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BlackOp Stocks


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#30573   Gonna go CRAZY man .... imo ... could haberbashery 08/28/15 12:12:56 PM
#30572   holy volume burst! ChubbyChaser 08/28/15 12:11:15 PM
#30571   SIRGQ on daily list, Q coming off buddy haberbashery 08/28/15 12:09:01 PM
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#30567   Medbox $MDBX is the best stock to own myopinion 08/17/15 07:42:12 PM
#30566   I happened to get in 13 / 135/6,so ChubbyChaser 08/14/15 12:23:26 PM
#30565   Took my loss there today; will keep on haberbashery 08/14/15 11:47:37 AM
#30564   honestly expected more over there- so much potential ChubbyChaser 08/13/15 04:33:18 PM
#30563   You still in NGC* bud? Holding some there haberbashery 08/13/15 04:14:59 PM
#30562   $ASTI Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc., a development stage myopinion 08/10/15 07:45:07 AM
#30561   $BRWC estimated over 5 million in bottled water vulken17 08/07/15 12:26:07 PM
#30560   AdHub: Where investors go to be shown ads, haberbashery 08/03/15 10:47:51 AM
#30559   I was thinking the same exact thing... I ChubbyChaser 08/03/15 09:58:25 AM
#30558   I know this is offtopic, but I can't haberbashery 07/31/15 11:39:26 PM
#30557   BLTA $$$$ check it out possible workofmajik 07/29/15 02:48:32 PM
#30556   GRLT INMG must watch €LL-$G7$ 07/26/15 10:47:06 PM
#30555   Heres a another REVERSAL GOINGUP-AGAIN 07/25/15 10:23:34 AM
#30554   Heres a Bottom reversal for you BOS GOINGUP-AGAIN 07/25/15 07:26:25 AM
#30553   $XFUL PENNYBUSTER 07/16/15 10:27:38 AM
#30552   AXMM .03, gonna run back to .30+ Jugas 07/13/15 10:05:04 AM
#30551   FBEC on Jim Cramers site The Street ... lasernat 07/13/15 09:22:46 AM
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#30548   GRLT on watch here . 180 mill float. €LL-$G7$ 06/28/15 04:59:06 PM
#30547   CCTL 0.0005 huge bids in,bkrt moved to 0.0521. easymoney 06/26/15 03:25:45 PM
#30546   GBGM massive move brewing €LL-$G7$ 06/25/15 01:34:21 PM
#30545   $WNTR Fixed .01 price buyback per last PR, vulken17 06/22/15 03:14:40 PM
#30544   $MHYS~ BUS 657 Starring Robert Di Nero, Dave mrfence 06/21/15 08:44:44 PM
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#30535   $SUTI Better jump in QUICK!!!!! C.G.B Spender 06/08/15 11:28:25 PM
#30534   GRLT €LL-$G7$ 06/08/15 09:23:54 PM
#30533   $BRNW - This chart is looking damn good LoneWolf0321 06/08/15 07:53:56 PM
#30532   Some really good due diligence on IHUB TPIV Canoepaddler 06/03/15 01:51:42 PM
#30531   $TPIV - closed at the high of the Canoepaddler 06/02/15 08:19:46 PM
#30530   $SMVR News CANNABIS FUNDING GROUP 10K and 10Q filed vulken17 06/02/15 03:36:08 PM
#30529   $TPIV running after Kenneth Dart filing (Form 4) Canoepaddler 06/02/15 01:50:49 PM
#30528   $WNTR .0001 X .0002 open market buyback fixed vulken17 06/02/15 11:18:42 AM
#30527   $ENTB .0003 x .0004 62M Traded. .0004's Almost Gone. PENNYBUSTER 06/02/15 11:11:09 AM
#30526   MLHC...LATF...MEA...LIQD...GSS...PRSN... glenn1919 06/01/15 10:09:16 AM