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Bancorp International Group Inc (fka BCIT)

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Things to remember when reading nonsense posts

1. BCIT was the victim of a crime. It is no offence to be a victim of crime.

2. TM did not know how to handle this and nor did anyone else.

3. TM turned to the SEC for assistance and for sweet FA.

4. The brokers sold at least 1.3 billion shares which they did not have.

5. The brokers have taken your money.

6. The brokers have wilfully refused to deliver your shares.

7. The decision to sue the shareholders was on the advice of the SEC and DTC.

8. The cusip number clerical error which prevented the company trading and led to it being de-listed cannot or will not be explained by FINRA.

9. The name change procedure was not completed by FINRA,

10. FINRA did not inform the company or other relevant parties that this name change had not been completed.

11. FINRA are unable or unwilling to explain why the name change did not get completed and why they did not advise the relevant parties.

12. Because of the actions of FINRA misleading statements were filed with the SEC.

13. The DTC lock remained in force after the identified fake shares were ratified by the court case.

14. The combination of the global lock mean that although the company was still listed on the pink sheets it was in reality a none reporting grey public company.

15. Unable to generate income it could not keep paying the SEC fees for filing.

16 The SEC revoked a company called Energy Source NOT Bancorp. There is nothing in those proceedings to say that ES was BCIT.

17. No fake shares have been identified or recovered since the aforementioned court case.

18 The fakes shares are now an irrelevance. All that matters is what is on the Transfer Agents register.

19. FINRA have stated in writng that despite the fact they are supposed to protect investors they have no responsibility to you who invested in BCIT.

Discussions about the controller on the certs, the restricted stamp, TM did this and TM did not do that, are LOB and simply efforts to distract you all from the truth of what has happened.

The brokers took your money and sold you shares they did not have.
SEC have failed you.
FINRA dont care about you and as for the DTCC.......


Recent News For Bancorp International Group, Inc.

Bancorp International Group Inc (BCIT) announces that they have acquired the option to acquire two magnetite sites

Added: (Wed Jan 14 2015)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Bancorp International Group Inc (BCIT) announces that they have acquired the option to acquire two magnetite sites at Manetai and at Aropa PNG, on the basis of a joint venture with the landowners. This venture has the approval of the MMG who will obtain as and when needed any other consents and licenses to enable mining to commence.

This is a development project, as the existence of the deposits have already been established, the precise size of the reserves are subject to survey, but are believed to be valued conservatively at minimum of $30 million.

This supplements BCIT's interest in a commodity trading business which commenced operation in 2014.

The first quarters trading figures will be published at the end of February 2015

Submitted by:Thomas Megas


J Streicher Capital LLC Announces It Is Acting As Consultant For Bancorp International Group Inc (BCIT) To Enable DTC Participants To Settle Aged Fails

DTC participants need to acquire BCIT shares in order to settle aged fails in accordance with DTC instruction contained in DTC release B0846-11.

New York (PRWEB) December 15, 2014

Sperry Younger, Managing director at J. STREICHER CAPITAL LLC (Streicher), is pleased to announce that Streicher has entered into an agreement with Bancorp International Group Inc (BCIT) to act as Consultant so as to enable DTC participants to acquire BCIT shares in order to settle aged fails in accordance with DTC instruction contained in DTC release B0846-11.

J. Streicher Capital LLC is a U.S. FINRA member Investment Banking firm concentrating on providing unique and creative financial solutions to public and private companies spanning the small-cap, mid-cap and large-cap markets around the world. The firm is comprised of a diverse group of successful professionals with Investment Banking, Fund Management, Asset Management, International Business, Brokerage, Securities and Entrepreneurial backgrounds who utilize their collective experience to provide clients with high quality results.

Please contact either Sperry Younger
email: 212-257-5495
Thomas Megas CEO and president of BCIT


Thomas Megas
+44 2032875841

Sperry Younger



DTC Important Notice B0846-11 DTC Important Notice B0846-11
In August 2011 DTC informed Patricipants that aged fails should be settled outside of DTC.

PDF attachment for the DTC file link may be found at the below DTCC website link


Bancorp International Group Inc. Announces A Final Demand For The Return Of Stock Certificates With Former Names And Inactive Cusip 05968x106 For Exchange

August 8, 2012 -- On February 8, 2012 and March 13, 2012 Bancorp International Group Inc. (the "Company") wrote to a number of its shareholders holding certificates of its common stock with former company names and inactive CUSIP number 05968x106 informing them that the Company was carrying out a mandatory exchange of all these old certificates for new common stock certificates with the active CUSIP number 05968X205.

Should a shareholder fail or refuse to comply with this final demand by the close of business 5:00 P.M., Pacific Time, on Wednesday August, 15 2012, they are advised that the Company will be obliged to pursue any and all available legal and equitable remedies, including an award of legal fees, costs and expenses incurred by the Company. The Company sincerely hope this will not be necessary, but please do not doubt our resolve to enforce this demand for the exchange of certificates.

BCIT Informs Shareholders of Important Action They Must Take in the Next Few Days - Part 2

April 19, 2012 -- BCIT informs Investors to send details of their share purchase. This follows the uncovering of major discrepancies between shares declared to Broadridge by Brokers and those believed to have been purchased by Investors.

Here is the letter found in the above PR:

Dear Shareholders,

Bancorp International Group Inc. is now moving forward with its business plan; with the company now moving
forward it is important to have the correct CUSIP number ending in 205 designated on all the company stock and
stock certificates. To achieve this Bancorp is asking for your help. Bancorp needs you to confirm the details and
your individual share count.

We have the latest NOBO and OBO lists. After reviewing these we have ascertained that various shareholder
names and Share amounts seem to be absent. The 161 shareholders on the OBO list may resolve these
discrepancies but we have no way of knowing without your assistance. It is imperative that we have as true and
accurate accounting of all shareholders, and their share amounts, as we progress.

The purpose of this Bancorp International Group Inc. letter is to ensure that all companies and
individuals that have contract notes for Bancorp International Group Inc. shares are included as part of
the shareholder body. You should take steps that are necessary to assure that Bancorp International
Group, Inc. has your information documented accurately to protect your status as a legitimate
shareholder and be eligible for inclusion in Bancorp's future as it moves forward in its business endeavors.

To accomplish this we ask that you send copies of all your hard copy buy transactions to our business address
listed below. You only need to send your early BCIT stock transactions. We suggest you black-out your
brokerage account number but leave your broker's or financial institution's name legible. Bancorp will then
check your records against our NOBO list and OBO list to give you proper credit and determine your eligibility
going forward.

This is not a legal request, this is a request to you to help Bancorp have the most complete shareholder and share
count possible. You should mail or fax your transaction copies to:

Catherine A. Mead
Registered Agent
377 S. Nevada Street
Carson City, NV 89703-4290

(775) 882-7549
Fax (775) 882-4283

Thomas Megas CEO Bancorp
International Group Inc.


BCIT Informs Shareholders of Important Action They Must Take in the Next Few Days

April 06, 2012 -- BCIT informs Investors to expect a letter from Broadridge in the next few days. This follows the uncovering of major discrepancies between shares declared to Broadridge by Brokers and those believed to have been purchased by Investors.


Bancorp International Group Inc (BCIT) Announces The Issuance Of Share Certificates To Five Brokerages

March 30, 2012 -- Share Certificates in BCIT have been issued to TD Ameritrade, Etrade, Scottrade, Schwab & TD Waterhouse Canada as a gesture of goodwill by BCIT to help the recipients in their dealings with customers who are BCIT Investors.


Bancorp International Group Inc (BCIT) Directs the Last Few Shareholders Holding Certificates with the Inactive CUSIP 05968X106 to Return them to the Transfer Agent

March 20, 2012 -- The exchange of certificates is to ensure the security of all legitimate Shareholders in the company and to provide clarity and uniformity in the market place.


Bancorp International Group Inc Announces That The Active Cusip Number for the Company is 05968X205 And That Cusip 05968X106 Had Not Been Acitve Since January 2006

February 15, 2012 -- Scottrade are not shown on Bancorps share register as holding shares in their own name. Cede and Co only hold 645,800 shares of the this stock


Bancorp International Group Inc Announces Mandatory Exchange of Common Stock Certificates CUSIP Number 05968x106 for New Stock Certificates with Active Cusip 05968x205

February 06, 2012 -- Mandatory Share Certificate Exchange is to resolve issues affecting the settlement of trades in its common stock, provide clarity and uniformity in the market place and to ensure the security of all legitimate shareholders of the Company.


Bancorp International Group Inc BCIT - Correct CUSIP 05968X205

January 11, 2012 -- BCIT confirms that Carlton Huxley continue their work for the Company, that the Transfer Agent is Empire Stock Transfer Inc of Henederson Nevada, the active CUSIP is 05968X205 and that DTC's system indicates there are no chills on BCIT securities.


Energy Source Inc ex BCIT Announces it will Act as Depository and Clearing Agent for its Shares in Lieu of the DTCC and is Pursuing its Renewed Commercial Activities.

December 03, 2011 -- Energy Source shares are no longer DTC eligible & as a result DTC has no involvement with these securities as a result of which, the DTC global lock no longer applies. BCIT/Energy source and the official Transfer Agent, Empire Stock Transfer Inc, will be act as depository and clearing agent in lieu of DTC enabling shares to be delivered to those who have purchased them from brokers.


Energy Source ex BCIT Shareholders Update

November 02, 2011 -- Energy Source Inc announces shares are available via the official Transfer Agent


Noteworthy "Stickie" Posts

April 18, 2012  Tom Megas is dictating terms now, across any spectrum

April 17, 2012  Mayen/Cefaco mou is defunct because of non-compliance by Mayen

April 17, 2012  What does Cefaco have to do with BCIT?  Megas, "Everything"

April 16, 2012  Megas (Cefaco) has sole assignability for 70 years over Atmo property in Bougainville.

April 14, 2012  I also have faith in Thomas Megas. I know you have done your part as a shareholder to continue to fight for justice here.


Business ID number

Registered office
Energy Source Inc
377 S. Nevada Street
Carson City, NV 89703-4290




President/Registered Agent
Catherine A. Mead

CEO & Secretary
Thomas P Megas

Treasurer & Director
Martin Duffy

Transfer Agent:
Empire Stock Transfer Inc.
2470 St. Rose Pkwy, Suite 304
Henderson, NV 89074
Tel: 702-818-5898
Fax: 702-974-1444

Share Structure:(as of 11/27/2007)
Authorized: 2,000,000,000
Outstanding: 1,075,084,637

SEC Filings:


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