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BlackOp Stocks


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#30516   MDCN oversold ..charts are ready for 50 bagger msreddy7777 05/21/15 01:55:42 PM
#30515   BTDG 0003 x 0004 more filings expected 80% JUST WAITING 05/20/15 12:49:29 PM
#30514   $IFCR looking very interesting. LoneWolf0321 05/19/15 10:18:01 PM
#30513   $LVGI products now being sold!!! .0005's falling TheInvincibleBull 05/19/15 10:03:56 AM
#30512 Canoepaddler 05/18/15 01:40:15 PM
#30511   AVXL news out!!! OptimusPrime 05/18/15 09:14:49 AM
#30510   SAPX(0.0009) Merger, Low float! Check out this DD! @itsfinest408 05/17/15 10:26:31 PM
#30509   NSAV - Highlights of 5/15 Revenue and Customer JPS02 05/16/15 09:17:59 PM
#30508   INVT...RDGX...ESCR...GSV...MLHC... glenn1919 05/16/15 06:50:12 PM
#30507   AVXL: Should be a PR out on Monday Canoepaddler 05/15/15 08:52:00 PM
#30506   BTDG 0002 filings out huge volume $$$$$$ JUST WAITING 05/15/15 11:31:39 AM
#30505   EKWX .. No RS history.. Low float..High volume msreddy7777 05/14/15 11:01:56 PM
#30504   CGRA Breaking out! Jugas 05/14/15 01:21:19 PM
#30502   UCHC 0005 x 0006 great se up about JUST WAITING 05/14/15 12:07:16 PM
#30501   GRLT chart looking to turn here. Tiny ss On radar €LL-$G7$ 05/14/15 10:39:50 AM
#30500   $FORC Nice Post PENNYBUSTER 05/14/15 05:22:13 AM
#30499   PVSP$$8K JUST OUT!!Get em while ya can!! ; ))) SOUTHGAS 05/13/15 02:16:38 PM
#30498   IFCR busting a move here haberbashery 05/13/15 11:05:59 AM
#30497   TALK @ 3 BLDV @ 5 GBGM ChubbyChaser 05/13/15 10:56:29 AM
#30496   BOS, check out the chart on EVSV. Looking jonnyvs 05/12/15 02:02:14 PM
#30495   Added some REVO here. haberbashery 05/12/15 12:31:02 PM
#30494   AVXL The week ahead should be interesting!! madcabbage 05/09/15 09:03:22 PM
#30493   $AMZN recent news/filings PENNYBUSTER 05/09/15 07:41:07 PM
#30492   yea TWTR turded on me .. both lottos 514 05/08/15 11:14:19 PM
#30491   Looks like you cleaned up house on your ChubbyChaser 05/08/15 07:51:13 PM
#30490   SAMP Weekly - Murray_Trader 05/08/15 01:52:02 PM
#30489   Sold a little early on my YELP 46$ ChubbyChaser 05/08/15 09:59:18 AM
#30488   i wont go back to subs ...thats how 514 05/07/15 10:14:20 PM
#30487   Hell yeah bro, killing it! How you liking ChubbyChaser 05/07/15 10:08:12 PM
#30486   Yea the last two moves, and aapl from 514 05/07/15 09:55:56 PM
#30485   Did you play pcln at all today, insanely volatile! ChubbyChaser 05/07/15 08:26:33 PM
#30484   Aapl was on watch all day, couldn't figure ChubbyChaser 05/07/15 08:25:52 PM
#30483   weak bids throughout day, but all the value Armani 05/07/15 07:46:57 PM
#30482   AAPL in the am and PCLN all day! 514 05/07/15 07:36:55 PM
#30481   Not looking so hot now lol BOS 05/07/15 07:22:09 PM
#30480   Very nice BOS 05/07/15 07:21:24 PM
#30479   Congrats bud. Big $$$$!!!! :) haberbashery 05/07/15 03:11:11 PM
#30478   I WAS TOO SCARED haberbashery 05/07/15 03:10:50 PM
#30477   YELP 46$ calls looking for 2.50-3$ exit here ChubbyChaser 05/07/15 03:10:23 PM
#30476   YELP 46$ calls from .40 :) now 1.20! ChubbyChaser 05/07/15 02:55:07 PM
#30475   BLDV holding 5 - adding 6's here, hearing ChubbyChaser 05/07/15 02:14:45 PM
#30474   I'm watching NFLX here. 5min a little overextended, haberbashery 05/07/15 01:17:55 PM
#30473   I love it. I can't watch every ticker, haberbashery 05/07/15 01:12:38 PM
#30472   What is your view on the chat room? ChubbyChaser 05/07/15 01:09:24 PM
#30471   Yeah, premiums are jacked. Too crazy to play haberbashery 05/07/15 01:09:19 PM
#30470   Calls ask price went sky high..even without buyers lol ChubbyChaser 05/07/15 01:07:55 PM
#30469 Volat haberbashery 05/07/15 01:06:09 PM
#30468   They just mentioned it in OM chat, JB haberbashery 05/07/15 01:05:25 PM
#30467   YELP Halted.. Buyout rumor? ChubbyChaser 05/07/15 01:03:52 PM
#30466   I got in at .000000001. Didn't you get haberbashery 05/07/15 12:56:41 PM