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A forum to present, discuss, debate and lampoon matters of interest great and small, including matters political.
A place to share, and preserve, all manner of information, speculation, analysis, commentary, opinion and humor.
Include source links when available.

All points of view are welcome here; a progressive, "reality-based" point of view is well represented here.

Only specific investing/trading discussions are, as such, off-topic here, banished to other good homes on iHub.
More general discussions of business and economic matters, including the markets, are in bounds and fair game.

Beyond specific investing/trading discussions, there are no forbidden topics here.

Strong language understood and tolerated in context, as in a pertinent quoted source or for a sincere emphasis.
Avoid gratuitous usages; avoid regular or routine use.

Heated arguments understood and tolerated in context, so long as they remain focused primarily on points at issue.
Avoid gratuitous taunting and baiting; avoid initiating personal spats.
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UPDATE: On 2/15/05, this board was restored to Free Board status so free members could (re)join the discussion.
Moderator retains full Premium Board moderator power and discretion to make, modify and enforce board rules.


Cannabis Stocks News
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#272822   ...more level-headed officials like Tillerson are indicating that fuagf 09/19/17 09:06:11 PM
#272821   "No president has been able to solve the mr40 09/19/17 08:29:55 PM
#272820   Bush was too busy screwing up the Middle-East Homebrew 09/19/17 07:50:03 PM
#272818   It's almost incomprehensible how stupidly some of these fuagf 09/19/17 07:40:09 PM
#272817   Elton probably couldn't be bothered as then he fuagf 09/19/17 07:36:24 PM
#272816   the Rosenbergs were executed for less. just DesertDrifter 09/19/17 07:33:34 PM
#272814   With a Picked Lock and a Threatened Indictment, fuagf 09/19/17 07:23:21 PM
#272812   I think Elton John should sue for copyright infringement. BullNBear52 09/19/17 07:19:25 PM
#272811   Spare me your BS. BullNBear52 09/19/17 07:12:13 PM
#272810   LMAO. So says the one searching the internet BullNBear52 09/19/17 07:04:22 PM
#272809   Hook up with Mr 40. She needs help. BullNBear52 09/19/17 06:55:03 PM
#272807   Navy Boost Phase Intercept Could Counter North Korea fuagf 09/19/17 06:35:34 PM
#272806   There weren't any protestors there, nice try. DesertDrifter 09/19/17 06:26:12 PM
#272805   Thank God that Hillary is busy dodging protestors mr40 09/19/17 06:16:12 PM
#272804   US - N Korean dialogue fuagf 09/19/17 06:03:02 PM
#272803   Terry McCrann: Why the Ten Network takeover by fuagf 09/19/17 05:53:59 PM
#272801   conix, F6 gave rooster that info. yesterday .. fuagf 09/19/17 05:43:06 PM
#272799   Climate change not as threatening to planet as conix 09/19/17 05:29:25 PM
#272798   Ah, Trump's "rocket man" was him doing his fuagf 09/19/17 05:26:07 PM
#272797   Hey moron, he just said today that he DesertDrifter 09/19/17 05:23:56 PM
#272796   After the first missile they would be leveled. RNsidersbuying 09/19/17 05:21:59 PM
#272795   Wow, now THAT was a thoughtful response. DesertDrifter 09/19/17 05:19:08 PM
#272794   And Hillary would respond "cough" "cough" "cough" "cough" mr40 09/19/17 05:11:26 PM
#272793   If you followed the news, you would know mr40 09/19/17 05:07:26 PM
#272792   Mexico earthquake death toll rises to 96 fuagf 09/19/17 05:04:47 PM
#272791   Obviously not. fuagf 09/19/17 04:52:07 PM
#272790   To you, yes I do - you are PegnVA 09/19/17 04:45:56 PM
#272789   I am astounded by your brilliant response to mr40 09/19/17 04:41:51 PM
#272788   You don't have to post it twice! mr40 09/19/17 04:40:21 PM
#272787   You are so slow. PegnVA 09/19/17 04:39:33 PM
#272785   Clinton made the deal that “will prevent North mr40 09/19/17 04:39:31 PM
#272784   Think Gaddafi v Trump at the U.N. And humor. fuagf 09/19/17 04:35:49 PM
#272783   Hurricane Maria gets even stronger as it barrels fuagf 09/19/17 04:16:36 PM
#272782   mr40, your posts illustrate how well qualified you fuagf 09/19/17 04:09:08 PM
#272781   Great response - a toddler could do better! mr40 09/19/17 04:06:45 PM
#272779   What does Gadafi, Libya's dictator, have to do mr40 09/19/17 04:04:57 PM
#272778   What should Trump do when he sees King fuagf 09/19/17 04:01:54 PM
#272777   The Real Test of the Iran Deal fuagf 09/19/17 03:59:42 PM
#272776   Trump on N Korea is numb-nut padded cell fuagf 09/19/17 03:58:04 PM
#272774   And before Obama it was Bush. Or did BullNBear52 09/19/17 03:43:02 PM
#272773   "about a million South Koreans will die". mr40 09/19/17 03:29:15 PM
#272772   Manafort should have never signed onto the Trump BullNBear52 09/19/17 03:19:57 PM
#272771   On target once mr trump rooster 09/19/17 03:04:07 PM
#272770   United Nations Nostalgic for Soothing Rhetoric of Moammar Gadafi PegnVA 09/19/17 03:04:05 PM
#272769   Good for Trump. Sucks for Manafort. BullNBear52 09/19/17 02:58:56 PM
#272768   Republicans excited to have one last chance to PegnVA 09/19/17 02:57:16 PM
#272767   rooster -- you're OD'd on Trump® Ass Gas™ again F6 09/19/17 02:47:50 PM
#272766   That is probably the state violation, being pursued DesertDrifter 09/19/17 02:39:13 PM