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A forum to present, discuss, debate and lampoon matters of interest great and small, including matters political.
A place to share, and preserve, all manner of information, speculation, analysis, commentary, opinion and humor.
Include source links when available.

All points of view are welcome here; a progressive, "reality-based" point of view is well represented here.

Only specific investing/trading discussions are, as such, off-topic here, banished to other good homes on iHub.
More general discussions of business and economic matters, including the markets, are in bounds and fair game.

Beyond specific investing/trading discussions, there are no forbidden topics here.

Strong language understood and tolerated in context, as in a pertinent quoted source or for a sincere emphasis.
Avoid gratuitous usages; avoid regular or routine use.

Heated arguments understood and tolerated in context, so long as they remain focused primarily on points at issue.
Avoid gratuitous taunting and baiting; avoid initiating personal spats.
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UPDATE: On 2/15/05, this board was restored to Free Board status so free members could (re)join the discussion.
Moderator retains full Premium Board moderator power and discretion to make, modify and enforce board rules.


#270472   Carrier workers facing layoffs feel betrayed by Trump BOREALIS 06/23/17 07:44:53 PM
#270471   Trumpy is infatuated only with making himself great BOREALIS 06/23/17 07:02:55 PM
#270470   BOREALIS: But conix thinks the Republican have all hookrider 06/23/17 06:50:32 PM
#270469   Jim Hightower: Trump's Puny Poll Numbers Are About BOREALIS 06/23/17 06:38:12 PM
#270468   conix:"What Americans really want from health care reform hookrider 06/23/17 06:32:15 PM
#270467 DesertDrifter 06/23/17 05:40:11 PM
#270466   You all have a great weekend. Despite all conix 06/23/17 03:56:27 PM
#270465   No I don't miss you. SoxFan 06/23/17 03:20:25 PM
#270463   From your posts I doubt you can reason SoxFan 06/23/17 03:16:14 PM
#270461   hmmm a little pro bono medical service sounds Dale C 06/23/17 02:39:47 PM
#270460   What Americans really want from health care reform conix 06/23/17 01:46:32 PM
#270459   conix: Try to read it with your good hookrider 06/23/17 12:37:35 PM
#270458   conix, is easy when you provide so much fuagf 06/23/17 09:15:32 AM
#270457   Great post, fuagf. A lot of effort to conix 06/23/17 09:08:45 AM
#270456   Police Officer Talks Down Knife-Wielding Man And HUGS Him fuagf 06/23/17 09:03:48 AM
#270455   hookrider -- first I've noticed in quite a F6 06/23/17 04:31:32 AM
#270454   The Comey "Tapes" Lie: Chaos Is Trump's Greatest Weapon fuagf 06/22/17 10:41:10 PM
#270453   Myths of Globalization: Noam Chomsky and Ha-Joon Chang fuagf 06/22/17 10:10:45 PM
#270452 DesertDrifter 06/22/17 10:01:34 PM
#270451   Small compilation for pissin'-in-the-wind, Trump voter conix. fuagf 06/22/17 07:01:16 PM
#270450   More AMERICANS did. get your facts straight. DesertDrifter 06/22/17 03:40:22 PM
#270449   I agree. eom DesertDrifter 06/22/17 03:37:50 PM
#270448   More "entitled" people voted for her, for sure. conix 06/22/17 03:37:43 PM
#270447   I'm not going to get into a pissing Matrix999 06/22/17 03:36:19 PM
#270446   more people voted for hillary. that is DesertDrifter 06/22/17 03:30:45 PM
#270445   I didn't say "all is on one party", DesertDrifter 06/22/17 03:29:53 PM
#270444   LOL----- You Democrats nominated a totally unacceptable candidate conix 06/22/17 03:27:23 PM
#270443   then your eyes must have been plucked out DesertDrifter 06/22/17 03:24:06 PM
#270442   I agree that the Democrats is ... a conix 06/22/17 03:22:46 PM
#270441   That is just the facts... so when someone DesertDrifter 06/22/17 02:46:54 PM
#270440   Dems v. GOP DesertDrifter 06/22/17 02:16:01 PM
#270439   The power of the voting booth is the DesertDrifter 06/22/17 02:09:29 PM
#270438   Does anyone here still support Nancy Pelosi to conix 06/22/17 01:58:27 PM
#270437   Who pays for the "good of the common conix 06/22/17 01:57:39 PM
#270436   perhaps to some small degree... but people DesertDrifter 06/22/17 01:03:09 PM
#270435   And so it goes on the Democratic side conix 06/22/17 12:57:24 PM
#270434   Since the Citizen's United ruling, I don't think DesertDrifter 06/22/17 12:26:37 PM
#270433   Ah, yes. Hillary had a lot of hooey conix 06/22/17 09:31:58 AM
#270432   I do not think it is a coincidence conix 06/22/17 09:27:13 AM
#270431   Report: Aide says Nixon's war on drugs targeted fuagf 06/22/17 08:01:59 AM
#270430   HORRIFYING ‘It Broke Me’: ‘The Daily Show’ Host fuagf 06/22/17 02:59:26 AM
#270429   Abortion Adds Obstacle as Republicans Plan to Unveil fuagf 06/22/17 12:22:06 AM
#270428   $15 Minimum Wage in Seattle Working Fine So Far fuagf 06/21/17 10:49:14 PM
#270427   Democrats still don't believe fat meat's greasy, Lotus Eaters???? Dale C 06/21/17 09:18:36 PM
#270426   It's a state / local issue. As I BullNBear52 06/21/17 06:37:22 PM
#270425   That's just it, there are different voting processes Mariner* 06/21/17 05:33:16 PM
#270424   Did you know that the electronic voting machines BullNBear52 06/21/17 05:20:20 PM
#270423   Face it F6, it's been a looong time Mariner* 06/21/17 05:10:30 PM
#270422   The DNC manipulated their own nomination process and Mariner* 06/21/17 04:55:11 PM
#270421   GOP turnout confounds pollsters in Georgia election F6 06/21/17 04:17:46 PM