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BlackOp Stocks


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#29457  Sticky Note >>>>>>>>>>> $VMGI Monster DD Collaboration Post~!!!!!!!!!! BOS 02/09/15 01:50:56 PM
#29998   MGON - ask on L2 very thin with GreenThumb Investor 03/28/15 11:58:01 AM
#29997   IGRW Weekly Chart haberbashery 03/27/15 04:25:15 PM
#29996   Great job CC! Strong99 03/27/15 02:43:47 PM
#29995   Entire market in a Stand off waiting on ChubbyChaser 03/27/15 02:32:10 PM
#29994   Yep, still holding my 6's and 8's :) ChubbyChaser 03/27/15 02:29:04 PM
#29993   Lots of attention on that one CC...I know Strong99 03/27/15 02:26:03 PM
#29992   Nice! Insiders holding a good portion of that Strong99 03/27/15 02:25:01 PM
#29991   Thanks its great to be here, perfect timing AdultProdigy 03/27/15 02:23:36 PM
#29990   Lots of ask buying there today...Should be ready Strong99 03/27/15 02:21:54 PM
#29989   *rcgp* kicking butt today!! Every 10 shares you caseyryan1986 03/27/15 02:13:41 PM
#29988   FWDG mmmmm mmmmmm I'm loving it! AdultProdigy 03/27/15 02:09:32 PM
#29987   It appears insiders own around 33% of the $b_rich$ 03/27/15 01:54:26 PM
#29986   What is the significance of that filing? HIstocks 03/27/15 01:53:28 PM
#29985   PVSP Getting crazy here on NEWS! ChubbyChaser 03/27/15 01:47:21 PM
#29984   IHSI...WOW! check this out! $b_rich$ 03/27/15 01:39:41 PM
#29983   Last post of the day (until happy hour). haberbashery 03/27/15 01:22:13 PM
#29982   Bid support growing...Nice churn here at 0013 Strong99 03/27/15 01:02:02 PM
#29981   IEEC...75M A/S and hasn't changed for years by $b_rich$ 03/27/15 12:57:13 PM
#29980   Wow...That really took a spill lately...Interesting!! Adding Strong99 03/27/15 12:56:28 PM
#29979   Check out IEEC:) 75M A/S $b_rich$ 03/27/15 12:54:49 PM
#29978   Please bring tickers you like here often!! Strong99 03/27/15 12:53:39 PM
#29977   yw! me too:) $b_rich$ 03/27/15 12:52:31 PM
#29976   Thanks brich! I see lots of $$$$ in Strong99 03/27/15 12:51:48 PM
#29975   IHSI...check this out:) Gonna be a monster, imo! $b_rich$ 03/27/15 12:49:31 PM
#29974   IHSI Weekly Chart Strong99 03/27/15 12:44:12 PM
#29973   I hope so, because that means we'll both haberbashery 03/27/15 12:36:41 PM
#29972   float looks low, no more chill, new story kairos 03/27/15 12:27:46 PM
#29971   Looks like MDIN had their chill removed in haberbashery 03/27/15 12:20:24 PM
#29970   joined ya ... go :) kairos 03/27/15 12:08:18 PM
#29969   Sweeeeeet! I've been watching it for a few haberbashery 03/27/15 12:07:43 PM
#29968   I'm in at 0004. Should have some 2/3 haberbashery 03/27/15 12:06:37 PM
#29967   I'm in for a starter, i Like it ChubbyChaser 03/27/15 12:06:01 PM
#29966   good alert ... thx kairos 03/27/15 12:03:14 PM
#29965   MDIN new CEO and trades thin for a haberbashery 03/27/15 11:58:44 AM
#29964   Very interesting, watching haberbashery 03/27/15 11:35:54 AM
#29963   AMZZ Weekly Chart ChubbyChaser 03/27/15 09:51:56 AM
#29962   NFLX testing support 416' here.. looks like it ChubbyChaser 03/27/15 09:49:37 AM
#29961   VMGI Daily Chart: Strong99 03/27/15 09:29:44 AM
#29960   SMVR Daily Chart: Strong99 03/27/15 09:29:14 AM
#29959   OSLH Daily Chart: Strong99 03/27/15 09:28:10 AM
#29958   MGON Daily Chart: Strong99 03/27/15 09:27:57 AM
#29957   FWDG Daily Chart: Strong99 03/27/15 09:27:14 AM
#29956   BRWC Daily Chart: Strong99 03/27/15 09:26:27 AM
#29955   $VTG Vantage has plans to “continue to retire PENNYBUSTER 03/27/15 08:01:26 AM
#29954   Hope so! :) haberbashery 03/26/15 10:24:30 PM
#29953   In that one...Should be nice tomorrow...GL2US Strong99 03/26/15 09:08:28 PM
#29952   Gross. Lol BOS 03/26/15 07:22:30 PM
#29951   I'd say it's holding lol. Great chart BOS 03/26/15 07:20:40 PM
#29950   Added a mil with you at 5/6 at haberbashery 03/26/15 04:03:26 PM
#29949   no trips for me bro , not anymore 514 03/26/15 03:46:02 PM