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Quasar Aerospace (QASP)

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 under construction 

QASP New:Quasar Coming  2014

Name Change and New Symbol

Looks Forward to Expand Further MJ/MMJ Industry Recreational & Medical
Cannabis Marijuana Hemp
States Colorado Florida Pennsylvania






Disclaimer - the moderators of this board are not registered financial advisors and are not recommending the securities of this company to purchase or to sell, and may hold positions bought in the open market, which we may liquidate without notice from time to time. Please do your own due diligence, and make your own investment decisions.

Investors should be very cautious about believing ANYTHING that the CEO Donnell Vigil has to say.

She has failed investors many times in the past.  Vigil has issued many false and misleading PR's in order to dump shares.

In some PR's the company has claimed that the SEVIS certification would bring in 3 million dollars a year in revenue.  Of course that never happened.

In a recent PR, the company claimed it was going to buy a Marijuana Dispensary.  Of course that never happened.

In another recent PR, the company claimed that it was going to buy one of Colorado's Premier Hydroponic Stores.  And of course that never happened.  They did buy a cheesy little shop, but certainly not a premier type of operation.

Perhaps the CEO is angry with her investors.  Perhaps she is just incapable of making things happen.  One thing is for certain.  QASP has sold billions of shares based on false and misleading PR's.

Be cautious, very cautious. 

The current share structure is an unknown due to the fact that the Transfer Agent has been gagged by the company.

NHSH a wholly owned subsidiary of Quasar Corporation has been

Suspended and Delisted as of August 28, 2013

On August 6, 2013, Respondents were ordered to show cause, by

August 16, 2013, why the registrations of their securities should not

be revoked by default. A telephonic prehearing conference was

held on August 27, 2013, attended only by the Division of


Respondents are in default for failing to file an Answer, participate

in the prehearing conference, or otherwise defend the proceeding.

The CEO, Donnell Vigil should have taken part in that

conference.  Her participation representing the

shareholders might have saved the ticker NHSH from being

This section of the QASP IBOX is maintained by a longtime investor Sunscents.





Beware all ye that enter here...

Call for yourself - ask for Kim


727-289-0010 :: 727-289-0010



15500 Roosevelt Boulevard, Suite 301

Clearwater, Florida 33760

E-mail Address:

BIG NEWS: Donnell Vigil may know people in Colorado that may know about weed!!!!!

She is on her way/may be there/ may be on her way home as you read this!!!!!

Let's hope she lands a big fish so Dean Bradley's "potential fraud" that the ex-CEO, joe canouse, PR'd about can be brought to light:

"Quasar, its officers and directors, have taken action to preclude its former chairman, Mr. Dean Bradley, from voting or converting his preferred shares due to potential actions of fraud, self dealing and the release of inaccurate public statements to the public."

There is evidence that the company has been diluting like a crack fiend in the 80's.

It is a fact that NHSH got suspended under
current management.

It is a fact that joe canouse stated, "qasp is toast".

It is a fact that the Series A shares convert to 6 x's compounded on the total outstanding resulting in approximately infinity shares.
It has been reported for years now that q has "
ordered duplicate statement from the banks that were involved going back as far as four years."

"This act by Mr. Brady is being reported as a criminal complaint."

"Lastly, the Corporation will be seeking legal remedies including the filing any charges against Mr. Bradley that are deemed appropriate.

Our long lost ex-CEO joe canouse

Bill Cirmo   Monday, 04/14/14 11:51:28 PM
Re: None  
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An open letter to the members of this board
Posted 14 April 2014

I am Bill Cirmo. I am the Chief Operating Officer and a Director of Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc. and the President of Atlantic Aviation Inc.

I am not a daily reader of this, or any other, IHUB board but discussions on this board concerning me were brought to my attention by other readers.

Let’s set the record straight.

This is my first posting and I have never posted before on this board. If I had, I would done so in the same manner I am addressing these issues with my full name for all to acknowledge. I have not, and would never, hide behind some fictitious screen name. I also do not provide back door information to members so they post or have family or friends post information I provide them.

I have been asked, via emails, for opinions in the past. I have responded directly and promptly with any information requested.

I find it very disingenuous some that have posted falsehoods about me on this board for the past 2 days were the very members I have provided information and answers to.

For the past 4 years I have worked harder than any other person ever would have to move QASP forward. For MONTHS on end, I worked 10-12 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week. There were many instances where I worked 24 hour periods. I never went home, just took a shower and started a new day.

I do own shares in the company. I BOUGHT these shares with back pay that I was owed. I have NEVER sold 1 share I owned. These allegations that I am now hurting the shareholders by dumping shares are completely false! Let me say this again, I have never sold 1 share of my stock.

During the transition to the new direction for QASP, I have remained at my post teaching students so they could finish their instructional programs. I have done this despite being provided little compensation. If you review the first quarter 2014 financials, you will see that I received a few checks for $200 to $500 for the entire quarter. For this incredible effort, I have now been slandered and presented to be incompetent and not a team player.

Allegations that students do not come in for flight lessons with me are disgusting. I am a professional flight instructor with impeccable credentials. A records search would indicate that my students have a 100% pass rate on their FAA Flight Check Rides and Written Tests. 100%!

I would suggest that before any member make additional unsupported and false accusations concerning me, you contact me directly for an input. My email is and my direct office number is (904) 378-3259.

I am at your request


William Cirmo

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