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STI SunTrust Banks Inc. 60    2 months ago   Banking and Finance
ASTI Ascent Solar Technologies 36,071    2 minutes ago   Alternative Energy
DECN Decision Diagnostics Corp. 47,676    43 minutes ago   Medical - Healthcare
PSTI Pluristem Therapeutics, Inc. 7,322    49 minutes ago   Biotechs
Sector Investing 11,644    1 hour ago   User's Groups
DEST Destination Maternity Corporation 13    1 hour ago   Retail - Chains
HTGM HTG Molecular Diagnostics Inc 765    2 hours ago   Medical - Equipment
WSTI WindStream Technologies Inc. 4,304    2 hours ago   Alternative Energy
MJOG Majestic Oil & Gas, Inc 82    3 hours ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
VODG Vitro Diagnostics, Inc. 2,217    6 hours ago   Biotechs
RLOG Rand Logistics, Inc. 214    7 hours ago   Automotive and Transportation
The Question and Answer Board (IHUB) 189,007    9 hours ago   Welcome to InvestorsHub
$$$Ospreyeye: Charts, Technical Analysis & Japanes 42,611    9 hours ago   All Trading - Technical
CHRISTIAN ROCK CAFE 40,424    9 hours ago   User's Groups
LEDIF Led Medical Diagnostics Inc. 34    9 hours ago   Medical - Equipment
AVDX Avant Diagnostics 1,006    10 hours ago   Medical - Equipment
AG First Majestic Silver Corp. 1,244    11 hours ago   Mining/Resources
Investor Help (NO Ihub questions) 4,973    11 hours ago   Education
PENNYBUSTER'S PENNY BUSTIN PLAYS!! (penny) 15,527    23 hours ago   User's Groups
PTOI Plastic2Oil, Inc. 300,332    1 day ago   Alternative Energy
IDXG Interpace Diagnostics Group Inc. 2,621    2 days ago   Medical - Healthcare
Christian Prayer Room 12,396    2 days ago   Coffee Shop
Meatloaf Testing 2,551    3 days ago   Hobbies
Newbies questions .... Gurus answer (politely) ple 179    3 days ago   Support Forums
ASKH Astika Holdings, Inc 1,009    4 days ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
GLGI Greystone Logistics Inc. 550    4 days ago   Miscellaneous
AMNF Armanino Foods of Distinction Inc 430    4 days ago   Food - Processing and Agriculture
HOSStile STOCKS 37,673    4 days ago   All Trading - Technical
DSNY Destiny Media Tech 14,461    6 days ago   Miscellaneous
TSTIF TSO3, Inc.   7 days ago   Medical - Healthcare
BMGP Biomagnetics Diagnostics Corp. 4,060    8 days ago   Medical - Equipment
PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS 305    10 days ago   Coffee Shop
Travel tips & suggestions 2,272    11 days ago   Other
ESDI Eastside Distilling Inc. 812    12 days ago   Food - Beverages
BSTI Best Inc.   14 days ago   Electronics and components
DGX Quest Diagnostics Inc 20    14 days ago   Medical - Healthcare
Stock O'holics Investing University 52,143    20 days ago   Market Trends and Strategies
A Chart Testing Ground 336    22 days ago   All Trading - Technical
ACST Acasti Pharma, Inc 290    22 days ago   Medical - Healthcare
ESES Eco-Stim Energy Solutions Inc. 5,135    25 days ago   Computers - Software
WAB Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corp 10    25 days ago   Automotive and Transportation
Dividend investing for retirement 27    26 days ago   User's Groups
AKTS Akoustis Technologies Inc.   28 days ago   Electronics and components
CODX Co-Diagnostics Inc.   1 month ago   Biotechs
Skil Ports & Logistics (LSE:SPL)   1 month ago   A.I.M.
TVTV WhereverTV Broadcasting Corp. 867    1 month ago   Telecommunications Networks
CHLO China Logistics Group, Inc. 6,141    2 months ago   Computers - Hardware
CLIR Clearsign Combustion Corp. 69    2 months ago   Electronics and components
VVDB ViaVid Broadcasting Inc. 197    2 months ago   Telecommunications Networks
AXDX Accelerate Diagnostics, Inc. 49    2 months ago   Electronics and components
Austin Exploration Ltd. (fka AUNXY)   2 months ago   Delisted
Candlesticks (CANDLE) 2,267    2 months ago   Support Forums
Meatloaf Testing 2 21    2 months ago   Hobbies
Imaging Diagnostic Systems (fka IMDS) 39,107    3 months ago   Delisted
Liberty Hall Daily Chat Forum: Politics Unbound (CONSTITUTION) 1,220    3 months ago   Politics
Christian Politics in the United States 1,059    4 months ago   Politics
The Bible & Christian Rock Cafe Video Collecti 47    4 months ago   Coffee Shop
IFMI Institutional Financial Markets Inc 35    4 months ago   Brokerages/Investment Banks
Testing 4-3-2-1 19    4 months ago   Welcome to InvestorsHub
HAIN The Hain Celestial Group, Inc. 108    4 months ago   Food - Processing and Agriculture
RGLG UHF Logistics Group, Inc. 12    4 months ago   Miscellaneous
FPWM 1st Prestige Wealth Management 23,413    4 months ago   Miscellaneous
Top Gainer Charts - DD - Sticky Notes (deet) 227    4 months ago   User's Groups
testing 1234 (TEST2) 221    4 months ago   Welcome to InvestorsHub
SBSAA Spanish Broadcasting System Inc. 158    4 months ago   Media - Conglomerates
test2 testing 123 55    5 months ago   Alternative Energy
BMKDF BioMark Diagnostics Inc. 22    5 months ago   Medical - Drugs
MDIT Medite Cancer Diagnostics Inc. 3,672    5 months ago   Miscellaneous
HMGN Hemagen Diagnostics, Inc. 26    5 months ago   Medical - Equipment
IHUB Posting Milestones (milestone) 15,398    6 months ago   Welcome to InvestorsHub
CEMI Chembio Diagnostics 179    6 months ago   Biotechs
Investing For Other   6 months ago   Education
IVME In Veritas Medical Diagnostics, Inc 314    6 months ago   Medical - Equipment
Systematic Investing Group (SIG) 772    6 months ago   A.I.M.
Global Leadership Institute Inc. (fka CEHC) 24,510    6 months ago   Telecommunications Networks
The Hypocrisy of Christianity 250    6 months ago   Other
CALI China Auto Logistics 381    6 months ago   Internet - E-Commerce
More Site Suggestions (IHUBMSS) 148    6 months ago   BETA Bugs / Suggestions
Christian Conservative 383    7 months ago   Coffee Shop
VRTB Vestin Realty Mortgage II, Inc. 10    7 months ago   Real Estate
MRES Institutes of Biomedical Research Corp. 7,393    7 months ago   Biotechs
Real Estate Investing (REALESTATE) 199    7 months ago   Support Forums
DayStar Technologies Inc. (fka DSTI) 1,040    8 months ago   Delisted
BullSticks 419    8 months ago   Technical Analysis
STIE KESTREL TRANSPORTATION. INC.   8 months ago   Automotive and Transportation
Site Suggestions 321    8 months ago   Welcome to InvestorsHub
BERY Berry Plastics Group Inc.   9 months ago   Basic Materials
SXL Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P. 38    9 months ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
CSTI Costar Technologies, Inc. 106    9 months ago   Internet - E-Commerce
PENDING LISTING Jupiter Gold Corporation 43    10 months ago   Mining/Resources
ERBA ERBA Diagnostics, Inc 152    10 months ago   Biotechs
SCHL Scholastic Corp 14    10 months ago   Media - Newspapers/Print
SWC Stillwater Mining Co. 935    10 months ago   Mining/Resources
The PennyStock Institute 4,143    10 months ago   Education
UTI Universal Technical Institute, Inc.   10 months ago   Miscellaneous
Hungarian Broadcasting Corp. (fka HBCO) 28    11 months ago   Delisted
PBFX PBF Logistics   11 months ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
NXST Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc. 16    11 months ago   Telecommunications Networks
TDLAF TBG Diagnostics Ltd. 69    12 months ago   Medical - Drugs
StarInvest Group Inc. (fka STIV) 253    1 year ago   Delisted
Versus Technology, Inc. (fka VSTI) 74    1 year ago   Delisted
GNMK GenMark Diagnostics, Inc. 145    1 year ago   Medical - Equipment
RAX Rackspace Hosting 306    1 year ago   Computers - Software
TSX:FR First Majestic Resource Corp 25    1 year ago   Basic Materials
Halts and Delistings 51    1 year ago   User's Groups
CHRISTIAN STOCK INVESTORS 2,734    1 year ago   Coffee Shop
Gorilla & King Investing (G&K) 232    1 year ago   Long-Term
Everyday Stock (Re)Investing (fka DRIP) 90    1 year ago   Long-Term
VEST Vestiage, Inc. 76,851    1 year ago   Miscellaneous
MGCD MGC Diagnostics Corporation   1 year ago   Medical - Equipment
PGEC Prestige Capital Corp 13    1 year ago   Miscellaneous
Christian Investors 340    1 year ago   User's Groups
Hastings Manufacturing Co.(fka HGMG) 15    1 year ago   Delisted
Compass Plastics Tech Inc. (fka CPTI)   2 years ago   Delisted
Investigative Services Agencies (fka IVAY) 2,632    2 years ago   Delisted
Logistical Support Inc.(fka LGSL) 20    2 years ago   Delisted
Global Value Investing 3,456    2 years ago   Foreign Stock Markets
RLGT Radiant Logistics, Inc. 86    2 years ago   Miscellaneous
STNUF Stina Resources Ltd   2 years ago   Mining/Resources
ARCX Arc Logistics Partners LP.   2 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
GUERILLA INVESTING FOR DUMMIES 13,617    2 years ago   User's Groups
VRTA Vestin Realty Mortgage I Inc.   2 years ago   Real Estate
PRMLY Prumo Logistics SA ADR   2 years ago   Miscellaneous
VPTD VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd. 93    2 years ago   Biotechs
Stock_Diver''s Stinky Pinky (OTC ONLY) 66    2 years ago   User's Groups
G3B NIKKO AM STI ETF   2 years ago   ETFs
CXDC China Xd Plastics Company Ltd. 54    2 years ago   Miscellaneous
Ihub Fraud Board (ALL STICKERS)   2 years ago   All Trading - Technical
DXLG Destination XL Group, Inc.   2 years ago   Retail - Chains
Uplistings 60    2 years ago   Coffee Shop
Sons And Daughters Of BBCMF Energy: Oil, Gas - Com 640    2 years ago   Market Trends and Strategies
TACO Levy Acquistion Corporation   2 years ago   Retail - Chains
Broadview Institute Inc. (fka BVII) 25    2 years ago   Delisted
PDIIX PIMCO Diversified Income Fund Institutional Class   2 years ago   Mutual Funds
TLLP Tesoro Logistics   2 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
NASDAQ:ECHO Echo Global Logistics, Inc   2 years ago   Automotive and Transportation
ADVX Avant Diagnostics Inc. 1,673    3 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
SKPN SkyShop Logistics, Inc. 1,018    3 years ago   Miscellaneous
Plasticon International, Inc. (fka PLNIQ) 33,328    3 years ago   Delisted
HDII Hypertension Diagnostics, Inc. 41    3 years ago   Medical - Equipment
Investing Haiku (haiku) 285    3 years ago   Hobbies
FTDL FirsTime Design, Ltd. 17    3 years ago   Retail - Wholesale Distributors
Investing in Timber 3,419    3 years ago   Market Trends and Strategies
Testing Board Ticker Feature (1234:5678)   3 years ago   Coffee Shop
Emerging Market Growth Stocks: India/GeoInvesting   3 years ago   User's Groups
CLS Celstica, Inc. 14    3 years ago   Electronics and components
Beijing Logistic Inc.(fka BJGL) 30    3 years ago   Delisted
MRDG Miracor Diagnostics Inc 554    3 years ago   Medical - Equipment
SF Stifel Financial Corp.   3 years ago   Brokerages/Investment Banks
Value Investing 390    3 years ago   User's Groups
LOM Logistics, Inc.(fka LOMJ)   3 years ago   Delisted
Trans Global Logistics (fka TLGI) 17    3 years ago   Delisted
Cargo Connection Logistics (fka CRGO) 4,853    3 years ago   Delisted
Penny Stock Testimonials   3 years ago   User's Groups
Debut Broadcasting Corp, Inc.(fka DBTB) 545    3 years ago   Delisted
US Starcom, Inc.(fka USTI) 47    3 years ago   Delisted
MLP Investing - Master Limited Partnerships   3 years ago   Education
P.O.S. Stocks (STINK) 373    3 years ago   Overvalued/Short Sellers
1st Prestige Wealth Management 57    3 years ago   Banking and Finance
Plastinum Polymer Technologies Corp.(fka PLNU) 15    3 years ago   Delisted
NICM National Institute Companies of America 88    3 years ago   Banking and Finance
Early Investing in Future Technology 26    3 years ago   Industry Specific
STYS Stinger Systems Inc. 969    4 years ago   Homeland Security
WLSV World Logistics Services 6,869    4 years ago   Automotive and Transportation
DMEC Domestic Energy Corp 2,381    4 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
ATPL Atlantis Plastics Inc.   4 years ago   Basic Materials
STUO STI Group, Inc. 14    4 years ago   Computers - Networks
CGSO Centergistic Solutions Inc. 486    4 years ago   Telecommunications Hardware
PDH PetroLogistics LP   4 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
Millenium Investing 40    4 years ago   Groups
WNRL Western Refining Logistics LP   4 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
New to investing 21    4 years ago   Support Forums
Last Mile Logistics Group, Inc. (fka LMLG) 17    4 years ago   Delisted
matt testing again (yeehaw) 76    4 years ago   BETA Bugs / Suggestions
DCIN Digital Cinema Destinations Corp. 25    4 years ago   Miscellaneous
Bustin Outta theTrailor Park Picks 253    4 years ago   Penny Flippers
BRSI Ballistic Recovery Systems, Inc. 15    4 years ago   Automotive and Transportation
Technical Research and Statistics   4 years ago   All Trading - Technical
HAST Hastings Entertainment Inc. 51    4 years ago   Retail - Chains
FNSXX Fidelity Institutional Money Market Portfolio   4 years ago   Alternative Energy
ASTIZ Ascent Solar II   4 years ago   Alternative Energy
Sticky Post Graveyard   5 years ago   User's Groups
Pristine Trading - Daily Lessons and Picks 125    5 years ago   Market Trends and Strategies
We Answer Your Question 552    5 years ago   Welcome to InvestorsHub
castillian ressources   5 years ago   Mining/Resources
The Last Stochastics   5 years ago   All Trading - Technical
CBX Cbx (Listing Market Nyse Netw (CBX)   5 years ago   Banking and Finance
Advanced Medical Institute, Inc.(fka AVMD) 1,241    5 years ago   Delisted
Candlestick Rescue League 146    5 years ago   Market Trends and Strategies
stock trading-investing 160    5 years ago   Penny Trading - Technical
Board Of The Instinctive Salesman   5 years ago   Penny Trading - Technical
Stocks that Stink 39    5 years ago   User's Groups
InvestInPennyStocks Picks   5 years ago   User's Groups
Super Hero Justice League Team America. 6,222    5 years ago   Market Trends and Strategies
HIFS Hingham Institution for Savings   5 years ago   Banking and Finance
still alive 22    5 years ago   User's Groups
New Bastion Development Inc. (fka NWBA)   5 years ago   Delisted
Jr Mining &; Bio-Diesel Questionable Companies 728    5 years ago   Market Trends and Strategies
TSXV:MJS MAJESTIC GOLD CORPORATION 87    5 years ago   Mining/Resources
MJGCF Majestic Gold Corp.   5 years ago   Mining/Resources

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