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#27488  Sticky Note This board is taking a more direct focus BOS 08/08/14 10:14:47 AM
#29369   TWTR on watch BOS 10/20/14 09:58:32 AM
#29368   XLE Oct 31 $87.50 Call BOS 10/17/14 09:28:40 AM
#29367   RIG Nov 22 $37 Calls BOS 10/17/14 09:27:39 AM
#29365   Any of them can be good for more... BOS 10/16/14 09:03:28 PM
#29364   ya think it's good for more? *Hulkster 10/16/14 09:01:07 PM
#29363   Nice bounce BOS 10/16/14 08:59:38 PM
#29362   SHOM chart: thoughts? *Hulkster 10/16/14 08:54:54 PM
#29361   Oh yes! Those are $, Can't wait to PENNYMACHINE 10/16/14 08:34:59 PM
#29360   Already see it starting. Ready for some 000 BOS 10/16/14 08:34:34 PM
#29359   Get your Penny Slapping hand ready, it's going PENNYMACHINE 10/16/14 08:33:58 PM
#29358   Shhhh... ;) BOS 10/16/14 08:33:26 PM
#29357   LOL, that's how you used to always do PENNYMACHINE 10/16/14 08:33:06 PM
#29356   EXACTLY. And called the volume back upon your BOS 10/16/14 08:32:28 PM
#29355   LOL, I thought about that today, If I PENNYMACHINE 10/16/14 08:31:48 PM
#29354   Lmao. Bro keep that secret, we may be BOS 10/16/14 08:30:59 PM
#29353   That could be dangerous for me, I like PENNYMACHINE 10/16/14 08:28:32 PM
#29352   More... Fast... Non stop 24/7 Sun-Fri But...... Be BOS 10/16/14 08:27:02 PM
#29351   So Tempting, you like it as much as PENNYMACHINE 10/16/14 08:24:23 PM
#29350   Sweet will check them out. You do any BOS 10/16/14 08:23:28 PM
#29349   Yeah, I like options 2, but depending on PENNYMACHINE 10/16/14 08:19:42 PM
#29348   Yeah. Options just seems easier to me .. BOS 10/16/14 08:18:04 PM
#29347   I'm pretty sure you can, but you know PENNYMACHINE 10/16/14 08:14:31 PM
#29346   Yeah to me it's easier go short and BOS 10/16/14 08:13:05 PM
#29345   Never mind, your trading it with Options, VXX PENNYMACHINE 10/16/14 08:09:23 PM
#29344   You like VXX over TVIX? TVIX seems to PENNYMACHINE 10/16/14 07:48:57 PM
#29343   SVAD bottomed with gap to fill 500% higher! muga 10/12/14 03:18:10 PM
#29342   Looks like I need to start learning this RS Development 10/11/14 01:19:18 PM
#29341   >>WTWO Bullish SAR Flip Coming: Weekly Chart: Strong99 10/10/14 01:39:33 PM
#29340   Oh boy, That is the most liquid market PENNYMACHINE 10/09/14 04:01:58 PM
#29339   NSEH!!! Better check it out! Big PR tomorrow! jaimerodriques 10/09/14 03:44:33 PM
#29338   You would like Forex as well. 50:1 leverage. BOS 10/09/14 02:45:24 PM
#29337   LOL PENNYMACHINE 10/09/14 02:35:19 PM
#29336   Lmao. That is in of itself a watch list... BOS 10/09/14 02:35:03 PM
#29335   I'm loving it, Still love my pennies, But PENNYMACHINE 10/09/14 02:34:07 PM
#29334   Bro I'm telling you. Hard to go back BOS 10/09/14 02:32:24 PM
#29333   Been killing it today flipping the popular Big PENNYMACHINE 10/09/14 02:28:40 PM
#29332   Option call vol. increasing $MCP Molycorp myopinion 10/08/14 02:01:51 PM
#29331   EPGL Weekly Chart->>> Tic Toc Tic Toc BOOM-> vikingzskillz 10/06/14 10:40:39 PM
#29327   Thx! Thinking about selling here, running super hot... haberbashery 10/06/14 09:46:35 AM
#29326   Congrats on TSLA DreamCha$er 10/06/14 09:44:52 AM
#29325   The most bullish chart I have seen in Ecomike 10/05/14 06:12:23 AM
#29324   STLK CHART $$$$ €LL-$G7$ 10/03/14 04:41:23 PM
#29323   Keeps rippin DreamCha$er 10/03/14 02:34:09 PM
#29322   Yessir! I am happy with my play and haberbashery 10/03/14 01:05:26 PM
#29321   NFLX looking good DreamCha$er 10/03/14 12:58:14 PM
#29320   GMCR daily looks good imo haberbashery 10/03/14 12:37:38 PM
#29319   :) booooooooooom! haha haberbashery 10/03/14 12:11:24 PM
#29318   Haha... Nice we got Haber posting charts!~ BOS 10/03/14 12:06:19 PM
#29317   WYNN Daily haberbashery 10/03/14 10:45:50 AM
#29316   Agree but imo a lot of these tickers haberbashery 10/03/14 10:38:11 AM