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Your Economy OT - Conspiracy, Politics, Religion, Terrorism, War (YE2OT)

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This board has been created with the intention of giving Off-Topic & borderline Off-Topic material which may still have impact on our everyday lives a place to co-exist with the Your Economy (No Politics Allowed) (YE1) board. So the disturbed people along with conspiracy theorist, malcontent, nonconformist, political, religious, war monger topics and whatever else you can possibly think of to spew shall rule this roost. If you have anything you want to express, then this is the place for you. Anything that does not belong on the Your Economy (No Politics Allowed) (YE1) board can come here and have a field day. This forum can be used for a civil discussion of topics outside the realm of business, markets & economy OR just a place to blow a head-gasket. Anything posted that happens to crossover into said  "YE1 forum" subjects is perfectly fine, but they must remain here due to the likely specificity of Off-Topic acumen that is usually associated with such posts. There is nothing wrong with guiding others from YE1 to YE2OT (or any other board for that matter) to see/read what you may believe may be of interest to them as long as the intent of having separate boards is not violated. Simply said, keep the 2 worlds apart and post according to each boards specified guidelines.

For obvious reasons the rules are more relaxed here and with it the language used to express ones self may become somewhat, (but not unexpectedly) salty at times. Make no mistakes about it though, just because the rules have some flex does not mean that going postal will be tolerated. Differing views and certain types of postings in general will more than likely draw some fire, an exchange of words, yada, yada, yada .. blah, blah, blah - - these types of things I expect. BUT if for reasons beyond a posters control, such as an inordinate amount of foul language being espoused within any one post or consecutive posts and/or displays intent to go maddog on someone shall have such posts deleted and the violator issued a warning.  If management feels that too many warnings have been dealt to any one individual then you will find yourself pointed towards the exit. I am loosening the leash so people can hopefully feel more comfortable about posting without worrying about being deleted within the confines of an ordinary chat board. So do not take advantage of the little extra leniency being allowed by overstepping the boundaries that any half-way sensible human being would heed. This is not a cage match, do not make things so personal. This is a place to express ones self about whatever without all of the restrictions found on an otherwise On-Topic chat board. As far as bickering goes, I have no control over that as long as it remains civil. Then again, if it continues for too long or begins to disrupt the ebb & flow of the board you can bet that it too will not be tolerated.

Just keep in mind  that we are all here for various reasons; some for the entertainment factor, some for stock tips and/or analysis, others may be up for a healthy non-condescending debate, others maybe sharing information and as I am pretty sure you are aware that the list goes on and on. So at this moment I feel as though I am becoming rather redundant and am about to shut off now. I just wanted to leave everyone with some general feeling of how things are intended to be conducted over here. 

One Last Note: I know I have mentioned this before, but if you have an interest in becoming an assistant of what I feel will be a reasonable facsimile of the (YE1) board with a dash of what may be described as controlled chaos, there is an opening (maybe 2). The pay isn't so good, but you will receive majority control over what I believe could become a rival to the (YE1) board and another of iHub's finest forums. My (YE1) board may not have the largest following, but I truly believe it is one of the BEST and is distinctly different than most. The best in content, the least amount of conflict (comparatively speaking of course, all boards have upheavals) and what I consider to be a high-quality of mindpower that represents, drives and sustains the boards value.

I have you all (posters, lurkers, supporters and even the "agitator-instigator-shit disturbers" who help keep us on our toes) to thank for making the first YE forum more successful than I had ever envisioned.

Here's to YE #2 (with a twist of chaos), May this board  too gather strength and run a strong sustainable course and empower people to speak their mind or take up a cause.


                                                                                           Welcome to YE2OT


                        Conspiracy, Politics, Religion, Terrorism, War (and whatever else you think of)


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