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A forum to present, discuss, debate and lampoon matters of interest great and small, including matters political.
A place to share, and preserve, all manner of information, speculation, analysis, commentary, opinion and humor.
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All points of view are welcome here; a progressive, "reality-based" point of view is well represented here.

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#262576   Does the fact you have no evidence suggest fuagf 12/04/16 01:24:12 AM
#262575   Trump still still attacking the media. fuagf 12/04/16 01:14:26 AM
#262574   I guess we will just have to wait rooster 12/04/16 12:44:17 AM
#262573   I know, fantasy is wonderful but not when e-ore 12/04/16 12:26:02 AM
#262572   Agree .. the idea that one opinion is fuagf 12/04/16 12:12:48 AM
#262571   Tv and Hollywood pushing so much supernatural/paranormal stuff fuagf 12/04/16 12:06:19 AM
#262570   Agreed about the similarity to past generations, and e-ore 12/04/16 12:02:54 AM
#262569   Yes. Rather than not hurt kids' feelings, janice shell 12/03/16 11:53:02 PM
#262568   rooster, you need to provide some evidence for fuagf 12/03/16 11:52:42 PM
#262567   I was taught it's ok to not be e-ore 12/03/16 11:47:42 PM
#262566   He also seems to be thoughtful. He's janice shell 12/03/16 11:46:20 PM
#262565   e-ore, off the top reaction was maybe it fuagf 12/03/16 11:45:20 PM
#262564   I like his pragmatism; thanks for the link e-ore 12/03/16 11:39:44 PM
#262563   My own quick answer is that our educators janice shell 12/03/16 11:37:32 PM
#262562   Would take about 12 hours of thinking and e-ore 12/03/16 11:34:44 PM
#262561   An interesting and somewhat reassuring article about "Mad janice shell 12/03/16 11:30:05 PM
#262560   Yes, I think that's a good analogy. janice shell 12/03/16 11:18:13 PM
#262559   Not knowing how things have worked leads to e-ore 12/03/16 11:11:06 PM
#262558   I think you're especially right about the teaching janice shell 12/03/16 10:52:28 PM
#262557   The poor will make out the best under rooster 12/03/16 10:52:10 PM
#262556   A lot of things in my opinion. In e-ore 12/03/16 10:39:06 PM
#262555   I wonder what's caused this... janice shell 12/03/16 10:24:13 PM
#262554   Scary it is. Democratic party may have taken e-ore 12/03/16 10:21:13 PM
#262553   That's very interesting. And rather creepy. janice shell 12/03/16 10:01:24 PM
#262552   Interesting chart and study here, published July 2016. e-ore 12/03/16 09:52:21 PM
#262551   Well, there weren't many opportunities for growing things janice shell 12/03/16 09:24:41 PM
#262550   janice shell: O, it's going to be a hookrider 12/03/16 09:22:54 PM
#262549   It's all very much like the 1930s. janice shell 12/03/16 08:52:44 PM
#262548   Seems like all the makings of a real BOREALIS 12/03/16 08:05:33 PM
#262547   Hoped to never see Trump as president, hope fuagf 12/03/16 07:46:34 PM
#262546   Not for the poor who supported him. fuagf 12/03/16 07:43:36 PM
#262545   Trump's financial instability plus his mental instability adds fuagf 12/03/16 07:41:37 PM
#262544   These next four years are going to be fun. rooster 12/03/16 07:30:37 PM
#262543   Bill Maher.... It's been almost a month, will dbleagl 12/03/16 07:30:02 PM
#262542   lol rooster 12/03/16 07:29:56 PM
#262541   Holy Conflict of Interest! The Firm Holding Much BOREALIS 12/03/16 06:45:08 PM
#262540   19 things Donald Trump knows better than anyone fuagf 12/03/16 06:40:26 PM
#262539   Fact Checkers Prove That 91% of the Things BOREALIS 12/03/16 06:27:10 PM
#262538   :) and Austria where it is the far-right fuagf 12/03/16 05:24:55 PM
#262536   Yes, that was good... they seem to be bulldzr 12/03/16 01:31:32 PM
#262535   Fodder for his Twitter feed. Maria56 12/03/16 11:41:43 AM
#262533   rooster:"Trump will welcome constructive criticism" hookrider 12/03/16 09:10:08 AM
#262532   Trump will welcome constructive criticism rooster 12/03/16 08:41:51 AM
#262530   Thought so. True to form. fuagf 12/03/16 06:00:41 AM
#262529   fuagf -- yes, it is -- fucking stunning (eom) F6 12/03/16 05:58:15 AM
#262528   Trump chat with Ms Tsai prompts China protest. fuagf 12/03/16 05:35:41 AM
#262527   Shucks, and rooster was the first to put fuagf 12/03/16 12:58:16 AM
#262526   It's ok, Alice fuagf 12/03/16 12:48:19 AM
#262525   rooster: Here is something you can really LOL hookrider 12/03/16 12:25:13 AM
#262524   Lol rooster 12/02/16 06:53:12 PM