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BlackOp Stocks


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#29661   BETS .0018' ChubbyChaser 03/03/15 12:29:00 PM
#29457  Sticky Note >>>>>>>>>>> $VMGI Monster DD Collaboration Post~!!!!!!!!!! BOS 02/09/15 01:50:56 PM
#29660   HDSI in for starter @ 4 ChubbyChaser 03/03/15 10:12:21 AM
#29659   I like when he says something totally disgusting Carjockey2 03/02/15 09:21:05 PM
#29658   lmao.....Hilarious......that is what the spy glass is for.... Hey Carjockey2 03/02/15 09:18:01 PM
#29657   Sgt Pecker is non issue and irrelevant BOS 03/02/15 03:49:13 PM
#29656   Looks like SGT Pepper is starting to double ChubbyChaser 03/02/15 03:48:17 PM
#29655   $VOIS on the climb up to PENNYLAND! MSI giaiv22 03/02/15 03:30:08 PM
#29654   $NXTD NXT-ID, Inc. Launches New Wocket Consumer Website 03/02/15 11:28:38 AM
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#29650   RITE 0.0001 - Targets 0.0012 / 0.0017 / ZipCash 03/01/15 01:07:08 PM
#29649   ZACKS rates $NEWL in the top 41% of myopinion 02/28/15 05:06:51 PM
#29648   $BICX WallStreetSurfers Alert, it is a healthcare solutions 02/27/15 09:31:57 AM
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#29640   VMGI on HIGH ALERT!! Time to load and ZipCash 02/26/15 11:32:44 AM
#29639   BIAD Must check out the chart and the STRUKture 02/26/15 11:29:46 AM
#29638   CEHC ON FIRE TODAY BAD HEMPER 02/26/15 10:38:24 AM
#29637   Check Out This Chart!! It's Bounce Time.. PENNYBUSTER 02/26/15 09:07:45 AM
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#29635   $AXXE ~ Time to buy at these CHEAP 02/26/15 08:50:48 AM
#29634   Thanks. I'll keep you guys updated if anything changes. CER3 02/25/15 07:43:05 PM
#29633   Will take a look BOS 02/25/15 07:41:27 PM
#29632   Hey guys! CER3 02/25/15 07:13:27 PM
#29631   Weeeee..IJJP Carjockey2 02/25/15 03:47:53 PM
#29630   IJJP ON FIRE BAD HEMPER 02/25/15 02:34:36 PM
#29629   VGID NOTES moras 02/25/15 01:33:36 PM
#29628   BIAD 52wk high at .265 - now .25 514 02/25/15 11:52:20 AM
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#29622   I like where your heads at Strong :) BOS 02/24/15 08:42:39 PM
#29621   Yes, yes and hell yes!! :-) Strong99 02/24/15 08:37:13 PM
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#29618   SMAA 0005 might be at 001 or so JUST WAITING 02/23/15 02:42:30 PM
#29617 Michel 02/23/15 08:23:43 AM
#29616 the HUGE buys that came in over Carjockey2 02/20/15 07:48:16 PM
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