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Posts by Abbas14BoardDate/Time
There are no shares on 2 for now Trans Global Group Inc (TGGI) 10/19/2017 03:24:29 PM
Just matter of time.. no one is selling Trans Global Group Inc (TGGI) 10/19/2017 03:21:22 PM
Nice try.. you have been saying this since StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (SFOR) 10/16/2017 08:58:49 AM
Pure fake ask.. I think 0004 will Trans Global Group Inc (TGGI) 10/12/2017 02:41:35 PM
Oh , no wonder why this is not On4 Communications, Inc. (ONCI) 10/06/2017 11:28:36 AM
Chase is on guys On4 Communications, Inc. (ONCI) 10/05/2017 03:49:37 PM
Wow 60 millions $$$$$$ in revenue.. sounds great. Amazonas Florestal Ltd. (AZFL) 09/24/2017 11:14:18 AM
Are we going to see some merger here Trans Global Group Inc (TGGI) 09/19/2017 02:12:13 PM
Just to let you know after harvest they Amazonas Florestal Ltd. (AZFL) 09/17/2017 02:35:01 PM
Yes, we want to see green and hopefully Amazonas Florestal Ltd. (AZFL) 09/15/2017 02:10:06 AM
Appreciate the response.. thanks Amazonas Florestal Ltd. (AZFL) 09/15/2017 02:09:00 AM
What is your honest opinion for tomorrow?? Red Amazonas Florestal Ltd. (AZFL) 09/15/2017 01:56:54 AM
Can someone tell me what the heck going Amazonas Florestal Ltd. (AZFL) 09/14/2017 09:23:50 PM
What the heck going on here's?? It's totally Amazonas Florestal Ltd. (AZFL) 09/14/2017 02:54:46 PM
Prayers for all longs and I hop you Amazonas Florestal Ltd. (AZFL) 09/09/2017 06:25:37 AM
Same here.. congratulations to all longs.. long and strong Amazonas Florestal Ltd. (AZFL) 09/08/2017 01:57:37 PM
Who ever selling will cry soon .. you Amazonas Florestal Ltd. (AZFL) 09/06/2017 02:03:29 PM
Who ever is selling will not be able Amazonas Florestal Ltd. (AZFL) 08/31/2017 12:05:16 PM
Agree. Who ever have a doubt please go Amazonas Florestal Ltd. (AZFL) 08/31/2017 11:54:25 AM
Millions in revenue next week.. long here Let's go Amazonas Florestal Ltd. (AZFL) 08/31/2017 11:43:18 AM
Yep, Pure their freaking games.. don't sell your Bravatek Solutions Inc. (BVTK) 08/18/2017 03:36:54 PM
Goog luck with that Bravatek Solutions Inc. (BVTK) 08/14/2017 09:39:27 AM
100% agree.. this thing can break every resistance Bravatek Solutions Inc. (BVTK) 08/11/2017 02:56:45 PM
Nice to see you here.. Bravatek Solutions Inc. (BVTK) 08/11/2017 02:12:13 PM
Bye bye.. Good luck Bravatek Solutions Inc. (BVTK) 08/09/2017 01:41:40 PM
Let's close this puppy green guys.. Bravatek Solutions Inc. (BVTK) 08/02/2017 03:18:36 PM
What was that?? Bravatek Solutions Inc. (BVTK) 08/02/2017 03:12:43 PM
There are no more shares for sale from StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (SFOR) 06/28/2017 01:29:32 PM
I can't believe how the heck they keeping StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (SFOR) 06/28/2017 01:24:42 PM
Go ahead,, what you waiting for .. do StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (SFOR) 06/20/2017 01:09:38 PM
New tweet from SFOR.. it is all positive StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (SFOR) 06/14/2017 10:56:30 PM
Something really big going to happen here guys.. StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (SFOR) 06/12/2017 02:58:55 PM
Holly.. almost 8 millions bid .. humm StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (SFOR) 06/12/2017 02:00:14 PM
Bye bye. Who ever already sell their shares StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (SFOR) 06/12/2017 11:21:03 AM
Wow, I like that.. I want one too.. StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (SFOR) 06/07/2017 01:25:36 PM
I like that.. thanks for the Laugh ?? StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (SFOR) 06/06/2017 01:28:40 PM
Will be great to see .02 or .03s .. StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (SFOR) 06/05/2017 02:47:18 PM
You better buy some now if you want StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (SFOR) 06/05/2017 01:27:51 PM
You still looking for some for .01 or StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (SFOR) 06/02/2017 02:19:03 PM
What the heck was that.. ask was 150 Bravatek Solutions Inc. (BVTK) 05/22/2017 03:57:51 PM