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A forum to present, discuss, debate and lampoon matters of interest great and small, including matters political.
A place to share, and preserve, all manner of information, speculation, analysis, commentary, opinion and humor.
Include source links when available.

All points of view are welcome here; a progressive, "reality-based" point of view is well represented here.

Only specific investing/trading discussions are, as such, off-topic here, banished to other good homes on iHub.
More general discussions of business and economic matters, including the markets, are in bounds and fair game.

Beyond specific investing/trading discussions, there are no forbidden topics here.

Strong language understood and tolerated in context, as in a pertinent quoted source or for a sincere emphasis.
Avoid gratuitous usages; avoid regular or routine use.

Heated arguments understood and tolerated in context, so long as they remain focused primarily on points at issue.
Avoid gratuitous taunting and baiting; avoid initiating personal spats.
Don't block private messages from Moderator.

UPDATE: On 2/15/05, this board was restored to Free Board status so free members could (re)join the discussion.
Moderator retains full Premium Board moderator power and discretion to make, modify and enforce board rules.


#267003   Racist Maryland man who fatally stabbed black New fuagf 03/23/17 03:06:15 AM
#267002   McCain: Select Committee On Russia Now A ‘Requirement’ fuagf 03/23/17 02:41:13 AM
#267001   Update: oops, thanks F6, could you remind how fuagf 03/23/17 01:52:51 AM
#267000   Elite Sydney schoolboy faces rape claim, video posted online fuagf 03/23/17 01:39:58 AM
#266999   FBI probing Russian influence via pro-Trump US websites F6 03/23/17 01:21:17 AM
#266998   Job Alternatives for Coal Miners fuagf 03/23/17 01:21:11 AM
#266997   Russian info-war tactics in US election continue F6 03/23/17 01:17:43 AM
#266996   here you go .. just bumped into this StephanieVanbryce 03/23/17 01:12:12 AM
#266995   FBI’s Russian-influence probe includes a look at Breitbart, fuagf 03/23/17 01:10:46 AM
#266994   you know jimmy ...when a man introduces himself StephanieVanbryce 03/23/17 01:00:40 AM
#266993   feeling of hate, and to be fair to fuagf 03/23/17 12:37:43 AM
#266992   rooster:"Obama will get his for spying on trump." hookrider 03/23/17 12:23:28 AM
#266991   they voted with their feelings ... feeling of StephanieVanbryce 03/22/17 11:29:07 PM
#266990   RNsidersbuying, guess that's your confirmation that you voted fuagf 03/22/17 11:06:29 PM
#266989   And trump did nothing wrong, dummy rooster 03/22/17 10:42:33 PM
#266988   RNsidersbuying, willful ignorance, how many pills do you fuagf 03/22/17 10:32:08 PM
#266987   not going to happen, stupid StephanieVanbryce 03/22/17 10:28:56 PM
#266986   No. Obama will get his for spying on trump. rooster 03/22/17 10:21:31 PM
#266985   so o.k. .. rooster, I put you down StephanieVanbryce 03/22/17 10:15:51 PM
#266984   The information given to them was....just let her rooster 03/22/17 10:14:07 PM
#266983   CNN: Trump Team Gave Russians "Thumbs Up" to StephanieVanbryce 03/22/17 10:11:26 PM
#266982   US Officials: Info suggests Trump associates may have StephanieVanbryce 03/22/17 09:59:43 PM
#266981   Here's the kind of damage North Korea could fuagf 03/22/17 09:34:41 PM
#266980   I watched as much I could of the RNsidersbuying 03/22/17 08:48:25 PM
#266979   Hey idiot one would have to be rock SoxFan 03/22/17 06:32:21 PM
#266978   bulldzr: Five (5) Star post. From ole Vet. hookrider 03/22/17 06:12:05 PM
#266977   Shame on you JimLur... shame on you! bulldzr 03/22/17 06:09:36 PM
#266976   Thanks Steph! bulldzr 03/22/17 05:35:25 PM
#266975   How would you know about my son's career bulldzr 03/22/17 05:32:06 PM
#266974   .... I saw those posts .. and there StephanieVanbryce 03/22/17 05:17:32 PM
#266972   Can we ever move on? The dems have StephanieVanbryce 03/22/17 04:56:19 PM
#266971   Last I checked, President Obama is no longer bulldzr 03/22/17 04:51:20 PM
#266970   Actually, the only "hint" of a US foreign bulldzr 03/22/17 04:44:14 PM
#266969   JimLur: "Great stupid post." Glad you like it. hookrider 03/22/17 04:34:36 PM
#266968   Beware this is what Trump wants for America: hookrider 03/22/17 04:28:54 PM
#266967   hookrider, did you or anyone here miss the RNsidersbuying 03/22/17 04:16:09 PM
#266964   RNsidersbuying: "If it's NOT an outright LIE, it's hookrider 03/22/17 04:08:22 PM
#266962   republicans weirdos in congress are saying they have StephanieVanbryce 03/22/17 04:03:24 PM
#266961   Oh shit! Obama going down! rooster 03/22/17 03:38:16 PM
#266960   Some of those might have just been fibs RNsidersbuying 03/22/17 03:19:38 PM
#266959   I'm all in for Clean Air & Water RNsidersbuying 03/22/17 03:12:33 PM
#266958   "What a waste it is to lose one's F6 03/22/17 03:05:20 PM
#266957   RNinsiderbuying, Here's a list of Obama lies. JimLur 03/22/17 03:02:06 PM
#266956   RNsidersbuying: This what people in the know think. hookrider 03/22/17 03:01:15 PM
#266955   All of which brings back an old thought RNsidersbuying 03/22/17 02:44:12 PM
#266954   Trump can't take a joke: hookrider 03/22/17 12:28:01 PM
#266953   Podesta Was Board Member Of Firms Linked To JimLur 03/22/17 10:09:27 AM
#266952   The man with little hands has bigger problem hookrider 03/22/17 09:29:23 AM
#266951   Full Show - SNL Attack On Infowars Backfires F6 03/22/17 04:33:23 AM
#266950   How the new ‘electronics ban’ serves the Trump agenda fuagf 03/22/17 03:23:01 AM