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BlackOp Stocks


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#30126  Sticky Note >>>>> OIL Chart List 4/6/2015 BOS 04/06/15 07:58:44 AM
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#30355   MCP~(120% profit) from my 51 cents call, ~ Blue ~ 04/26/15 12:49:22 AM
#30354   ERBB daily looks good imo haberbashery 04/24/15 03:43:13 PM
#30353   Lol...oh don't want to get Momma whale Carjockey2 04/24/15 02:06:01 PM
#30352   Looking much better today Momma... Chart looks good BOS 04/24/15 02:03:35 PM
#30351   $FB 60 Min Chart~! BOS 04/24/15 01:55:37 PM
#30350   VMGI...she finally looks ready to run before the Carjockey2 04/24/15 12:06:26 PM
#30349   I like it, been watching but haven't gotten haberbashery 04/24/15 11:20:45 AM
#30348   Keep GGSM on watch here - interesting set up. ChubbyChaser 04/24/15 11:01:49 AM
#30347   VTEQ Daily Chart, in some at .0017 avg: haberbashery 04/24/15 10:28:32 AM
#30346   For sure. Gotta bring da goodies!!!! :) haberbashery 04/24/15 10:26:32 AM
#30345   imo ... this is similar how VMGI started kairos 04/24/15 10:24:08 AM
#30344   It actually looks like loading to me ... haberbashery 04/24/15 10:18:57 AM
#30343   SEWC Weekly - on watch for 3 entry ChubbyChaser 04/24/15 10:02:44 AM
#30342   GGSM Weekly Chart~ IN @ 4 ChubbyChaser 04/24/15 09:46:45 AM
#30341   completely agree- I have 5mil @ 6 and ChubbyChaser 04/24/15 09:35:38 AM
#30340   this seems like someone knows something but time kairos 04/23/15 05:26:02 PM
#30339   Loading seems way out of proportion for just haberbashery 04/23/15 05:24:45 PM
#30338   just the reinstatement and all that loading ... kairos 04/23/15 05:20:46 PM
#30337   Do you have any idea what's going on haberbashery 04/23/15 04:45:41 PM
#30336   PVSP seems to be setting up for pennyland ChubbyChaser 04/23/15 03:23:55 PM
#30335   been there done that ... frick that SREH kairos 04/23/15 01:26:18 PM
#30334   I just got out of that POS for haberbashery 04/23/15 01:24:16 PM
#30333   STOA .0011 8K kairos 04/23/15 01:19:18 PM
#30332   Curious how those AMD 2.50 Puts that expire BOS 04/23/15 12:51:00 PM
#30331   Yes, pissed I didn't grab some when it BOS 04/23/15 12:14:44 PM
#30330   Interesting set up, lets see if she can ChubbyChaser 04/23/15 12:13:52 PM
#30329   $AMD Daily Chart~! BOS 04/23/15 12:07:18 PM
#30328   GDGi 0006 going 0007 up 950 MIL A/S JUST WAITING 04/23/15 12:04:38 PM
#30327   Looks good. BOS 04/23/15 11:01:45 AM
#30326   DNNC Weekly Chart~ Accumulation off the chart with ChubbyChaser 04/23/15 10:44:40 AM
#30325   UAMM going to pennies Ix Trojanman xI 04/23/15 12:50:46 AM
#30324   GNPT released a news update today: Jugas 04/22/15 03:40:18 PM
#30323   HOG 60 Min Chart BOS 04/22/15 11:20:44 AM
#30322   124.24% Today SIPC 110% Friday..... Wall$treetKid 04/21/15 11:53:19 PM
#30321   $STOA 12mill cover just hit weeeee TheInvincibleBull 04/21/15 03:38:10 PM
#30320   PSRU 0001 x 0002 NEW CEO NATHAN YODER JUST WAITING 04/21/15 01:36:18 PM
#30319   $BYSD New security Bitcoin offline cold storage software PENNYBUSTER 04/21/15 01:21:55 PM
#30318   UWTI 30 Min Chart BOS 04/21/15 01:11:37 PM
#30317   YELP - here comes 50' DOH! missed out ChubbyChaser 04/21/15 12:26:15 PM
#30316   TLFX 0016verizon deal news $$$$$$ JUST WAITING 04/21/15 11:21:39 AM
#30315   Yeah. He still pops up every once in haberbashery 04/21/15 10:57:14 AM
#30314   I hope so!! I don't know what he Strong99 04/21/15 10:54:15 AM
#30313   Heck of a trader to just up and ChubbyChaser 04/21/15 10:53:37 AM
#30312   Doesn't post much anymore, and changed his name haberbashery 04/21/15 10:51:18 AM
#30311   What ever happened to Lucas from the super ChubbyChaser 04/21/15 10:49:24 AM
#30310   ILST 001 news out mining permit 750 Mil A/S JUST WAITING 04/21/15 10:26:37 AM
#30309   EOX..MLHC..LEI..GSV..HH..TRX..RGDX..TRCH... glenn1919 04/21/15 10:23:55 AM
#30308   Nice BOS 04/21/15 10:20:17 AM
#30307   YELP getting jiggy right after I posted it ChubbyChaser 04/21/15 10:15:34 AM
#30306   BIDU making up for losses on the others ChubbyChaser 04/21/15 09:45:30 AM