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#27488  Sticky Note This board is taking a more direct focus BOS 08/08/14 10:14:47 AM
#29281   Great point bud DreamCha$er 10/01/14 12:31:57 PM
#29280   You can also look at options further out haberbashery 10/01/14 12:26:47 PM
#29279   Makes sense. I'll adjust accordingly BOS 10/01/14 12:20:40 PM
#29278   I always play closer to the money or DreamCha$er 10/01/14 12:01:03 PM
#29277   Yup. The thing I'm learning bout options is BOS 10/01/14 11:53:07 AM
#29276   Yeah I've been playin primarily puts here...I see DreamCha$er 10/01/14 11:50:39 AM
#29275   I'm totally gun shy lately. Have a few BOS 10/01/14 11:45:22 AM
#29274   Really want to buy GPRO puts here but DreamCha$er 10/01/14 11:42:17 AM
#29273   Nice BOS 10/01/14 11:14:03 AM
#29272   Picked up some TWTR/FB October 18th calls here DreamCha$er 10/01/14 11:07:29 AM
#29271   SPY Daily Chart BOS 10/01/14 11:05:24 AM
#29270   SPY Weekly Chart BOS 10/01/14 11:04:22 AM
#29269   SPY 60 Min Chart BOS 10/01/14 11:02:28 AM
#29268   Found this on the web...$GILD put volume - DreamCha$er 09/30/14 10:01:56 AM
#29267   DRIO SilentSniper 09/30/14 05:17:59 AM
#29266   MBLY gap and run tomorrow...huge news with TSLA DreamCha$er 09/29/14 11:34:48 PM
#29265   EPGL WEEKLY Chart -> ***EARLY STAGE BREAKOUT*** Last vikingzskillz 09/29/14 06:01:46 PM
#29264   Bottom Reversal? PENNYMACHINE 09/29/14 03:21:59 PM
#29263   GPRO is an absolute monster DreamCha$er 09/29/14 02:38:36 PM
#29262   WYNN gapped down :) haberbashery 09/29/14 10:44:19 AM
#29261   If WYNN gaps down Monday it could confirm ChubbyChaser 09/27/14 09:32:52 PM
#29260   EPGL Daily Chart ->Major Accumulation Going On!!!! vikingzskillz 09/27/14 09:12:17 AM
#29259   EPGL Will File SEC FORM 10 October,29th 2014! HUGE vikingzskillz 09/27/14 08:48:03 AM
#29258   Looks like they kept WYNN inside the channel ChubbyChaser 09/26/14 04:57:27 PM
#29257   TSLA trying for LOD finish...weekly looks very ugly haberbashery 09/26/14 03:47:16 PM
#29256   Ya...that seems extreme even to me, but like haberbashery 09/26/14 02:24:48 PM
#29255   really weird.. 3$ drop and puts drop 20%, ChubbyChaser 09/26/14 02:22:56 PM
#29254   Also, one thing I've noticed about WYNN is haberbashery 09/26/14 02:21:27 PM
#29253   Popped on really low volume, I agree- hesitation/fear ChubbyChaser 09/26/14 02:13:02 PM
#29252   We'll see how things go next having haberbashery 09/26/14 02:08:32 PM
#29251   5/15 fell below support but bouncing andcould pop ChubbyChaser 09/26/14 02:02:21 PM
#29250   Looks like it barely filled that gap on haberbashery 09/26/14 01:58:10 PM
#29249   DJI dow jones extremely low volume today but DreamCha$er 09/26/14 01:53:25 PM
#29248   Sold my YHOO Sep 26 '14 $39.50 Call(YHOO) BOS 09/26/14 01:32:47 PM
#29247   WYNN gap fill today? ChubbyChaser 09/26/14 12:16:16 PM
#29246   This is interesting haberbashery 09/26/14 11:39:11 AM
#29245   Yeah in October I think towards the end DreamCha$er 09/26/14 11:30:55 AM
#29244   GOOGL looks like it could fall off a haberbashery 09/26/14 11:28:47 AM
#29243   Roger that. Thanks for the feedback... Doesn't Q3 BOS 09/26/14 11:15:39 AM
#29242   Going off the charts alone I believe it's DreamCha$er 09/26/14 11:14:07 AM
#29241   Yes and the question becomes out of the BOS 09/26/14 11:10:05 AM
#29240   Exactly! Lotto puts :) ChubbyChaser 09/26/14 11:08:27 AM
#29239   This sentiment is coming true right now...I see DreamCha$er 09/26/14 10:56:10 AM
#29238   Yep, agreed. A break and hold of that haberbashery 09/26/14 10:45:34 AM
#29237   I rarely do as well but when you ChubbyChaser 09/26/14 10:42:36 AM
#29236   Aaah, thx. I never check those for some haberbashery 09/26/14 10:39:39 AM
#29235   Check out the weekly and monthly- looks like ChubbyChaser 09/26/14 10:38:48 AM
#29234   Watch WYNN for a move here too ... haberbashery 09/26/14 10:30:15 AM
#29233   Looks good to me man. BOS 09/26/14 10:25:33 AM
#29232   What are your thoughts on LNKD ? ChubbyChaser 09/26/14 10:23:56 AM