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Drummer and Missy's Place (MUSIC)

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Please, no religious or political posts! Thank you.

ALL ARE WELCOME to post MUSIC video's here, or just chat if you'd like.

Thanks to Nitetrak, here's a big list  of The Beatles songs on Youtube.

Just click on the song title.


 I found more on that site.

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones songs on YouTube
Why the song files stopped on 6/25/07...

Someone called our web site hosting company to complain about us having streaming music on the hosting company's servers, specifically the albums.

All web site hosting company's have a TOU about no porno, copyrighted material, etc. When we called to see why our site was suspended, they explained that they have thousands of sites and don't check the contents of them unless someone calls to complain, and someone did. They were VERY nice about it, but wouldn't tell us who it was, other than to say it was not an ISP, or a copyright owner.

ALL songs belong to the copyright owner. Although some don't mind, most... understandably... want royalties when their songs are played. Even YouTube is required to remove copyrighted material, but their policy is it will only be removed if the COPYRIGHT OWNER complains.

Not all of the songs we had were in copyright violation, but since we, and they, couldn't tell or remember which was which of the 10k songs on our site, we took them all down.

We've also been assured it was NOT Ihub, or IHUB management, that caused us to stop the music!

It almost certainly was a poster ON ihub who called our web site hosting company. Ihub is the only place the music was played. We made our site unavailable to the public....doesn't even show on Google. No one outside of Ihub should have even known we existed.

Apparently someone, and it's not necessarily always the obvious, couldn't stand the fact that we had the biggest, baddest, 'bestest', music site on Ihub and let their jealousy, frustrations, anger, and/or stupidity get the best of them.

They had to know at least the rudimentary way web sites work, and had to do a little digging to find out who our host is.

So, we start from scratch once again!

Original notice posted 6/25/07


Music files will no longer be played on this site until further notice!

It seems a snitch has complained to our host about our music, and the host has asked us to remove all 10,000 plus songs.

It's been fun...a LOT of fun...thanks to all of you music lovers.

No way can we ever thank you enough!

Drummer and Missy

By request...Dedicated to the snitch.



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