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Ephesians 6:12 ~

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against


against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in


high places."

All Star Economics News
 The Culmination of A Global Collapse

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Hello to all that monitor the misalignment of the economic systems ~

President John F. Kennedy once pronounced, "We stand today on the edge of a New Frontier."  These words could never ring truer than in today's day and age.  From Eisenhower's warning about the Military Industrial Complex in 1961 . . .
To John F. Kennedy's alert on "Secret Societies" . . .
America has reached and exceeded new challenges and has succumed to the invasion forces that have deteriorated the republic.  At what point in time did our financial systems become distorted?  Was it during the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913?  All of us on this thread are well aware that the Federal Reserve is about as "Federal" as Federal Express.  The Jackyl Island freaks indeed had a plan.  The creation of the Federal Reserve Beast came LONG before both Eisenhower and Kennedy.  In fact, it was the year AFTER the sinking of the Titanic.  Who was onboard the Titanic when it sank that rated highly influential in the financial world?  Three very wealthy individuals that opposed the creation of the Federal Reserve.  Conspiracy?  You think about it.  Benjamin Guggenheim, Isa Strauss (actual name Isidor Straus), and David Astor were among the passengers and they openly opposed the creation of the Federal reserve.  Conspiracy?  With events that have transpired secondary to the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank one most certainly has room to wonder.

Let's make one thing perfectly clear right now, "We are surrounded by conspiracies."  There is no doubt about that.  However, on this thread we will break away from clandestine plans and break to pieces (very small pieces) what is going on with the financial systems and the global political environment.  By "Following the Money" we will see who benefits from changes in policy, procedures and events that influence the financial world (inclusive of the raising and falling of interest rates which is orchestrated by the Federal Reserve Bank's Chairperson).

Take your time and review some of the video presentations presented.  Do your due diligence and come up with your own hypothesis.  Because sooner or later . . . the "theory" will evolve and you will more than likely benefit from being prepared before it unfolds.

Stay the course.  Dare to delve into your future.  Believe and have faith in taking control of your course.  Because I'll let you know this much right now from personal experience ~ If you don't take control of your financial future somebody else will be more than happy to step in and handle the job for you.  Verstehen Sie?

In the immortal words of Benjamin Franklin, "I may be wrong,
I frequently am . . .
But let's examine the facts."
Thank you.
Mark A. Mayr
Certified Investor Relations Specialist
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