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   This board is to alert traders on stocks which are ready to move on volume / news / being bottomed .

                                  Your thoughts and opinions on any stock that is ready are welcomed.

The information provided in this board is NOT intended to make you buy or sell a stock.
We are not a licensed broker. Trading strategies discussed on this board are often high risk and not suitable for everyone.
No one is responsible for your gains or losses in the market except YOU. Please do your own DD & trading strategies .



I would like to thank all "Team Members" for your participation and efforts to make our board the # 1 Source for News / Alerts /DD /.
Also , I would like to hear from everyone about any stock that you believe has potential or is on the verge of break-outs.
Bring in your favorite stock with your own DD,and share it with us .

"If for some reason you are compensated,promote or otherwise work for or have an intricate working relationship with a company in any capacity,

Please post full disclosure of that if you wish to post on my board as it gives all a level playing field and allows others to see your motivation for posting stocks."

Thank you

The first minutes after a good PR are CRITICAL. Therefore, it is crucial to jump in for the best entry and reap the largest gains.
We attempt to inform you about the movements of stock. There is no guarantee that movement is consistent; however, if PR
appears to incur positive results, we notify our members as soon as possible.

Also, we will inform our members concerning whether the PPS is moving up and the volume is incurring.
However, this occurrence is not necessarily a boost in the value of stock, but an appraisal of price and volume fluctuations
that may occur after a PR.

It is your responsibility to verify a company's re-release of a prior PR. We do not certify prior PR's.

Trade'em, don't marry'em! Take profits!

Best of luck trading from the OTCBB ALERTS team.












100 > I need shares
200 > I need shares badly but dont take it down to get em
300 > Take the price down to get shares....
400 > Trade it sideways based on Supply and Demand
500 > Gap one way or the other, usually to the direction
of the 500 trade. Sometimes -if in the middle -keep the price right where it is.

Meanings for the Fifth Letter of Nasdaq® Ticker Symbols



JJSEABROOK has NEVER received one red cent, nor a single share, for posting on any stock.  There is NO  DISCLAIMER due for JJSeabrook!  





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