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#27488  Sticky Note This board is taking a more direct focus BOS 08/08/14 10:14:47 AM
#27967   Disappointing follow through today! Very! Friday Strukture 08/29/14 02:08:47 PM
#27966   Just enjoying this last month of summer...will start DreamCha$er 08/29/14 12:57:10 PM
#27965   oops haberbashery 08/29/14 12:48:01 PM
#27964   Bro Dream where you been. Long time. BOS 08/29/14 12:42:16 PM
#27963   Thanks Bud! Great to see you around, hopefully ChubbyChaser 08/29/14 11:54:25 AM
#27962   Love the board guys...not surprised though PSM studs DreamCha$er 08/29/14 11:49:44 AM
#27961   AMZN trying again. I added 350 calls for haberbashery 08/29/14 11:34:31 AM
#27960   CONGRATS $$$$ So pumped for the new board ChubbyChaser 08/29/14 11:32:57 AM
#27959   Out of PCLN could go higher but took BOS 08/29/14 11:23:43 AM
#27958   Has room to test top of channel, support BOS 08/29/14 11:19:10 AM
#27957   Dam good call on PCLN 15min BOS! ChubbyChaser 08/29/14 11:06:09 AM
#27956   Sounds good bud! I agree -- don't think haberbashery 08/29/14 11:00:43 AM
#27955   Can you give us your thoughts on NFLX ChubbyChaser 08/29/14 10:59:07 AM
#27954   5min toast though, lets see if it bounces ChubbyChaser 08/29/14 10:58:43 AM
#27953   Check out the 2hr too ... broke the haberbashery 08/29/14 10:56:26 AM
#27952   60min looks good~ ChubbyChaser 08/29/14 10:55:01 AM
#27951   NFLX looking for 480 here ... daily trend haberbashery 08/29/14 10:53:00 AM
#27950   lol.... POS . :) BOS 08/29/14 10:51:10 AM
#27949   downtrend too strong, risk to reward isn't there imo ChubbyChaser 08/29/14 10:50:51 AM
#27948   Yup BOS 08/29/14 10:47:38 AM
#27947   eyeing 1250 calls for quick 20% ChubbyChaser 08/29/14 10:44:27 AM
#27946   15 Min ready. See if it gets pop BOS 08/29/14 10:41:31 AM
#27945   IWEB interesting quad stock. haberbashery 08/29/14 10:38:38 AM
#27944   Had issues with dilution ... safe play is haberbashery 08/29/14 10:28:03 AM
#27943   Looks like it's gonna break to the downside haberbashery 08/29/14 10:26:42 AM
#27942   Weekly as well, I can just never seem ChubbyChaser 08/29/14 10:26:30 AM
#27941   VOIS daily chart very interesting. haberbashery 08/29/14 10:25:03 AM
#27940   PCLN Weekly Chart~ bottom of the channel here ChubbyChaser 08/29/14 10:24:00 AM
#27939   holding mine..I still see a shaky market with ChubbyChaser 08/29/14 10:18:16 AM
#27938   Might exit NFLX puts here for a tiny haberbashery 08/29/14 10:07:25 AM
#27937   Agreed keep an eye on MAXM Strukture 08/29/14 10:05:58 AM
#27936   60min setting up, once it pops should be ChubbyChaser 08/29/14 10:05:19 AM
#27935   VHUB Very much loving this call - another Strukture 08/29/14 10:04:09 AM
#27934   $DGRI !! Sounds Great imo. GT-Trader 08/29/14 10:02:48 AM
#27933   Great volume on VHUB yesterday.. looks like bottom ChubbyChaser 08/29/14 10:02:29 AM
#27932   Can't blame ya for focusing on options ... haberbashery 08/29/14 10:02:19 AM
#27931   I didn't... been more focused on options. But BOS 08/29/14 10:00:59 AM
#27930   Watch for the pullback, but I actually think haberbashery 08/29/14 09:58:41 AM
#27929   RSII killing it! nice work! ChubbyChaser 08/29/14 09:53:36 AM
#27928   Don't suppose you managed to grab some RSII? haberbashery 08/29/14 09:51:19 AM
#27927   AMZN 15 BOS 08/29/14 09:46:21 AM
#27926   Still holding 5 contracts up 532.21% lol.... BOS 08/29/14 09:43:51 AM
#27925   Thats what I was thinking but that middle ChubbyChaser 08/29/14 09:42:29 AM
#27924   RSII 0029s hitting haberbashery 08/29/14 09:41:22 AM
#27923   343 Target? BOS 08/29/14 09:40:33 AM
#27922   Just sold mine but eyeing those 272.50 calls ChubbyChaser 08/29/14 09:39:49 AM
#27921   TSLA Daily has enough room to see over BOS 08/29/14 09:39:12 AM
#27920   TSLA out 3.00 :) ChubbyChaser 08/29/14 09:39:11 AM
#27919   AMZN 60min thoughts? ChubbyChaser 08/29/14 09:36:49 AM
#27918   961.29% TSLA options ChubbyChaser 08/29/14 09:31:49 AM