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Posts by DcabBoardDate/Time
Thanks Momo. USA Real Estate Holding Co. (USTC) 12/16/2017 09:11:12 AM
I emailed the Mr. Flowers for a second Nanosensors Inc. (NNSR) 12/16/2017 09:08:19 AM
When in 2018 ? Jan? Nanosensors Inc. (NNSR) 12/15/2017 01:45:44 PM
Yes Central Wireless Inc. (CWIR) 12/15/2017 12:55:21 PM
I think once the CE is gone the Central Wireless Inc. (CWIR) 12/15/2017 12:44:15 PM
Something is up. Maybe website is going live soon. USA Real Estate Holding Co. (USTC) 12/15/2017 11:45:56 AM
I am still unclear on the relationship between USA Real Estate Holding Co. (USTC) 12/15/2017 07:55:10 AM
It is only $2000. I am confused about USA Real Estate Holding Co. (USTC) 12/15/2017 07:34:21 AM
Just because someone paints the final trade I USA Real Estate Holding Co. (USTC) 12/14/2017 07:34:20 PM
NO BOOM until the CE is gone. Central Wireless Inc. (CWIR) 12/14/2017 03:39:15 PM
There is no support here at all. This USA Real Estate Holding Co. (USTC) 12/14/2017 02:46:00 PM
I will find out. Thanks Central Wireless Inc. (CWIR) 12/14/2017 11:11:32 AM
The MM can buy and sell the stock Central Wireless Inc. (CWIR) 12/14/2017 10:44:25 AM
So you believe that MM play zero games Central Wireless Inc. (CWIR) 12/14/2017 10:41:07 AM
Then no one would short this. So in Central Wireless Inc. (CWIR) 12/14/2017 10:18:54 AM
My son has an interactive brokers account and Central Wireless Inc. (CWIR) 12/14/2017 10:08:42 AM
Well THall the sole purpose of the CE Central Wireless Inc. (CWIR) 12/14/2017 09:48:34 AM
This scam has been in a steady decline Nanosensors Inc. (NNSR) 12/14/2017 09:08:53 AM
That CE is killing this stock and there Central Wireless Inc. (CWIR) 12/13/2017 04:10:23 PM
Is BlockEx coming public via USTC? USA Real Estate Holding Co. (USTC) 12/13/2017 12:15:54 PM
I have emailed Platt on a number of Central Wireless Inc. (CWIR) 12/13/2017 12:13:44 PM
That must be CWIR hired the high powered Central Wireless Inc. (CWIR) 12/13/2017 11:51:17 AM
We need to break .20. That is resistance. USA Real Estate Holding Co. (USTC) 12/13/2017 10:10:07 AM
Was there news last nite on this ticker? USA Real Estate Holding Co. (USTC) 12/13/2017 08:01:44 AM
So your time table would put CE removal Central Wireless Inc. (CWIR) 12/12/2017 01:59:57 PM
Momo can you explain the relationship between BlockEx USA Real Estate Holding Co. (USTC) 12/12/2017 11:08:09 AM
Is the coin Co a bitcoin or blockchain ? Central Wireless Inc. (CWIR) 12/12/2017 09:19:39 AM
Everyone is waiting for the CE to be Central Wireless Inc. (CWIR) 12/11/2017 12:23:04 PM
Also, it is important to note that all Central Wireless Inc. (CWIR) 12/11/2017 08:40:52 AM
No he never said much to me other The Crypto Company (CRCW) 12/08/2017 04:53:37 PM
Do you think today? Central Wireless Inc. (CWIR) 12/08/2017 01:01:41 PM
The OTC should have alerted the authorities to Central Wireless Inc. (CWIR) 12/08/2017 07:59:31 AM
The attorney's letter was a warning to the Central Wireless Inc. (CWIR) 12/07/2017 05:20:58 PM
Looks like Skull and Bones will be a Central Wireless Inc. (CWIR) 12/07/2017 02:05:06 PM
I did not contact them another poster did. Central Wireless Inc. (CWIR) 12/07/2017 10:10:45 AM
If you want to start warning about fraud Central Wireless Inc. (CWIR) 12/07/2017 10:07:43 AM
What are they protecting investors from? Central Wireless Inc. (CWIR) 12/07/2017 10:04:28 AM
It amazes me that the otc can not Central Wireless Inc. (CWIR) 12/07/2017 10:01:33 AM
Where is the $ coming from to fund USA Real Estate Holding Co. (USTC) 12/06/2017 08:59:04 AM
Looks like the sellers have left the building. Central Wireless Inc. (CWIR) 12/05/2017 10:24:09 AM