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The Hypocrisy of Christianity

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Last Post: 7/18/2016 2:00:54 AM - Followers: 6 - Board type: Premium - Posts Today: 0
I have noticed a growing trend of Christianity and their rigid views and thinking. Everything is God this and Jesus that. Personally I think Christianity is an intolerant, shove it n your face type of religion. Almost no other religion looks for converts like Christianity does.  The Jesus freaks are always shoving this stuff in our faces. Extremely cultist.  Christians tend to think they are the only religion.  They are robotic clones like Stepford wives.  Almost no other religion looks for converts like Christianity does.  

Discussion on this board is fine but quoting scripture will be deleted.  Christianity by the extreme, always quoting scripture is extremely cultist.  Christians tend to think they are the only religion on the planet.  The ones spouting scripture and Jesus this or Jesus that are robotic clones like Stepford wives.   How many people have died in wars throughout time or persecuted because of Christianity?

Do we really need scripture and the Bible thrown in our faces? Do we need more 3:16 signs held up at sporting events by nut jobs?  I prefer the Buddhist or Judaic view of religion. Just about any religion other than Christianity and their intolerant and unforgiving views to those who don't believe.   Do we really  need the Christian nut jobs saving us?   Feel free to express your beliefs here but scripture will be deleted as well as Jesus this and that quotes.  Discussion allowed, preaching not.  
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