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What goes up, must come down, those pesky Apple Inc. (AAPL) 10/16/2017 03:21:07 PM was...getting more juicy by the day. e.Digital Corporation (EDIG) 10/15/2017 07:14:16 PM
Good point only getting my info from Baltia Air Lines, Inc. (BLTA) 10/14/2017 08:19:18 PM
I have an idea...lets let the people running Baltia Air Lines, Inc. (BLTA) 10/14/2017 08:03:29 PM
You are very generous person...thank you. Apple Inc. (AAPL) 10/14/2017 07:50:23 PM
What happened to the press release yesterday? Baltia Air Lines, Inc. (BLTA) 10/14/2017 03:14:19 PM
Where did you find that quote...amazing....who said this...never Baltia Air Lines, Inc. (BLTA) 10/14/2017 02:01:53 PM
That's what Apple is famous for, stealing intellectual Apple Inc. (AAPL) 10/14/2017 12:58:35 PM
This should be a very productive weekend. e.Digital Corporation (EDIG) 10/14/2017 12:46:06 PM
More news in progress... e.Digital Corporation (EDIG) 10/12/2017 02:27:38 PM
Let's take those out...if the shoe fits. Baltia Air Lines, Inc. (BLTA) 10/11/2017 04:12:57 PM
However, nobody should be over confident, this is e.Digital Corporation (EDIG) 10/11/2017 02:29:09 PM
It can be a benefit and sometimes not. e.Digital Corporation (EDIG) 10/11/2017 02:21:20 PM
And, it just keeps getting better and better Baltia Air Lines, Inc. (BLTA) 10/11/2017 02:05:54 PM
What a TEAM Monroe1. Baltia Air Lines, Inc. (BLTA) 10/11/2017 01:36:46 PM
And, those of us privileged to have met e.Digital Corporation (EDIG) 10/11/2017 01:32:22 PM
Im not one of... Baltia Air Lines, Inc. (BLTA) 10/11/2017 01:16:09 PM
Yes, communicated with him a short while back...very Baltia Air Lines, Inc. (BLTA) 10/11/2017 12:55:36 PM
He is the most logical choice as CEO, e.Digital Corporation (EDIG) 10/11/2017 11:49:43 AM
Is that why we are back to .0004, 420 Property Mgmt. Inc. (FTPM) 10/11/2017 11:39:04 AM
The world will see...more stuff in the works...yup, e.Digital Corporation (EDIG) 10/10/2017 06:03:31 PM
There is no such asset. An increase e.Digital Corporation (EDIG) 10/10/2017 04:37:09 PM
Watch what happens by Friday. 420 Property Mgmt. Inc. (FTPM) 10/10/2017 01:51:25 PM
Nothing has changed here....oh well... 420 Property Mgmt. Inc. (FTPM) 10/10/2017 11:50:52 AM
Next week, weeks biggy...its going to happen. Baltia Air Lines, Inc. (BLTA) 10/09/2017 05:35:14 PM
Excellent DD summary of the FACTS. e.Digital Corporation (EDIG) 10/09/2017 02:22:32 PM
Denial of the chap 7, is assumed to e.Digital Corporation (EDIG) 10/09/2017 12:21:59 PM
Breaking news, developing story...i8 batteries swelling destroying phones....yikes...isolated Apple Inc. (AAPL) 10/09/2017 12:09:15 PM
They are building a great company. Marijuana Company of America Inc. (MCOA) 10/09/2017 12:02:39 PM
Flash-R portfolio, 5 patents, expired, so no to e.Digital Corporation (EDIG) 10/08/2017 02:16:00 PM
Dr Patrick O. Nunally was a paid consultant e.Digital Corporation (EDIG) 10/08/2017 01:37:15 PM
Pretty simple words to comprehend, and it's been Baltia Air Lines, Inc. (BLTA) 10/08/2017 01:26:35 PM
He didn't...the company did not have the cash WebSafety Inc. (WBSI) 10/08/2017 12:54:37 PM
I see you heard the same thing I Baltia Air Lines, Inc. (BLTA) 10/07/2017 02:12:00 PM
The group is being smart imo, not to e.Digital Corporation (EDIG) 10/07/2017 01:04:25 PM
Not too shabby for a handful of SHAREHOLDERS huh? e.Digital Corporation (EDIG) 10/07/2017 11:03:24 AM
Phase two of the plan is now in progress. e.Digital Corporation (EDIG) 10/06/2017 10:11:39 PM
Imo...kinda of a sleeping Doberman here...and I've had Marijuana Company of America Inc. (MCOA) 10/06/2017 09:12:02 PM
Guess what...public communications from USGLOBAL AIRWAYS, INC is Baltia Air Lines, Inc. (BLTA) 10/06/2017 09:01:10 PM
Fact like last time...ok...lmao...not what is happening, but e.Digital Corporation (EDIG) 10/06/2017 06:42:03 PM