 10/20/2017 10:47:37 AM
Wow, this POS has some life. Whats going on? SUTIMCo International, Inc. (SUTI) 10/20/2017 10:46:04 AM
Screw the mayor, your now known as El Presidente!!!!! Wanderport Corp. (WDRP) 10/20/2017 10:41:55 AM
Not phase 2, just more to phase 1. IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 10/20/2017 08:46:07 AM
Agreed, we don't care about companies not related Wanderport Corp. (WDRP) 10/20/2017 08:38:57 AM
Someone asked about a pr on twitter, here IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 10/19/2017 09:56:13 PM
Go on their twitter and ask Nyxio Technologies Corporation (NYXO) 10/19/2017 06:21:33 PM
LMAO DNA Brands, Inc. (DNAX) 10/19/2017 06:20:54 PM
When are 3rd qt fins due? NanoTech Entertainment, Inc. (NTEK) 10/19/2017 04:41:54 PM
When are 3rd qt fins due? Firefish Inc (FRFS) 10/19/2017 04:40:42 PM