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Garb OIl & Power Corporation Garb Oil & Power Corporation
                    HELPing to SOLVE TODAY'S recycling and ENERGY CHALLENGES FOR A GREENER TOMORROW.


Garb Oil & Power Corporation (OTC Pink: GARB)

Garb Oil & Power Corporation has a long history in the shredding and recycling industry. Garb's founder, John C. Brewer, invented, patented and produced the first shredder in the world designed specifically for tire shredding as well as the first OTR (Off The Road) tire shredder. The company has a diverse strategy to vertically integrate into the waste refinement, recycling and energy industries.


Waste is a major environmental concern around the world. It may disappear when we discard and replace, but it doesn't disappear from the planet. Garb Oil & Power Corporation is dedicated to creating products that increases energy efficiency and reduces the carbon footprint while helping to preserve the environment. By providing superior products and services we will do our part in making the world a greener place while passing cost saving on to our customers.


Products and Services

Garb Oil & Power Corporation (OTC Pink: GARB) has a long company history in the fast growing industry of waste recycling and specifically related to waste-to-energy. Garb is organized to utilize both next-generation machines and new technologies, including those contributed to the Company by the Burda Families, to vertically integrate into the waste refinement, recycling and energy industries. In addition to selling new tires, shredders and related recycling equipment, the Company's emphasis is for its own plants to produce profitable new and "green" solutions for waste-to-energy including the potential use of hemp, alternate energy sources, fuel enhancements, recycle fuel operations that utilize the fuel enhancement products, new equipment technologies that improve energy usage efficiency and utilizing recycled material in producing both useful and desirable products including wood pellets and medical marijuana paraphernalia.

 Medical Marijuana & Hemp Industry
Within the Cannabis Industry, the Company has interest in the potential use of hemp as one of the raw materials utilized in the production of alternate fuels and energy that will be located on an additional production site. To further these endeavors prior to the State of Florida voters in November deciding if the use of Medical Marijuana will be legal in the state, the Company has begun endeavors to create the Company's first operation in a state other than Florida that has legalized hemp and Medical Marijuana paraphernalia production.

 Biomass & Alternate Fuels

The United States is moving towards greater energy independence and the increase of clean renewable fuels. Biofuel is simple to use, biodegradable, nontoxic, and essentially free of sulfur and aromatics.  Alternate energy sources can produce more net energy for less money than current technologies. The Company is currently pursuing multiple avenues in this growing arena.

 Tires & Shredders

In 2013 U.S. replacement tire sales was a $37.3 billion industry. According to Modern Tire there are multiple signposts indicating pent-up demand for tires may be released in 2014. Garb will be participating in this growth and the complete life cycle of tires after they are produced. The selling of industrial manufacturing shredders continues Garb's long history as a participant in this portion of the recycling industry. 

The U.S. produces more than 200 million tons of garbage a year. Over 75% of that waste is recyclable and yet, only about 30% is actually recycled. Opportunities abound in the recycling industry and Garb is growing in this area.


Garb's strategy is to vertically integrate into the recycle industry, to be more than a seller of shredders and related recycling equipment. The recycle industry includes the reuse of materials in creating useful products that are sold and using recycled materials as an alternate energy source in industrial manufacturing. The following details the recycling plants Garb is creating within the recycle industry. Item numbers 1, 4 and 6 will be implemented in Garb's first Florida industrial manufacturing site.


1. The use of recycled wood as a raw material to manufacture wood pellets that are sold as an alternate power fuel and for farm and agricultural applications.


2. The use of hemp as an alternate crop utilized in biomass to energy production, thus creating a source of waste-to-energy.


3. The use of various recycled materials that can be utilized as a raw material in the production of medical marijuana paraphernalia for sale.


4. The use of used tires and other waste materials as an alternate fuel source in industrial manufacturing. A source of used tires includes those received from Garb's new tire customers, thereby Garb participating in the complete life cycle of tires after they are produced.


5. The production of fuel enhancements that are used in recycling fuel production that yield fuel products for sale.


6. The use of new equipment technologies that improve energy usage efficiency in the industrial manufacturing processes. Besides lower operating costs, improved energy usage efficiency will yield excess electricity that will be sold back to the power company, thus creating another source of waste-to-energy.


Garb Oil & Power Corporation's future-Several technologies and products that are under review include the following-


* Waste-to-energy and other of its potential green technology uses.


* Fuel enhancements to increase efficiency and decrease pollution.


* Recycle fuel operations that utilize the fuel enhancement products.


* New equipment technologies that improve energy usage efficiency.


* Useful and desirable products that utilize recycled materials.


* Alternate energy sources.

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