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Posts by DonotunderstandBoardDate/Time
yes and the shell at 35% top corporate tax WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 10/20/2017 02:05:35 PM
That - do not touch/sell - was an Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/20/2017 02:03:55 PM
the news of SCOTUS agreeing to hear ... Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/20/2017 01:55:56 PM
pfd bxa supportive of a bullish day for FNMA Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/20/2017 09:39:17 AM
bulletproof from equity's perspective --- not every perspective Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/20/2017 09:31:32 AM
The suit by the House against the actions Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/20/2017 09:30:30 AM
10bam GREAT Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/20/2017 09:28:19 AM
???? one series of payments is a receipt of money Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/20/2017 09:25:57 AM
share price of WMIH is wholly hostage WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 10/20/2017 07:55:52 AM
Hey If they can so easily repeal the Mnuchin Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/18/2017 04:48:53 PM
433843 so if Bush had not needed to borrow Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/18/2017 03:27:05 PM
433843 so if Bush had not needed to borrow Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/18/2017 03:27:04 PM
Interesting Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/18/2017 03:19:47 PM
Excellent Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/18/2017 03:12:03 PM
If you do not trust the articles Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/18/2017 03:02:40 PM
#4 and #5 - where the GOV gets Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/18/2017 02:58:41 PM
it relates to the CSR which is was Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/18/2017 02:54:48 PM
back to Tuesday Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/18/2017 12:30:30 PM
the argument has been that all of Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/18/2017 09:28:54 AM
To delivery of care Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/18/2017 09:25:57 AM
OH NO Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/17/2017 02:47:54 PM
YES WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 10/17/2017 02:09:44 PM
I may not see the answer as I WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 10/17/2017 02:07:06 PM
when did you invest ? WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 10/17/2017 02:02:33 PM
8K by halloweeen we will see an 8k WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 10/17/2017 02:00:11 PM
Question to all Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/17/2017 12:52:48 PM
some of the biggest and worst lies are Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/17/2017 12:46:51 PM
Who is Allen West Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/17/2017 12:44:57 PM
bcde with all due respect Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/17/2017 09:30:31 AM
I hope this is true in its main Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/17/2017 09:28:20 AM
bcde that - the post I respond to - Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/17/2017 09:26:08 AM
P holders Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/17/2017 09:18:53 AM
If one agrees that the FHFA --i.e. F Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/17/2017 09:16:40 AM
anyone is that 11 cents a pro forma type Twitter (TWTR) 10/16/2017 01:46:22 PM
Mnuchin has not said a positive word since Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/16/2017 01:31:43 PM
If and when he is found guilty I Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/15/2017 10:08:45 AM
to offer home loans to deadbeat borrowers with Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/15/2017 09:49:33 AM
while the next paragraph hints are interesting Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/15/2017 09:46:21 AM
expands as in current and future tense? Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/15/2017 09:42:06 AM
a smaller piece of a MASSIVE DOMINANT company Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/15/2017 09:37:46 AM